DUI: Shawnna Haymon drinks two mixed drinks before crashing into pole, tells police “You tell me what happened.”

25-year-old Shawnna Haymon had a single-vehicle accident where she collided with a utility pole near the Harding Pike and Vossland Drive intersection in the early hours of February 16th. Officers arrived, noticed the extensive front-end damage to her car, and asked if she was injured. Haymon responded by telling officers that she had to talk to her mother and would not answer any questions due to legal reasons. Haymon refused medical services after NFD medics evaluated her, and when officers asked what had happened, she said, “You tell me what happened.” Haymon later stated she was unaware of how she had crashed. Then, as Haymon remained uncooperative, she advised officers that she was coming from work but did not know what time it was. As they interviewed her, they noticed her showing numerous signs of intoxication, using her phone to call her mom repeatedly and demanding a lawyer. She was taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol car when her friend, Taylar Jacobs, told officers what happened. Jacobs explained that she, Haymon, and her friends came from Kung Fu Saloon near Division Street, where she had two fruity mixed drinks. Officers informed Haymon of implied consent and requested a breath sample, to which Haymon responded by demanding a lawyer. Officers conducted an inventory search of Haymon’s vehicle and located a Glock 42 handgun in her center console with six rounds in the magazine. Haymon was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and possessing a firearm while under the influence on February 16th.

DUI: Musician Alec Dockery drinks two Moscow Mules before flipping car in crash

31-year-old Alec Dockery, musician in 12 South Band, flipped his car after colliding with a parked car on Nevada Avenue in the early hours of February 9th. When officers arrived, Dockery was standing outside his vehicle, and then he advised them that he was unaware of how the crash occurred. Dockery was evaluated by medics and refused medical services. He stated that he was coming from a friend’s house in east Nashville and had two Moscow Mules about two hours before the accident. Officers observed Dockery to be visibly intoxicated during their interview. Dockery then consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and provided a breath sample that resulted in 0.169 BAC%. Dockery was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Liset Quesada Mendoza speeds down Charlotte Pike in BMW

32-year-old Liset Quesada Mendoza was speeding on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of December 2nd. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. The BMW stopped in the roadway, and passenger princess Robert Koch stepped out of the car and approached officers aggressively, so he was detained. Then, officers spoke with Mendoza, who was visibly intoxicated and admitted to speeding and consuming alcohol. Mendoza refused to do sobriety tests, sign implied consent, or provide any information regarding her identity. Officers located her passport in her purse and were able to identify her. Mendoza was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and not having a driver’s license.

Tuan Le too drunk to escape flipped vehicle

59-year-old Tuan Le was involved in a car accident on James Street in the early hours of November 23rd. Officers arrived and noticed a black Toyota sedan, upside down, blocking the roadway. The car collided with the cement drainage area by the residence’s front lawn. Residents came out and found Le in the driver seat of the rolled-over vehicle, and as they cut the seatbelt to release him from the car, they could see he was visibly intoxicated. Le spoke with officers and told them that he had one beer, that he was coming from a friend’s house, and that he was on the phone when he crashed into the cement drainage system. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Robert Koch, passenger princess, drunkenly assaults officer after wife’s BMW is pulled over

43-year-old Robert Barry Koch was riding as a passenger of a BMW speeding on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of December 2nd. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. The BMW stopped in the middle of the road, and Koch, the passenger, exited the vehicle after being told to remain in the car and began to rapidly advance toward Officer Mercado, causing him to draw and aim his taser at him. He was detained by another officer who arrived for assistance. They noticed Koch and the driver, Liset Quesada Mendoza, were visibly intoxicated as Koch began to curse and yell at them. Officers searched the BMW and located a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 handgun in the back seat with seven rounds in the magazine, which Koch claimed. Koch was taken into custody for possession of a firearm while under the influence, public intoxication, and assault on an officer.

Liam Lee drunkenly goes to Uber driver’s home for his girlfriend’s phone

25-year-old Liam Lee was causing a disturbance at Knob Rd. in the early hours of November 15th. Lee had called the police because his girlfriend left her phone in the back seat of an Uber, and he tracked the phone to the Uber driver’s house. Officers noticed Lee was visibly intoxicated as he advised them that he caught an Uber to the driver’s house and had been knocking on the door for an hour before they arrived. A neighbor spoke with officers and told them that they saw Lee drive up to the location and had been causing a scene before officers’ arrival. Officers observed a white Nissan Murano parked near the Uber driver’s home that was registered to Lee. Lee initially denied it being his vehicle but later admitted that he drove there after having three beers at The Twelve Thirty Club. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and provided a breath sample that resulted in 0.122% BAC. Lee was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Arpita Sarkar charged with DUI after crash; says she had “two glasses of champagne”

28-year-old Arpita Sarkar was on the side of Highway 70 next to her damaged Toyota Camry that was involved in a car accident that the police responded to on July 10th. Nashville Fire Department told police that Arpita was intoxicated and she was on her phone and crying. Police described her as smelling strongly of alcohol and belligerent during the interview. She told police she had two glasses of champagne roughly three hours before the crash and then went to Domino’s. When they asked her about the accident, she said she did not know how it occurred but could barely stand.

The other vehicle involved in the crash was driven by Brenda Linares, who had an injury to her left arm, and the passenger of her vehicle, Dylan Hooker, had a cut on the back of his head. Dylan said that after the accident, he exited the vehicle to take pictures of the damage, and Arpita began yelling at him and then smacked his iPhone 14 out of his hand, causing it to hit the ground and shatter.

Witness Jacob Church followed behind Arpita before the accident and showed dash cam footage of Arpita moving into oncoming traffic and colliding with Brenda’s vehicle. Arpita was transferred to St. Thomas West Hospital for her leg injuries and was administered a modified sobriety test. Police reported that she could not comprehend the test and was yelling due to her high level of intoxication. She was issued a citation for DUI because she needed to be at the hospital for over 3 hours. She was booked for the charge on August 7th.

Zachary Miller jailed for DUI after late-night collision with fire hydrant

Police interviewed 24-year-old Zachary Miller after arriving at the scene of a crash involving Zachary’s vehicle and a fire hydrant around midnight on September 11th. Zachary told police that he pulled the steering wheel too hard, causing him to collide with the fire hydrant. Police reported a strong smell of alcohol on Zachary’s breath and that he was unsteady on his feet. He told police that he drank two or three IPAs downtown around noon that day but had not consumed anything recently. After he showed signs of intoxication on field sobriety tests, he was read implied consent but refused to provide a breath sample.

Max Hocker jailed for DUI; found in backseat of car with his girlfriend

18-year-old Maxwell Hocker was found in the parking lot of Woodmont Baptist Church with his girlfriend, Parker Strang, with their car running. Police noticed them in the parking lot close to midnight on Wednesday with the vehicle still running. They made contact when they saw the two in the vehicle’s backseat. Maxwell smelled strongly of alcohol and told police that he drank wine in the parking lot with Parker but had not driven. But later, he said they drank at a party nearby and drove to the parking lot before claiming into the backseat together. Parker told police they were drinking at the party, and then Maxwell drove them to the parking lot. Standard sobriety tests were administered, and he showed signs of intoxication. He refused to do one of the tests due to previous concussions and refused the provide a breath sample.

Soldier Wyatt Gibson was no match for Nashville’s alcohol — public intoxication

24-year-old soldier Wyatt “Gingy” Gibson was observed walking (mostly stumbling) in the street barefoot along 10th & Broadway in the early hours of Friday morning, appearing to be very intoxicated. As officers made contact to check on his welfare, Gibson laid down the road. He was unable to tell officers who he was, how he got there, and was unable to locate his phone or provide any contact information for anyone who could retrieve him. He refused medical transport and was taken to booking, where he was charged with public intoxication.