Jeffrey Morton violates order of protection by sending ex-girlfriend money for her child

23-year-old Jeffrey Tyler Morton was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on May 10th. On May 7th, Makayla Dawn Smith flagged officers down, advising that she had just received two Cash App transactions from her ex-boyfriend, Morton, whom her order of protection is against. The first transaction occurred on May 6th around 8:22 p.m. for $25, stating “for Silvia,” Smith’s child. Then, another transaction happened at 9:07 a.m. for $50, stating, “Silvia. Tell her I love her. Send pictures, please.” Smith said she wished to prosecute him for the occurrence. A warrant was then issued for his arrest.

Prince Huffman violates order of protection by going to work at The Cheesecake Factory

38-year-old Prince Huffman, an employee of The Cheesecake Factory, was caught violating his order of protection on April 6th. Huffman did this by entering his ex-girlfriend, Emma Coakley’s place of work, The Cheesecake Factory. Huffman, who had an order of protection set on him by Coakley, saw her at their place of work. Instead of avoiding her and leaving The Cheesecake Factory, Huffman lingered around for around 25 minutes before being asked to leave by a manager. Huffman had means via a phone application to know when she was working and avoid her using that information. Despite this, Huffman still decided to come while she was working. Prince Huffman was taken into custody and charged with an order of protection violation on April 22nd.

Stephen Bloomfield charged with violating an order of protection

36-year-old Stephen Bloomfield is charged with violating an order of protection after he showed up early to pick up his belonging and opened the door undressed when police arrived. Robyn Cain called police when she observed, via remote cameras, that her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bloomfield was inside the home and in violation of a court order. Officers verified the court order and met with Bloomfield, who had just taken a shower at the home and was undressed when he opened the door. He explained he came to the house early and unsupervised, despite having an arranged supervised time later in the day. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Tyler Hutcherson-Scott charged after driving car directly at ex-girlfriend

24-year-old Tyler Hutcherson-Scott was jailed on April 17th on an outstanding warrant from the 7th when he tried to hit his ex-girlfriend Hannah Sullivan with his car. Sullivan was arriving at her storage unit on McNally Drive to get some items out. As Sullivan was pulling into the unit, Hutcherson was pulling out and drove his car directly at her. Sullivan sped off, and Hutcherson drove in reverse after her. While she was on her way home, she called the police and stated that he tried to hit her car several more times, placing her in fear. Sullivan finally returned home safely, and Hutcherson fled the scene. The incident at the storage unit was caught on video.

On the morning of the 17th, prior to his arrest, Tyler was also at the courthouse for a hearing when he stepped into the line beside Hannah, stared at her, and began to say “yeah, yeah…” to her repeatedly. He then followed her to the elevators while expressing that she ruined his life, all of which was in violation of an active order of protection.

Dominic Lambert arrested 3 times in 2 days after stalking woman who turned him down

32-year-old Dominic Eugene Lambert has now been arrested three times within 48 hours. We first covered him earlier this week when he continued to call, text, and harass Morgan Heath-Powers, who has an active order of protection against Lambert. The order of protection was granted after hundreds of calls, texts, and emails when he expressed a romantic interest in her, and she advised him she did not feel the same way.

After he posted a $2,000 bond on the initial arrest, he emailed her several more times, one of which talked about his new arrest and jail experience, “Thanks for that! I made new friends, had a new experience, got free food, and entertainment… it was pretty nice! I still adore you just as I have since I first met you and told Rohan I thought I might marry you.” He was then taken into custody for once again violating the order of protection and released on a new $3,500 bond.

While he was jailed this second time for violating the no-contact order, he used the recorded jail phone to call her five more times. Once that report was processed, a new warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with aggravated stalking. He was arrested for the 3rd time late Wednesday afternoon on the felony charge and released on a new $10,000 bond.

Stephanie Hiscock refuses to leave ex-girlfriend’s house, despite order of protection

39-year-old Stephanie Hiscock was at her ex-girlfriend’s house on December 4th when deputies served her with an order of protection filed by her girlfriend, Jennifer Roehl. Officers advised her she would have to leave the property or she would be in violation of the order. She was allowed multiple opportunities to leave the property but refused to do so. She was given a final warning to leave or be arrested, and she refused. Hiscock was taken into custody and charged with violating an active order of protection.

Candis Carroll charged with posting revenge porn of ex-lover Matt Williams on social media

Matt Williams of Essex Development contacted police to report his ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Candis Carroll, was posting links to her iCloud account in social media comments, which led directly to his nude photographs, including both his member and his face together in some of the photos. She had already been served with an order of protection, which prohibited such activity. When confronted by police, Carroll admitted to posting the content. She was taken into custody on this charge and for an outstanding warrant charging her with criminal contempt.

Quantavius Brown pulls Draco after argument & posts revenge porn of ex-girlfriend on social media

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Quantavius Brown grabbed a Draco and held it in his hand as he stated his ex-girlfriend, De’Aushanai Smith, “needed to leave and would do whatever it takes” after the two argued on September 22nd. An order of protection was served on him later that day, but he was not deterred. The following day, Smith unsuccessfully attempted to reach out to her on Instagram and via phone to persuade her not to testify against him. Hours later, she began receiving messages from friends and family that Brown had posted multiple videos on social media platforms of them having sex, one of which she wasn’t even aware she was being recorded.

Woman says Alex Zavolta aggressively growled at her during kitchen assault

Sara Jarvis says she was making lunch for her nephew in the kitchen of the home she shares with other family members when her sister’s part-time boyfriend, 34-year-old Alex Zavolta, walked into the kitchen and grabbed her by the wrist, and spun her around before pushing her shoulders. She says that Zavolta, who also lives at the residence with the family, was acting very aggressively and growled at her during the assault. The victim had several finger-shaped bruises that appeared on the day after the incident.

Anthony Agnew breaks into ex’s apartment, sits beside her until she wakes up

Police say 32-year-old Anthony Agnew came to an empty apartment on the 4th floor beside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and broke into that unit so that he could crawl out the window to access the balcony of the next-door apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Davis. He then reportedly entered her residence while she was sleeping. She says she woke up with her sitting next to her with his hand on her hip. She was in extreme fear he would assault her and explained she needed to leave for work. He was upset that she had changed her number and agreed to leave after she gave him her current Snapchat as a way to communicate. As he left, she contacted police who located him at a nearby truck stop and arrested him for this burglary and two other outstanding warrants for violating orders of protection.