Nicky Miller charged after walking in traffic in downtown Nashville

45-year-old Nicky Miller was jailed after police observed him walking in and out of lanes of traffic on Broadway and 3rd Avenue. He had bloodshot eyes, alcohol coming from his breath, and slurred speech. Police determined he was a danger to himself and he was transported to booking.

Joseph Pappas nearly stumbles into officer in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Joseph Pappas approached an offer in downtown Nashville while he was drunk on 02/18. The officer was standing on the sidewalk when Pappas walked up and almost stumbled into him. The Officer noticed bloodshot eyes and lack of balance and asked Pappas if he had a ride home. Pappas told the officer he lived close by in Germantown and that he was going to walk home. The officer tried to get Pappas to arrange a ride home but was too drunk to operate his phone. The officer observed the defendant attempting to walk home while stumbling side to side and walking into other people and decided to arrest him as he was a danger to himself and others.

Tourist Ryon Buchman too rowdy for Union Station Hotel – arrested in Nashville

Security Staff at the Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville were holding down 38-year-old Ryon Buchman on the lobby floor when Metro Nashville Police responded to their call for assistance late Sunday night. He was extremely intoxicated and became aggressive with security, which led to his detention. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.