DUI: Man tells police imaginary friend was driving his vehicle when it wrecked into a pole

26-year-old John Thomas Couch told police that it was his vehicle wrecked in the street, but he was not in the vehicle when the crash occurred. Little did he know that a local bar had already called police with his description and license plate number, to report him as a drunk driver.

DUI Arrest: “I had 2 Blue Motherf–ckers at Sensations”; vomits outside vehicle

Paige Bennett, 31, was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning, charged with driving under the influence, and violation of the implied consent law, after telling officers she had ‘2 Blue Motherf–kers’ at Sensations bar. Bennett has 5 prior arrests, with a combined 8 charges, all of which were dismissed, including a prior DUI.

Man arrested for driving under influence of marijuana, resisting arrest

Kevin Helm, 23, passed a MNPD officer, doing 44 in a 35 mph zone. He then admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking a small amount of alcohol. He was arrested and charged with DUI, simple possession, and resisting arrest.

Man tells MNPD he’s “fucking hammered” when found passed out in car at Shwab Elementary School

MNPD Officers found 35-year-old Matthew Johnson passed out across both front seats of his running vehicle, parked at a local elementary school. Johnson told officers “I’m fucking hammered”.
He was charged with DUI, Implied Consent, disorderly conduct, open container, assault of a police officer and resisting arrest. He is now free on pre-trial release.

DUI Arrest: She sang the song of her people: “I’m drunk, f— you.. f— the police, kill the blue”

It took 5 officers to carry her into booking, and that was after she broke out of her hobble restraints once, and serenaded officers with phrases such as “show me my rights you fucking dick”, & “I may be drunk but I’ll win this you fucking nigger murderer”. Just before midnight on Saturday night, MNPD received a call to Popeye’s on Gallatin Pk in East Nashville. As it would turn out, Maryanne Dyer was in her black Chrysler 200 in their drive-thru line with a flat tire. When officers arrived,…

Memorial Day Weekend’s 3rd & 4th BUIs: Derek Wyatt & Tina Richards Arrested #OnABoat

The 3rd & 4th BUIs achievements on Percy Priest Lake were unlocked this weekend by Derek Wyatt & Tina Richards on Saturday night, just hours apart. Derek Wyatt Derek Wyatt was the 3rd, as officers were patrolling at 5:40 PM, when they observed a vessel leaving Elm Hill Marina’s no-wake zone with no registration displayed. Upon stopping the vessel and finding Mr. Wyatt to be the operation, a safety check was performed, and a strong odor of alcohol was coming from his person. He was slurring his speech, had blood-shot…

Maureeshia Lumpkin asleep behind the wheel. DUI, Assault on Officers x4. Kicks, bites, pinches Officers.

Just before 8 AM on Sunday morning, MNPD observed Maureeshia Lumpkin in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, asleep, wearing only black underwear, a hooded sweatshirt, and socks. The vehicle was on Archer St near Southside Ave and was in the road running. Officers worked excessively in order to attempted to wake up Lumpkin by knocking on her windows, and eventually she woke up enough that police were able to gain entry to the vehicle to turn off the ignition for safety. Once Lumpkin stepped out of the vehicle, officer’s…

Rickey Smiley’s Daughter, D’Essence Smiley (20), Found unconscious behind wheel in traffic: DUI Arrest

Saturday morning at 3:17 AM, D’Essence Smiley was found passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle, at the intersection of 21st Ave S & Broadway Ave in Nashville, TN. The vehicle was blocking a lane of travel, and when MNPD officers approached the vehicle, they found D’Essence Smiley slouched forward and unconscious in the driver’s seat, according to a police report. MNPD Officers knocked on the windows and gave verbal commands, in an attempted to wake the unconscious Smiley behind the wheel. After multiple attempts, D’Essence Smiley eventually woke…