Master Booster Sade Harris jailed; caught shoplifting in 4K at Green Hills Mall

35-year-old Sade Deshay Harris was seen stealing merchandise from the Sephora inside The Mall at Green Hills on May 17th. Surveillance footage showed Harris concealing $318 worth of items into a bag and then leaving without paying. After officers compared her past booking photos with the footage, she was identified, and a warrant was obtained for her arrest on May 28th. Sade Harris was taken into custody for theft on June 25th.

Nashville Rapper Ruthlezzlubaree jailed after gold chain heist at Green Hills Mall — Jabaree Jones

18-year-old Nashville Rapper Jabaree Jones was booked on an outstanding warrant from November 11th when two males were observed stealing jewelry from Green Hills Diamond Brokers. The males browsed the jewelry cases and requested assistance from an employee to try on a gold chain. The employee assisted the men and allowed them to hold the chain and try it on. The men sat at the employee’s desk to discuss the price during the interaction. After discussing the price, Jones casually stood up with the gold chain in his hand and walked away. He placed the chain in his pocket and left the store while the other male stayed and tried to negotiate about other jewelry pieces. Eventually, the second suspect got up and left the store as well. The store owner confronted them in the parking lot, and the men ran away. The entire incident was recorded on surveillance cameras. The stolen necklace was valued at $15,000. Jabaree Jones was taken into custody on January 10th.

Monroe Shivers & Patrick Dudley charged in attempted Nordstrom robbery at Green Hills

30-year-old Monroe Shivers & 24-year-old Patrick Dudley were booked this week on an outstanding warrant from January after attempting to rob the Nordstrom store at Green Hills Mall. Video surveillance showed a black BMW X3 parked at the store entrance. Four individuals got out and broke the glass doors but couldn’t break down the metal doors behind the glass and fled the scene. Mall security told police that the exact vehicle with four individuals successfully burglarized a Belk store in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier that same day and stole $35,000 worth of handbags. The tag on the BMW was scanned into the LPR system to alert police when it was in their vicinity. Kentucky Highway Patrol located and attempted to pull over the BMW, but it fled, leading to a car chase until it crashed, and the four individuals were taken into custody. Multiple Handbags were found inside the vehicle, along with hammers, sledgehammers, ski masks, and gloves.

Laura Titus says she smacked husband, Justin, who was “irate and yelling” while drunk

60-year-old Laura Cooke Titus told police her husband, Justin Titus, was “irate and was yelling, so I smacked him across the face with my hand” at their Green Hills estate Friday evening. She explained they argued after both had been drinking alcohol, and the argument was about Justin’s drinking habit. She says the argument promptly stopped after she smacked him, and police responded to the scene.  

Franklin Dee Settle charged in strangulation of ex-girlfriend at Green Hills Grille during dinner

Jalil Huddleston says she went to dinner with her ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Franklin Dee Settle, at the Green Hills Grille Saturday. During the dinner, the pair engaged in a verbal altercation and she took possession of his phone. In an attempt to retrieve his phone he grabbed her by the hair and brought her to the ground in the middle of the restaurant. Multiple witnesses reported he appeared to be strangling her during the altercation.

76-year-old says a child he was babysitting stole $200, so he wouldn’t let him leave — John Collins

76-year-old John Collins was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on an outstanding citation charging him with the false imprisonment of a juvenile boy who he had befriended about six months prior. While he was babysitting the juvenile, Collins says the child stole $200 from his apartment, which is inside the Green Hills Retired Teachers Apartments Tower. After he called the child’s mother he refused to bring the child down from the secured complex for over two hours, stating he was afraid the boy would run off on him. The child said he was not allowed to leave.

Man walks out of Nordstrom at Green Hills with $1,495 in merchandise — Jonathan Mizze arrested

40-year-old Jonathan Mizze is charged with felony theft after he walked out of Nordstrom at the Mall at Green Hills with $1,495 in merchandise he didn’t pay for. He was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and is free on pre-trial release.

Fashion Model charged in cologne theft from Dillard’s Green Hills — Christian Swett

19-year-old Christian Swett has been on the runways of Nashville’s Fashion Week, VIP Mixers for the Mayor, and the stages of Los Angeles, however, earlier this month he found himself in the Davidson County Jail. Swett was booked on an outstanding warrant from 2020, which identified him as the person stealing a $150 package of Chanel cologne from the Green Hills Dillard’s. He is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Woman found pantless & passed out behind wheel of her car at Green Hills bar — Madeline Beck

#GreenHills: 24-year-old Maddie Beck was found pantsless and unconscious, locked inside her car with the keys in the ignition, in the parking lot of Joe’s Place bar at 2 a.m. Monday morning. Once awakened, she was reportedly belligerent to officers and medics, and only admitted to drinking a single beer before demanding her lawyer. Her bartender, Brianna Scott, told police she drank two beers and two shots. She is free on pre-trial release.