Joseph Atencio booked after “lunging his head” at officers during altercation near Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar

30-year-old Joseph Anthony Atencio was observed holding an open alcohol container near Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar around 1 a.m. on May 19th. When officers approached Atencio, they told him to throw away the can or give it to them. Atencio gave officers the can, then started cursing and throwing up the middle finger at them. Officers told Atencio to disperse the area immediately. Initially, Atencio walked away, but he then reapproached officers aggressively before “lunging his head” toward them. Officers again told Atencio to leave the area, and he walked away. However, Atencio returned yet again, yelling at officers and clapping in their faces. Atencio continued to approach officers, so they detained him for the incident. During their interaction, Atencio exhibited signs of intoxication, was sweating excessively, and reeked of alcohol while he admitted to consuming alcohol. Atencio was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Daniel Stefaniak punches security guard while being removed from Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar

27-year-old Daniel Kazimierz Stefaniak had an altercation with a security guard, Nicholas David Shoults, at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar around 10 p.m. on May 18th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down during the incident. When officers arrived, they noticed Stefaniak being removed from the bar by security. Stefaniak then began fighting with the staff, punching a security guard, Shoults, in the left ear, causing officers to intervene, where they told him to stop. Stefaniak continued wrestling with officers, resisting arrest until they put his hands behind his back and detained him for the incident. Officers were provided footage of the scuffle and advised that Shoults wanted to press charges. Stefaniak was taken into custody for assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Jonathan Elliott booked after causing disturbance with motorcycle in Exxon parking lot

25-year-old Jonathan Elliott was one of 10 to 20 individuals causing a disturbance with their motorcycles in the Exxon parking lot on April 7th. Staff at the location alerted the authorities, advising that they did not want any motorcycles on the property. Upon arrival, officers warned several people, including Elliott, to leave the establishment or they would be subject to arrest. Then, officers left and returned about an hour later to find Elliott still there. Officers discovered that Exxon had an active trespass waiver and cited him for the incident that day. Elliott was later booked on the citation of criminal trespass on May 10th.

Alan Churchman refuses to leave Rippy’s Honky Tonk, tells police he’s “wasted”

49-year-old Alan Churchman caused a disturbance and refused to leave Rippy’s Honky Tonk around 10:50 p.m. on May 4th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down, advising them that Churchman was belligerent to other bar patrons. Officers observed him yelling and swearing at Rippy’s staff when they arrived. Officers then tried to speak with him, and he initially was shouting at them, getting extremely close to them. Churchman then admitted to officers that he was “wasted” and “very intoxicated” from alcohol consumption. Officers attempted to place him in a taxi to get him home, which he cooperated with until he started being aggressive and exited the cab. Churchman continued to be hostile toward officers after exiting the taxi. Churchman was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Robert Niesporek takes off shirt, threatens to fight police after they take his drink away

26-year-old Robert John Niesporek was observed walking on the sidewalk with an open container of alcohol outside of Whiskey Row in the early hours of May 5th. Police noticed he reeked of alcohol and advised him that he needed to throw away his drink, which he refused. Niesporek then started to drink, prompting officers to take the open container out of his hand. After this, Niesporek took a fighting stance, removed his shirt, asking police, “You want to go?” while yelling and screaming derogatory slurs in their faces. Officers gave him multiple opportunities to leave after being warned he would be detained for his behavior, but he continued to be belligerent. Officers deemed Niesporek a danger to himself or others. Niesporek was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Tyler Barr shoves man for insulting his girlfriend in alley outside Barstool Nashville

27-year-old Tyler Barr had an altercation with an individual in an alley on the side of Barstool Sports Bar in the early hours of April 7th. Upon arrival, officers observed him arguing with several individuals and separated them. Officers were advised that Barr was arguing with a woman, later identified as Barr’s girlfriend. A man passing by made a comment to Barr’s girlfriend, which angered him. Barr then shoved him, causing him to fall on his face, leaving lacerations to his jaw. Barr told officers that he was arguing with his girlfriend while walking through the alley when he overheard a man insult his girlfriend. So, Barr pushed the man in the back, causing him to fall face-first. While officers spoke to Barr, he began arguing with the victim and his friends. Barr threatened the victim, calling him a “p*ssy” and asking if he wanted to fight. Barr was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Ashly Salazar booked after fighting man outside of Hard Rock Cafe

28-year-old Ashly Salazar had an altercation near the Hard Rock Café on Broadway late March 17th. When the officers arrived, they observed Salazar fighting with another individual, Jason Nikmara Tate. Officers gave Salazar commands to stop, which she refused. Then, officers tried to detain her, during which Salazar became resistive and started pulling away from them. Salazar was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Parker Schram jailed after letting it flow in front of Barstool Sports Nashville

Police say 32-year-old Parker Schram was in the process of urinating on the sidewalk in front of Barstool Sports in downtown Nashville late March 15th. A crowd outside the bar could observe the exposed member attempting to perform its duty. Schram disregarded an officer’s commands to stop and continued about his business. Schram was taken into custody for public intoxication, and it was noted he was visibly intoxicated and unable to tell officers where he was or who he was with.

Joshua Johnson caught with cocaine, tells police it helps “clear his nose.”

31-year-old Joshua Johnson was found inside a silver Ford SUV at 3rd Avenue South on March 9th. Officers observed the driver of the SUV crushing up a white powdery substance, so both he and Johnson were told to exit the vehicle. Officers conducted a probable cause search of the car and located a brown wooden box containing 10.8 grams of cocaine. Once Johnson was Mirandized, he admitted to owning the box but denied that there was any powder inside. While officers were further investigating, Johnson stated that the powder was “crushed ibuprofen” that he uses to help “clear his nose.” Multiple other drug instruments were located inside the brown wooden box, including a pipe and a digital scale. Joshua Johnson was charged with possession with intent and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and taken into custody on March 10th.

Reed Thomas Jacobs unzips and “makes it rain” from rooftop of Nashville Underground

27-year-old Reed Jacobs was a Nashville Underground on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday night when he reportedly unzipped his pants and made it rain from the rooftop balcony in the 34-degree weather. He fled from security and officers as he left the building and hid behind a nearby car. He was eventually located and was extremely intoxicated. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.