Miguel Garcia steals Ford F-150 Raptor, tells police “his friend gave him the truck”

30-year-old Miguel Garcia was caught stealing a vehicle on May 5th near an intersection On Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers responded to a motor vehicle theft report at a Middleton Street apartment residence, speaking with Robert Burnett. Burnett stated that his white Ford F150 was parked at the residence and that it was no longer there when he returned to the residence. Officers then confirmed that the vehicle was not towed and that the victim did not owe any money on the truck before putting a complete report on the vehicle and entering it as stolen. About an hour later, officers responding to an unrelated call noticed the vehicle at the intersection of Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers immediately got behind the vehicle and confirmed the license plate before calling the helicopter and initiating a traffic stop. Officers performed a felony takedown and searched the car, finding two glass pipes with residue.
Officers then spoke with Garcia, who stated he was walking around with his friend when he and his friend walked over to Middleton Street. Garcia said his friend opened the door to the truck and got in the driver’s seat. Garcia also claimed that he believed the vehicle was his friend’s and that his friend gave him the truck to use for work. Garcia could not provide a name or description of the friend, and there was no one else with Garcia at the time of the traffic stop. Robert Burnett, the owner of the vehicle, arrived on the scene to recover the vehicle and searched through it, giving all of the items not belonging to him to officers. Burnett gave officers a black backpack that Garcia confirmed was his. The backpack contained marijuana, the vehicle’s registration, and boat keys. The vehicle was valued at more than $60,000. Officers discovered that Garcia did not have a valid driver’s license. Garcia was taken into custody and charged with Property theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving without a license on May 6th.

Austin Farrar beats fiancé with broomstick after he doesn’t call her

21-year-old Austin Farrar was caught after having a domestic incident with her fiancé, Christian Tyler, at their Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard residence on May 8th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tyler, who stated that he and his fiancé had argued. Tyler noted the argument occurred because their power was turned off at their residence because he didn’t pay the bill. Tyler also informed officers that he received several messages from Farrar stating that she would severely hurt Tyler when he came home that night. Officers then noticed Tyler’s bruises and lacerations along his arm and head. Tyler stated that on May 6th, two days prior, he had returned home, and he and Farrar started arguing because he did not call Farrar when he said he would earlier. Tyler told officers that during the argument, Farrar struck him in the head with a broomstick, causing his injuries. Tyler stated after she hit him with the broomstick, Farrar struck him again with a chair in the arms and began choking him with both hands around his neck. Farrar was taken into custody on May 8th and was charged with harassment, domestic assault, and aggravated assault.

Richard Douglas violates conditions of release after refusing to leave his mother’s house

50-year-old Richard Douglas was seen violating his conditions of release on May 6th near Packard Drive. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Peggy Jackson, his mother, who stated that he was not supposed to be there and that she had an order of protection against Douglas. Jackson also claimed that he would not leave and that Douglass had already been served. Officers took Douglas into custody, and he was charged with a restraining order violation.

Kevin Sinclair deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

32-year-old Kevin Sinclair was seen drunk by police at Nashville International Airport on April 27th. When officers arrived, they spoke with staff at Tootsie’s bar in the airport terminal. They stated that Sinclair had been kicked out of one bar and was refused service at Tootsie’s. They then pointed Sinclair out, and when officers spoke with him, he stated he had missed his flight because he was at a bar. Officers noticed his slurred speech and inability to stand. Officers then gave him multiple chances to book an Uber and provided an address to an available hotel. Sinclair proceeded to type the wrong address and instead typed in a location in South Carolina. Officers deemed Sinclair was too intoxicated to care for himself, and he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Sharmaneke Wilson strangles boyfriend after he takes her phone

29-year-old Sharmaneke Wilson was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Roger Johnson Jr, at her Pierce Road residence on April 29th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Johnson, who stated that he and Wilson had argued. Johnson said the argument was regarding his daughter and occurred 30 minutes before the police arrived. He also claimed that while they were arguing, he took Wilson’s phone, prompting her to put her hands around his neck and try to choke him. Johnson notes that Wilson did not restrict his airflow but scratched his neck as he was trying to escape from her. Johnson called the police immediately after Wilson put her hands on him. Officers observed the scratches on Johnson’s neck before speaking to Wilson, who admitted that she did put her hands around his neck. Due to Johnson’s injuries, officers deemed Wilson to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

DUI: Yenni Perez leaves accident, tells police she didn’t stay because she doesn’t have a license

41-year-old Yenni Perez was seen driving without a license after hit and run incident Near 8th Avenue S on April 29th. When officers arrived, they observed Perez’s vehicle leaving the crash scene. Witnesses immediately alerted them that the vehicle was involved in the crash, but they did not exchange information. Officers observed the vehicle continue southbound on 8th Avenue towards the intersection before officers caught up and escorted her back to the crash. Officers then spoke with Perez, who stated she did not have to stay at the location because she knew she did not have a valid Tennessee driver’s license or proof of insurance. Officers noticed the tag on the vehicle was upside down and observed that the VIN and registration did not match the vehicle she was driving. Perez then claimed she bought the vehicle at an auction, which officers confirmed. Perez had no passport or identification, so she could not be issued a state citation. Before being taken into custody, Perez had officers give her son a check to pay the rent. Officers noticed the check had the last name Ortiz, which her son confirmed as her last name. Perez refused to answer questions about why she gave a different last name. Perez was taken into custody and charged with criminal impersonation, no driver’s license, unregistered vehicle, leaving the scene of an incident, and insurance compliance.

DUI: Raul Rizo blows .196% BAC after driving into police car

23-year-old Raul Rizo was seen sleeping in his vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the road near Antioch Pike on April 29th. When officers arrived, they approached Rizo’s vehicle and noticed open beer bottles with liquid inside them. Officers told Rizo, who was sleeping inside, to turn his vehicle off numerous times, but he did not hear them. Rizo then woke up and drove into an officer’s vehicle. Rizo continued to keep his foot on the gas, causing even more damage. Officers proceeded to break the passenger side window of Rizo’s car and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Officers then placed Rizo into custody and learned Rizo was sleeping at the wheel. Officers noticed he had many signs of impairment, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, as well as having an extreme odor of alcohol. Rizo agreed to do a breath sample and blew a .196% BAC. Officers questioned Rizo, who stated that he had ten beers before beginning to drive. Officers received Rizzo’s information and found that Rizo did not have a valid driver’s license. Rizo was charged with DUI, No driver’s license, Vandalism, evading arrest, and open container violation.

Heather Delgado caught stealing $50 out of tip jar at the Thompson Hotel

45-year-old Heather Delgado was caught stealing from the Thompson Hotel on 11th Avenue South on April 1st. When officers arrived, they observed video surveillance of Delgado waiting in line to purchase a drink. When Delgado got to the front, she ordered her drink, stole $50 from the tip jar, took her drink, and left without paying. Delgado has been asked numerous times to leave the store in the past. On April 3rd, Delgado was seen trespassing at the same hotel, where staff called the police. Delgado was taken into custody and charged with Theft and Trespassing on April 30th.                       

Steven Miller deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

45-year-old Steven Miller was caught intoxicated downtown near a building on John Lewis Way Street. On April 30th, officers were dispatched to the building where they came in contact with Miller. Officers noticed Miller was intoxicated, and when officers questioned him, he stated that he had been drinking alcohol. Officers then noticed Miller had slurred speech, an inability to balance, and an odor of alcohol coming from him. Miller also told officers he had a hotel room, which he did not. Officers deemed Miller to be a danger to himself, and he was taken into custody for public intoxication. 

Temple Mckinzie breaks into ex-boyfriend’s apartment after seeing him with another woman

35-year-old Temple Mckinzie was caught breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s, Corey Jones, apartment near Old Hickory Boulevard on April 27th. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed Mckinzie outside the apartment, covered in her own blood. Officers then spoke with Jones, who stated that Mckinzie had climbed through his window. Officers then spoke with Mckinzie, who claimed she had discovered Jones was with another female and had attempted to come in with a spare key she had. Mckinzie then claimed Jones pushed her into the window, shattering it, and that’s how she got cuts on her.

Police went back and spoke with Jones, who stated Mckinzie came unannounced, and when he did not answer the door, she went around the bedroom window, where she saw him with another female. Jones then stated Mckinzie smashed the window with a rock before climbing into the apartment. Jones also said he grabbed her and carried her out to the front door, which is when the police arrived. While on the scene, officers noticed most of the glass from the window Mckinzie had entered from was inside the apartment, not outside. Officers determined that this aligns more with Jones’ story than Mckinzie’s. Officers deemed Mckinzie to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault and aggravated burglary.