Emily Dueease pulled over, caught with over 50 grams of marijuana

24-year-old Emily Dueease was on I-40 East when she was pulled over for using her cell phone while driving on November 26th. Dueease had a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside her vehicle as officers approached and asked for her driver’s credentials. Officers asked her if there was any marijuana inside the car, and she reached for a light purple backpack sitting on the passenger’s side floorboard containing 59.8 grams of marijuana, a black scale, a container with pre-rolled papers, a couple of lighters, a grinder, and a manilla envelope with cash in it. Dueease was asked if she was selling the marijuana, and she responded yes. She was taken into custody for possession with the intent to distribute.

James McGee found drunk, unresponsive on State Property

45-year-old James McGee was found unresponsive in the Legislative Garage on State Property on the afternoon of May 12th. The building staff found McGee, called the ambulance and transported him to Centennial Hospital. McGee had a black bag that contained a loaded firearm and an alcoholic beverage. Pictures on the security camera show him drinking alcohol with the black bag on his cleaning machine. He was taken into custody for having a weapon at a posted meeting and being in possession of a firearm while under the influence.

John Beres jailed after collapsing on Commerce Street

57-year-old John Michael Beres was walking down the bike-travel lane on Commerce Street in the early hours of December 6th. Officers observed Beres move onto the sidewalk and collapse onto the ground, so they approached him for caretaking purposes. Beres was visibly intoxicated when he spoke with officers and was deemed unable to take care of himself, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Carlens Ostin charged after police find 6 pounds of marijuana at his residence

19-year-old Carlens Ostin left the back door of his house open on Aaronwood Drive for a couple of days, so a concerned neighbor called the police on the afternoon of December 5th. The neighbor stated the previous residents had moved out, and they believed no one had moved back in. Officers arrived and observed the lockbox attached to the front door, commonly found on homes that are for sale, had been cracked and left open without the keys. They went to the unsecured door at the rear of the home, announced themselves to ensure no one had broken in, and began to clear the residence when they located three vacuum-sealed bags full of marijuana sitting in plain view on top of a box in the upstairs bedroom, so they executed a search warrant, uncovering three additional vacuum sealed bags, weighing a total of six pounds, and a vacuum sealer. Ostin arrived at the house while the officers were on the scene and advised he had just moved in and must have left the back door open. He stated he had gotten the key out of the lockbox and accidentally damaged the box. Then, Ostin contacted his aunt, the legal renter of the property, and she confirmed that he was staying there while going to school. He told officers he was the only one who was staying there, and he knew nothing about the marijuana. Ostin was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Aaron Roden charged after giving another vehicle a “love tap” on Charlotte Pike

31-year-old Aaron Crawford Roden was involved in a quarrel with Slobodan Bjelic at Charlotte Pike over a girl they were both dating in the late hours of June 28th. Bjelic stated that after the altercation, he was sitting in his Subaru at Wilclay Drive when Roden rammed into it with his Dodge Ram at a high speed. He advised officers that he fired six rounds from his handgun at the grill of Roden’s truck as it approached a second time, rear-ending his car. Then, Roden fled the scene. Officers were provided surveillance showing Bjelic pulling out of the parking lot after the confrontation, with Roden following in the Dodge Ram. The damage to the Subaru was consistent with Bjelic’s statements. Roden’s truck was found unoccupied on Charlotte Pike. Officers spoke with Roden over the phone, and he stated he had given the Subaru a “love tap.” Roden was taken into custody for aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident on December 5th.

Christopher Woodfin charged after a drug exchange gone wrong

31-year-old Christopher Woodfin was sitting in the passenger seat of a blue Mazda with an expired tag on Murfreesboro Pike in the late hours of December 5th. Officers initiated a traffic stop; the tag showed “Not on file,” so they ran the VIN, which showed that the vehicle was reported stolen by the owner, Rudy Gonzalez. Woodfin was Mirandized and advised them that he bought the vehicle from two unknown subjects for $20.00 at the Shell Station on Murfreesboro Pike. Sherrod Burnett was the driver. He told officers that he was in the parking lot of the Shell gas station and saw Woodfin get beat up while buying drugs. Woodfin had a crack pipe in his boot when officers searched him, and he was taken into custody for theft and unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Luis Gaspar jailed after police find him in possession of a stolen vehicle

18-year-old Luis Gaspar was in possession of Harold Beachum’s vehicle at the Four Corners Marina on December 5th. Officers were dispatched regarding a stolen vehicle, recovered it, and turned it back over to Beachum when Gaspar walked up from the docks. Beachum began to demand the keys back from him and advised officers that Gaspar stayed at his residence as a guest of a guest, Angel, who stayed there for a couple of days. Gaspar was Mirandized and told officers that Angel gave him the keys to the vehicle so he could go to court in Murfreesboro and bring it back. He admitted he knew the vehicle did not belong to Angel and that he did not go to court in Murfreesboro. Gaspar was taken into custody for theft.

Dexter Leggins jailed after rushing into an apartment with a knife

42-year-old Dexter Leggins uninvitingly entered Daryl Armstrong’s apartment on Glastonbury Road in the early hours of November 27th. Armstrong advised officers that Leggins knocked on his door and rushed in when he opened it with a black knife, putting him in fear. Then, Leggins stole his television, phone, a bag containing social security documents, and a black-wheeled cart. Officers observed Leggins with Armstrong’s belongings as they arrived, and he insisted that it was his property. They were able to locate all the items Armstrong listed. Leggings was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on December 5th.

Nathan Rich told police he would fight them rather than be arrested

46-year-old Nathan Rich was aggressive, refusing to get out of the roadway of Murfreesboro Pike on December 5th. Officers arrived and asked Rich to leave the road again, but he insisted on not leaving the street. Rich advised officers that he would fight before he got arrested, so they detained him. He actively resisted, kicking and tensing his muscles, refusing to put his hands behind his back. While conducting a search, officers located a glass pipe containing a white powdery substance. Rich was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Chad Taylor attempts to break into BMW to get someone he knew out of the trunk

44-year-old Chad Taylor was on Church Street messing with Marian Pinson’s parked BMW on December 4th. A witness stated he observed Taylor walking a dog while holding a suitcase. They said Taylor then took a flashlight out of the suitcase and struck the parked car’s window, causing him to believe that Taylor was breaking into it, so he called the authorities. Officers arrived, located Taylor walking on 1st Avenue, and detained him. Taylor was seen on Metro Security cameras hitting the window of Pinson’s BMW with a flashlight, confirming the witness’s statement. Officers told Pinson about the incident, and she wishes to prosecute Taylor. Taylor was asked about the BMW and told officers he thought he saw someone he knew in the vehicle’s trunk, so he tried to break the window and get the person out. Taylor was taken into custody for attempted burglary.