Wife bites husband after trapping him in bedroom, demanding to ‘TALK NOW!’ — Jamie Davis-Jones arrested

29-year-old Jamie Davis-Jones was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant from November, charging her with domestic assault. According to an arrest warrant and a witness statement, her husband was attempting to get some rest before work, however, she demanded they have a conversation now, so she could reportedly accuse him of cheating. As he walked to the bedroom to get some rest, she followed him and trapped him inside. When attempted to nudge back past her, she latched onto him, leaving a visible bite injury to his bicep area. She is free on a $2,000 bond.

Downtown Artist charged with domestic assault & violating order of protection — Terrell Thornhill arrested

54-year-old Terrell Thornhill is free on a $15,000 bond, after being booked into the Metro Nashville jail on outstanding warrants charging him with domestic assault and violating an order of protection. Court records allege on November 27th Thornhill’s ex-girlfriend, Tia Renee Blanton, reported the pair got into an argument at her apartment and she was struck in the face during a scuffle. Officers documented visible injures to the victim, and verified she had an active order of protection with which Thornhill had already been served. Thornhill was released on bond after the state-mandated 12-hour hold for domestic violence charges.

West Nashville: Woman charged with stalking of ex-boyfriend, continues to appear inside his home uninvited

32-year-old Amber Dawn Dills faces charges of stalking, assault, and vandalism after she continues to show up at her ex-boyfriends home, twice in the same day, letting herself inside, making threats, assaulting him, and damaging his vehicle. She fled before police arrived the first time, and the second time she attempted to unsuccessfully hide under a truck.

Former Titan sent hundreds of texts & calls to ex-girlfriend, bit her nose, smashed windshield with rock, broke iPhone

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Former Tennessee Titan Antonio Tramaine Andrews is alleged to have bitten the nose of his ex-girlfriend, smashed her windshield, sent hundreds of unwanted calls and texts, and then called Scoop: Nashville to talk about it, exclusively. We have the recording of his explanation of events, as well as a detailed timeline of events.

Man charged with assault of girlfriend after he woke her up to buy beer and she refused

36-year-old Bairon Ayala was is charged with domestic assault he reportedly woke his sleeping girlfriend up to go buy him some beer, she refused, and he punched her in the face and threw her up against a wall.

Man jailed after putting ex-girlfriend in a chokehold trying to get money for shoes

21-year-old Deangelo Lavender was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation. Lavender became upset with his ex-girlfriend when she wouldn’t give him money for shoes and strangled her from behind.

Several false reports during a domestic situation lead to a protection order and charges

38-year old Stephanie Essary was charged with false report after she provided officers with multiple false reports when they were called to her home several times within the same day.

Woman throws her ex’s belongings in the trash at Drake Motel

25-year-old Aelicia Morehead was charged with vandalism after her ex-boyfriend discovered she threw away all of his belongings after he was served with an order of protection.