Woman charged for being drunk and asleep behind the wheel at exit ramp

35-year-old Marilyne Wright was charged with DUI and implied consent violation after she was found asleep behind the wheel at the I-40 exit ramp on Stewarts Ferry Pike, with her car still in drive and her foot on the brake. She was unable to complete a field sobriety test and refused to provide a blood or breathe sample.

Friends leave woman behind after she crashes car while driving under the influence, per affidavit

18-year-old Heliegh Allen was charged with DUI and implied consent after she was involved in a car accident near the intersection of Baxter Road and Sugar Lane.

Metro employee sneaks cocaine into jail after DUI arrest

42-year-old Lorenzo Barr was charged with DUI, implied consent, and contraband inside a penal system after police conducted a traffic stop because he ran a red light and nearly hit another driver.

Woman crashes into light post charged with DUI and underage drinking

20-year-old Deangent Parker was charged with DUI, implied consent, and consumption of alcohol under 21 after she ran up a curb and crashed her vehicle into a light pole.

Woman charged with DUI after almost hitting a pedestrian and refusing sobriety tests

60-year-old Desiree Pace was charged with driving under the influence and complied consent after swerving down Sweetbriar Avenue on a flat tire and almost hitting a pedestrian. On March 4th, officers responded to a call on Sweetbriar Avenue after two witnesses observed a vehicle with a flat tire swerving and almost hitting a pedestrian. The witnesses told police they were able to convince the driver, identified as Desiree Pace, to pull over so they could change her flat tire. When officers arrived, they observed Desiree passed out in the driver’s…

Woman arrested for DUI after mixing wine with anti-depressants

29-year-old Samantha Horneff was charged with DUI and implied consent following a traffic stop that occurred after she was seen swerving and failed to stop at a red light.

DUI: East Nashville woman arrested in Kroger parking lot while going to buy wine

56-year-old Sharon Faison was jailed Wednesday afternoon, charged with DUI & resisting, after she was arrested in the parking lot of an East Nashville Kroger, where she drove up on a curb and told police she was going to buy wine.

DUI: Man tells police imaginary friend was driving his vehicle when it wrecked into a pole

26-year-old John Thomas Couch told police that it was his vehicle wrecked in the street, but he was not in the vehicle when the crash occurred. Little did he know that a local bar had already called police with his description and license plate number, to report him as a drunk driver.