DUI Arrest: Man wrecks, flees scene, wrecks again less than a minute later

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Evan Hurley, 33, was arrested just before midnight on Friday night, when police say he wrecked twice within a quarter-mile stretch of Harding Place, with no memory of either crash.

MNPD’s investigation shows Evan Hurley was driving a Toyota Echo late Friday night when he drive through a flashing red light at the intersection of Harding Place & Hillsboro Pike. As he drove through the light, across traffic, another vehicle hit him. Once the vehicles came to a stop from the collision, Hurley drove away from the scene.

Hurley continued to drive approximately a quarter-mile on Harding Place, and then crashed his vehicle into a ditch. Officers arrived to find him unsteady on his feet, smelling of alcohol, and with slurred speech. Hurley had no memory of either crash that just happened, but did tell officers he drank “four craft beers tonight”.

Evan Hurley (MNPD)

The driver and passenger of the vehicle from the first crash were transported to Skyline, and Hurley was transported to Vanderbilt. Hurley would later tell officers that he “only had two beers”. Hurley was charged with driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident, and is currently on pre-trial release. The location of the crash was just over 1 mile from his home address.

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