Update: MNPS confirms McGavock HS sandwich mold; scores 98 on new health inspection

Students today at McGavock were served drinks past their expiration date & bread that appears to be molded. When this happened in March, school officials said it was ‘a chemical reaction with eggs cooked with the biscuit. What will they say now that there’s no egg to blame? Details & photos…

Why Dr. Shawn Joseph requires a chauffeur: He’s horrible at driving & paying tickets.

Reckless driving charges, speeding, 54 in a 35 mph zone, 85 in a 55 mph zone, failure to appear. Tickets in multiple states, one of them unpaid for years. It’s no wonder why MNPS Director Shawn Joseph prefers a personal driver for his daily activities across the city.

Metro Police Officers & Firefighters took secret photos of & shamed a transgender citizen

8 sworn police officers, 2 firefighters, 1 dispatcher, & 1 Metro teacher. That’s how many government employees took part in the public shaming of a transgender citizen of Nashville. Metro confirms investigations are now in progress in multiple departments, including MNPD’s Office of Professional Accountability.

Metro Nashville School Board has a Fran Bush Problem

She’s lashed out at a parent, sent outrageous text messages, the state has dissolved her business, she’s been sued for tens of thousands of dollars that she avoids payment of, she’s avoiding process servers, and that’s just the beginning. She’s Nashville’s newest School Board Member – Franchata Bush.

Memorial Day Weekend’s 3rd & 4th BUIs: Derek Wyatt & Tina Richards Arrested #OnABoat

The 3rd & 4th BUIs achievements on Percy Priest Lake were unlocked this weekend by Derek Wyatt & Tina Richards on Saturday night, just hours apart. Derek Wyatt Derek Wyatt was the 3rd, as officers were patrolling at 5:40 PM, when they observed a vessel leaving Elm Hill Marina’s no-wake zone with no registration displayed. Upon stopping the vessel and finding Mr. Wyatt to be the operation, a safety check was performed, and a strong odor of alcohol was coming from his person. He was slurring his speech, had blood-shot…

[Video] Adults threaten students at Maplewood High while teacher watches in silence

Below is a video of an incident that happened at Maplewood High School in Nashville this week, we believe on Wednesday, 04/18/18 (Audio is NSFW). From our observations of the video, a group of adults are inside the school (we believe to be parents/family of other students), and begin to verbally threaten the students with bodily harm. A teacher, who has been identified as “Mr. Jones” comes upon the last half of the altercation, can hear the threats, and never takes any action to calm down the situation, or remove…

Man forces child to drink habanero sauce & beats him with metal pole. Christopher Aschnewitz #Arrested #ChildAbuse

Nashville man forces child to drink habanero sauce & beats him with metal pole. Christopher Aschnewitz, 39, arrested¬† for aggravated child abuse. On Tuesday, MNPD Youth Services detectives responded to Pennington Elementary School in relation to a child abuse allegation, involving a 10 year old victim. The ten year old male victim describes the events of the night before: On the night before his arrest at around 7 PM, Christopher¬†Aschnewitz forced the child to eat spicy food, even though it was known that the child had prior issues with digesting…