Floyd Davis charged with drug possession for a gram of marijuana during traffic stop

28-year-old Floyd Davis was pulled over on 24th Ave for a traffic violation on August 19th, where the officer found his license to be suspended. He agreed to let police search his vehicle after they claimed to have smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Floyd told police that he does smoke weed but had not that day. Inside the vehicle, police found a rolled joint with what Floyd said had maybe a gram of marijuana. He told police he did not remember it was there and was cited for possessing the controlled substance. He was booked on the charge of drug possession on September 19th.

Belmont student Jackson Buch charged after staff found marijuana in dorm room

20-year-old Jackson Buch was charged with drug possession on August 21 after staff at Belmont University searched his shared dorm room. Staff were notified of the smell of marijuana coming from the room and initially spoke to his roommate, who emptied his pockets at the request of staff. A marijuana vape pen was produced, resulting in a full search of the room, per the school’s policy. Inside the dorm room were 31 grams of suspected marijuana in a backpack that reportedly belonged to Buch. He was issued a citation for drug possession and was booked on the charge this week.

Frequent Fapper Montez Batts jailed after multiple indecent incidents

41-year-old Montez Batts reportedly stared at Madison Mason, walking her dog around 10 a.m. while sitting in his Chevy Malibu on 4th and Madison on April 22nd, 2022. She said that Montez rolled down his window while m*/sturbating to show her what he was doing seemingly. Madison said that he never left the vehicle but later drove off. The officer she reported the indecent exposure to found several other complaints involving a man doing similar things in a Chevy Malibu over the course of a couple of months. The registration was found to be in the ownership of Sharon Harris when the police first investigated, but after the tags needed to be renewed, they found that the ownership had changed to Montez Batts. He was brought into the police headquarters on December 8th of 2022, where police conducted a lineup, and Madison pointed out Montez as the man from the incident back in April. Montez fit the description of two other women, Jenni Melville, and Nicole Havill, in the area complaining that he pulled up to them in a Chevy Malibu with the same registration tag and began m*/turbating in 2022.

On September 9th, police were surveilling the Northside Market on 18th Ave around 10 p.m. when they saw a vehicle pull up with tags registered to Montez Batts. Montez’s license was revoked, and police saw him and a passenger exit the vehicle with what looked like a weapon in their waistbands. Once police found that Montez was a felon, they followed him out of the parking lot. They conducted a traffic stop on Simpkins St. Montez, exited the vehicle without instruction, and began walking toward the patrol vehicle. The officer engaged in a conversation with him until backup arrived. The officer then spoke to the passenger, asked him to step out of the vehicle, and removed the firearm from his person for the duration of the stop for safety. He told the police that he had no other firearm, and police placed Montez into custody.

Police found marijuana in his sock and a digital scale in his pocket. Inside the vehicle, they found a Glock 43 within arms reach of Montez’s driver’s seat. The passenger stated that the weapon was also his but could not tell the officers what model or caliber of the weapon. He told police that he bought his weapon from a gun store, but he bought the Glock 43 from a friend, which police advised could mean the weapon was stolen. The passenger changed his story to the Glock not being his. Police determined that Montez owned the weapon, causing him to have a weapon while being a convicted felon.

Madison Booher jailed for DUI and drug possession after crashing downtown

24-year-old Madison Booher was booked early Sunday morning after nearly causing an accident on John Lewis Way. When police arrived, Christopher Gilbert was standing next to the driver’s side of a black Ford truck, telling officers that he and others were almost hit and believed the driver was drunk. The vehicle was running, and Booher was visibly agitated; her movements were jerky, and her speech was rapid and erratic. She told officers she was afraid because Gilbert had tried to open her door. She admitted to having one beer when the officers questioned her. Ms. Booher was told to put her truck in park and exit, but she refused and instead rolled up her windows and sped off. She stopped about 30 yards away, opened her door, and asked the police what they wanted from her. The officer grabbed her arm and ordered her to exit the vehicle multiple times before she complied.

Ms. Booher’s erratic behavior continued, and she spontaneously stated that she was high off weed before refusing to answer any further questions. The officers noticed Ms. Booher’s pupils were abnormally large, and when they shined a flashlight to check reactivity, her pupils didn’t constrict. She was placed under arrest for driving under the influence, and the search of her vehicle yielded a plastic container in the center console containing 2.9 grams of marijuana, a marijuana grinder, a glass smoking pipe with concentrated THC inside, and a plastic straw with a white powdery substance inside. There was a nearly empty bottle of Fireball on the passenger’s side floorboard, an empty bottle of Tito’s in the door panel, an empty bottle of Belvedere behind the driver seat, and a cup full of Vodka in the backseat.

Thomas Gleaves cited for marijuana possession

27-year-old Thomas Gleaves was seen by police in the passenger seat of a gray Nissan Altima parked at The Flats on Water Edge after they smelled marijuana on August 2nd. Police drove past the vehicle during their extra patrols and noticed Thomas in the vehicle. They approached the vehicle to speak to Thomas after Lyric Moore exited the driver’s side and noticed the marijuana in the center console. At this time, Lyric returned to the vehicle, and neither she nor Thomas claimed ownership of the marijuana. Police reported that Lyric and Thomas were in constructive possession of the marijuana, but no paraphernalia was found. Thomas qualified for a citation because she has no history of failure to appear or book.

Lyric Moore charged with marijuana possession

27-year-old Lyric Moore was seen by police exiting her Nissan Altima parked at The Flats on Water Edge after they smelled marijuana on August 2nd. Police drove past the vehicle during their extra patrols and also noticed Thomas Gleaves in the vehicle. They approached the vehicle to speak to Thomas and noticed the marijuana in the center console. At this time, Lyric returned to the vehicle, and neither she nor Thomas claimed ownership of the marijuana. Police reported that Lyric and Thomas were in constructive possession of the marijuana, but no paraphernalia was found. Lyric qualified for a state citation.

Christopher Free asks cops to retrieve his fake ID from Barstool Sports bar in Nashville

20-year-old Christopher Free flagged down Metro Nashville Police Officers late Saturday night to report that he and a friend were visiting the Barstool Sports Bar when the bouncers confiscated their ID, believing they were fake. Free demanded that officers retrieve his ID card from the bar. Officers informed Free that they were happy to do so, but if the ID was actually fake, he would face criminal charges. Free continued to insist his ID was legitimate, and officers obliged by retrieving the Georgia driver’s license belonging to Free. Upon running the ID, which displayed Free’s name and photo, the number came back to an elderly woman. As he was confronted about the discrepancy, Free and his friend turned away from the police and attempted to flee the scene. His friend was successful, but officers tackled Free and took him into custody.

Derrick Robinson shoves officer who is arresting his friend for selling marijuana

26-year-old Derrick Robinson intervened with police attempting to arrest another individual, Dieon Robinson, outside of Honky Tonk Central on August 27th. While the officers arrested the other individual, Derrick shoved an officer after being told to leave the area. He was detained, and police found marijuana on his person after searching. He did not qualify for a citation, so he was booked into custody for assault.

Russell Kerr: 7 beers, anabolic steroids, and syringes, oh my

25-year-old Russell Kerr was found near Palestine Ave. with the driver-side door ajar, asleep in the front seat of his silver Chevy truck on the side of the highway on August 19th. Officers observed Kerr snoring, shirtless, and shoeless while officers were attempting to wake him, but he was incoherent. Kerr could not stand alone and used his vehicle to keep his balance, showing visible signs of intoxication. Kerr consented to conduct field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on. Later, he admitted to officers that he consumed two beers at 7 p.m. the day prior. Inside Russell’s vehicle, police found a bottle containing Trenbolone acetate (anabolic steroids) with some missing and six syringes. He refused to give a blood or breath sample, so he was arrested for DUI.

Jared Coleman-Jones found with drugs near Barstool Sports in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Jared Coleman-Jones and a group of people scattered when they saw police approach them on 2nd Ave close to Barstool Sports Bar. Police were alerted by a man who said he used to be prior law enforcement and saw four or five guys selling cocaine out of a bag. Police approached the men in a parking lot next to Barstool Sports Bar, but they all ran after recognizing the officers. Jared was caught on Broadway and 4th Ave. He tried to run and resisted arrest. After he was taken to the ground and handcuffed, police found a plastic bag of marijuana on his person. Jared admitted to the marijuana being his.