Jermahi Floyd charged after argument with woman gets physical at Tennessee State University

20-year-old Jermahi Floyd was involved in an altercation with Amere Eadie at Tate Manor apartments at Tennessee State University on March 28th. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they made contact with Eadie in the RA’s office. Eadie was screaming and crying about being assaulted. Officers observed several bruises on her neck and a scratch below her eye. Eadie was asked what happened, and she insisted that it was an accident and that she fell, causing the marks. After further discussion, Eadie said she and Floyd were hanging out in her room. At some point, she received a call from another guy, causing an argument between her and Floyd. During the argument, Eadie said she fell. Eadie told officers all that happened was an argument but couldn’t explain the marks on her face and neck. Officers then made contact with Floyd in the room where the altercation occurred, so he was detained to get information on the incident. Floyd denied everything and said that if Eadie said he put his hands on her, then she was lying. Officers observed defensive marks on his forearms. After communications between both parties, who was at fault could not be determined, so Jermahi Floyd and Amere Eadie were both taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Cornell Robinson assaults Nordstrom employee after being confronted for shoplifting

21-year-old Cornell Jamaine Robinson, Zelmon Hause, and an unknown individual assisted each other in shoplifting from Nordstrom on Abbott Martin Road on the afternoon of March 23rd. Randy Paul Brown, an employee, observed this and confronted Robinson, who became irate and shoved him. Robinson was then detained and searched. During the search, officers located a white pill that was cut, divided, and crushed into several pieces that Robinson claimed was Xanax under Miranda. Since Robinson was not a resident of Tennessee, he was taken into custody for assault and simple possession.

DUI: Charles Hendricks drives Chevy Malibu after taking Cocaine with 2-year-old son in the car

49-year-old Charles Williams Hendricks drove his black Chevy Malibu without headlights, traveling northbound on Gallatin Pike South in the early hours of March 23rd. Police observed this and followed Hendricks as he got into the left lane to turn onto Old Hickory Boulevard West. When officers got behind Hendricks, he changed lanes as if he were trying to avoid them. This prompted officers to conduct a traffic stop near Gallatin Pike North and Williams Avenue. Officers approached the driver’s side and noticed Hendricks seemed disoriented and showed multiple signs of impairment. When officers asked him about the plastic wrapper he had stuffed in his door handle, he quickly grabbed it and tried to hide it in his center console. Police then requested an ARIDE-certified officer to assist with the traffic stop, during which Hendricks had several mood swings, where he went from angry to laughing to crying to being sleepy. Hendricks consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly, nearly falling asleep while standing up. Hendricks then refused to provide a sample after being informed of implied consent, so officers took him for a mandatory blood draw. Hendricks was found to have a gram of cocaine in a wadded-up dollar bill in his right shoe as well as his two-year-old son sitting in an unsecured car seat. Additionally, officers found a straw with drug residue in his car. Hendricks was taken into custody for driving under the influence, simple possession, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, child endangerment, and implied consent.

18-year-old Markese McCutcheon caught with stolen police equipment, tells police “That’s my brother’s firearm”

18-year-old Markese Andrew McCutcheon had a white Altima parked next to Building D near a dead end at Sterling Nashville West Apartments in the early hours of March 20th. Officers patrolled the apartment complex, an active crime area known for people breaking into and stealing vehicles, especially in the early morning. Officers noticed McCutcheon crouched by other parked cars. Officers noticed his Altima was parked to the left of the vehicles but not in a parking spot, and when he stood up, they turned around. When officers turned around, McCutcheon had driven away, so they got behind his Altima. Officers located him walking in front of building D and spoke with him, during which he told them he stayed in that complex. McCutcheon stated that the Altima was his and approached them with his hands in his hoodie pocket. Officers noticed a bulge in his pocket, so they searched and asked him what he had in his pocket, to which he replied, “That’s my brother’s firearm.” Further investigation revealed that the handgun was stolen. During a subsequent search of McCutcheon’s Altima, they found a Cheatham County Sherriff heavy vest and plates. Officers also found a handgun holster, three fully loaded handgun magazines, two knives, .40 caliber ammo, .223 caliber ammo, ear protection, and a seatbelt cutter. Officers were notified that the items were reported stolen by Deputy Salas on February 24th. Additionally, they located a bag of marijuana, scales, and burglary tools in his car. McCutcheon was taken into custody for theft of a firearm, possession of burglary tools, and simple possession.

Christen Singleton shoots gun at man walking his dog

23-year-old Christen Singleton fired a shot at Rodney Wiggins near the Mountain View apartments on Mountain Springs Road in the early hours of March 21st. Officers received three calls regarding gunfire at the complex, with a vehicle speeding off immediately after. When officers arrived, they spoke with Wiggins. Wiggins advised that he was walking his dog when a black Cadillac pulled up next to him, and the passenger, a black male in a pink hoodie, later identified as Singleton, started yelling at him. Singleton then pulled out a handgun, shot a round in Wiggins’ general direction, and sped off. Wiggins added that the shot placed him in fear for his life. Detectives investigated, located Singleton in the Cadillac, and detained him. When officers patted Singleton down, they found a Glock 22 handgun in his sweater pocket. Officers then performed a “show-up,” during which Wiggins confirmed Singleton being the shooter. After this, Singleton advised them that he had a small plastic bag of Percocet that he did not have a prescription for. Singleton was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and simple possession.

Jeremy Anderson caught with cocaine, loaded gun while driving stolen Chevy Colorado

33-year-old Jeremy Lincoln Anderson was sitting in the front passenger seat of a stolen, white 2005 Chevy Colorado at the Parliament Place Apartments on Glastonbury Road early on March 20th. Officers observed that the Chevrolet had a temporary white tag covering a blue plate, which they knew concealed the vehicle’s registration; they approached it, located Anderson, and took photos of the VIN through the windshield. Officers noticed a black crossbody-style bag next to him and asked if there were any guns, to which he said there wasn’t. Officers then ran the VIN and discovered that the Chevy was reported stolen by Dustin Perrigo on March 13th in Davidson County. When they reapproached the vehicle, Anderson was outside, leaning into the passenger window. Officers told Anderson to come to the truck’s rear and sit on the tailgate. Officers then searched the Chevy and located a polymer 80 semi-automatic handgun under the front passenger seat. The gun had no serial number, was assembled with various parts, and was loaded with one round in the chamber with an additional 28 rounds in an extended magazine. Officers learned Anderson had previously been convicted of robbery, multiple counts of aggravated assault, and drug possession in Weakley County, TN, as well as two schedule VI drug charges in Knox County. Anderson was detained and searched, where officers found a straw with a folded piece of paper with residue. Anderson was then Mirandized, under Miranda, Anderson told officers that the gun was not his and that he had been picked up in the Chevy. Anderson added that he did not know the driver’s name but had “seen him around.” Anderson added that he did not call him for the ride and did not know that the car was stolen or that the gun was in there. Officers lifted prints from the rearview mirror and turned them in. They discovered additional straws in a black bag in the pickup truck, as well as a plastic bag with .2 grams of cocaine in his pants pocket. Anderson was taken into custody for joyriding, simple possession, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and being a felon in possession of a handgun.

18-Year-Old Yussuf Osman caught with 1.7 grams of cocaine in his car

18-year-old Yussuf Osman was jailed on March 14th when officers smelled marijuana coming from a black Nissan Sedan parked near Summer Place. Officers arrested Osman and searched his vehicle. During the search, officers located a loaded 9mm handgun with an extended magazine under the seat and 1.7 grams of white powder in a clear bag. The powder tested positive for fentanyl and cocaine. During an interview, Osman admitted that he frequently smokes weed and did so on the day of the arrest. He then further stated that he uses cocaine while smoking weed. Osman was taken into custody for possession of a handgun under the influence and possession or casual exchange.

DUI: Johnnetta Penrose caught with marijuana in car, congratulates officers for finding her “$20 bag of weed”

46-year-old Johnnetta Penrose sped in her white Buick SUV and ran through the red light, nearly colliding with a U-Haul truck on Fesslers Lane in the early hours of March 13th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. As Officers approached the driver’s side, they noticed a small bag of marijuana on top of an ashtray in the center cupholder near a Patron Bottle, which was almost empty. Officers questioned Penrose, and she admitted to drinking, adding that she had just left a friend’s house, where they celebrated and consumed the Patron. Detectives asked if Penrose would be willing to take sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly on. Before Penrose took the field tests, she tried to hide the bag of marijuana while getting out of her SUV. Penrose was detained, and officers tried to explain implied consent to her, but she was unwilling to listen, interrupting them repeatedly. Officers located an open bottle of Pinot wine behind the driver’s seat during a subsequent search of her Buick. On the way to booking, she continuously congratulated officers on finding her “$20 bag of weed.” Penrose was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, an open container violation, and simple possession.

DUI: QuarDerius Hunter speeds down Harding Pike in Acura MDX, caught with Xanax

26-year-old QuarDerius Hunter was seen zooming past offices in a black Acura MDX at Harding Pike and Leake Avenue Cross intersection on March 10th. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Hunter, who admitted to smoking two THC-pre-rolled cigarettes. Officers asked Hunter if he had consumed any alcohol, which he said he did not. Hunter later admitted to drinking earlier in the evening. Hunter consented to sobriety tests but was stopped due to safety concerns. Officers then conducted a search of Hunter’s person and found a metal rod with white residue on it and a baggie that contained six white bar-like pills. The pills were later tested and found to be Xanax. Hunter was taken into custody and charged with DUI, possession, and unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Terrell Favors booked after police investigate suspicious vehicle on Broadway

29-year-old Terrell Favors was booked on the citation of simple possession on March 4th. On February 3rd, officers patrolled the Broadway area when they noticed a suspicious vehicle and approached the driver’s side. Officers asked Favors to exit his car, which he did and then searched him. Officers located a small amount of marijuana on Favors’ person. Terrell Favors was cited for the incident and booked on the citation on March 4th.