Jayleen Franklin charged with assault of another student at Hillsboro High School

18-year-old Jayleen Franklin was booked and charged with assault on October 16th. Shonta Woods, the mother of Marcel Burnett Jr., is pressing charges on Franklin for a physical altercation that occurred at Hillsboro High School. Burnett Jr. stated that during class change, Franklin reportedly came from behind and hit him in the side and back of his head. Officers were told that the physical altercation ended after Burnett Jr. defended himself. Burnett Jr. had a bump on the back and side of his head because of the scuffle.

Fashion Model charged in cologne theft from Dillard’s Green Hills — Christian Swett

19-year-old Christian Swett has been on the runways of Nashville’s Fashion Week, VIP Mixers for the Mayor, and the stages of Los Angeles, however, earlier this month he found himself in the Davidson County Jail. Swett was booked on an outstanding warrant from 2020, which identified him as the person stealing a $150 package of Chanel cologne from the Green Hills Dillard’s. He is free on pre-trial release.