Malik Grant caught stealing at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen by “Nashville Safety Ambassador”

29-year-old Malik Grant was caught stealing several packages of candy from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on May 17th. Officers were approached by a “Nashville Safety Ambassador.” The “Ambassador” told officers about the incident and pointed to Grant standing in front of the patrol car. Officers observed Grant holding several bags of candy and popcorn with price tags on them. Officers attempted to talk to Grant, but he refused and stared at the “Ambassador.” Officers then attempted to detain Grant, but he began yelling and threatening them. Grant continued to scream and stated that he would kill or “Beat the ass” of officers and the “Ambassador.” While speaking to Grant, officers observed signs of intoxication as well as a large cup that smelt like an alcoholic beverage. During the investigation of the supposed theft, officers spoke with the manager of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. She stated that she witnessed Grant steal multiple candy bags and quickly leave. Once officers got Grant into the patrol car, he kicked one of the windows to escape. Officers then attempted to get Grant into a leg restraint, but he pulled away and attempted to flee from officers again. Malik Grant was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication, vandalism, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.