Ex-boyfriend stops to get mail, vandalizes vehicle, is accused of gun threat

33-year-old Brett Brown was charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism when he stopped at his ex-girlfriend’s home to get his mail and vandalized her son’s vehicle and allegedly threatened them.

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Impaired Hermitage neighbor pulls gun, says: “I will shoot you”

Markeshia Dillard

32-year-old Markeshia Dillard was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a weapon while intoxicated after pulling a gun on and threatening to kill her neighbor.

Arguing exes leads to man strangling woman; tells her it would be easy to kill her

46-year-old Donald Noes III was charged with aggravated assault when he strangled his ex-girlfriend with one hand telling her “this is really easy I can kill you right now” before using her own arms to strangle her again.

Public Intox: Mullet man passes out in middle of road

22-year-old Andrew Greene was charged with public intoxication after officers found him passed out and face down in the middle of Horner Avenue where he almost was run over.

Former soldier strangles fiancee twice, laughs at her and says “Do you know who you are talking to?”

36-year-old Ross Eggebeen of Nashville was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation after he kicked down the door of the apartment he shares with fiancee Ariel Le Duc. He strangled her twice, threw her against a wall, and then laughed at her.

Man sleeps at wheel, blocks road for over an hour: says he had four Coronas

34-year-old Aaron Domingues was charged with driving under the influence, driving with no license, and implied consent after he passed out behind the wheel and blocked traffic in both directions at Paragon Mills and Tampa Road for over an hour.

Murfreesboro teen driver knocks over pole, runs over metal sign, and hits a parked car

19-year-old Denise Hurd was charged with driving under the influence after she knocked over a light pole, ran over a metal sign on a sidewalk, and hit a parked car. She then refused police requests to take a field sobriety test or give a breath sample.

Nashville man blows over double legal limit after a night of darts and drinks

21-year-old Jordan Powell was charged with driving under the influence after swerving while driving on Charlotte Pike after coming back from a bar in Robertson County that led to his hazardous driving and arrest near Nashville Christian School.

Self-professed gang member charged with order of protection violation, again

21-year-old Bawan Kokoyi was charged with order of protection violation for at least the third time since March 2018 when he threatened his 9-year-old sibling saying “I’m going to kill you.” Batwan is a self-professed gang member.