DUI: Richard White asleep behind the wheel at a gas pump in West Nashville

Police located 55-year-old Richard White asleep behind the wheel of a black truck at a Charlotte Pike gas station. The vehicle was running and had been parked for about an hour, according to the store clerk. After blocking in the vehicle, officers were able to wake the man, who was highly intoxicated. He stated he came from a friend’s house in Green Hills and had two bourbon ales at Casa de Montecristo in the Gulch prior to that.

Musician Oscar Lindsey charged after painting graffiti on abandoned White Castle building

20-year-old Nashville musician Oscar Lindsey was caught in the act of spray painting graffiti on the abandoned White Castle building on Charlotte Pike. Oscar was holding a can of spray paint when approached by police. He was issued a state citation for vandalism and was booked on that charge this week. Lindsey has a new song, “Three Strike Policy,” available on his “B sides” album, available on all platforms.

DUI: Darius Adams crashes after leaving Play Dance Bar Sunday Night, blows 0.136% BAC

Police say 21-year-old Darius Adams crashed a black Cadillac Escalade just after 4 a.m. Monday near Charlotte Pike and River Road. Adams was found asleep in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, which was blocking a lane of travel, and the engine was running. An open can of Cayman Jack was in the center console, and Darius Adams told officers he had come from Play Dance Bar, where he drank a shot of fireball and other shots that men bought for him. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.136% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: MP&F’s Amanda Reinbold found with no pants after West End Nashville car crash

Knight Stivinder of Nashville’s “fixer” firm MP&F Strategic Communications says one of her senior leadership employees, 35-year-old Amanda Reinbold, is “… one of the very best when it comes to getting you in the news… or keeping you out of it.” That sentiment didn’t hold true to her own actions, though, after Metro Nashville Police say they found Reinbold half naked in a DUI car crash in West Nashville late Thursday night.

TSU Administration knew about football program’s sex scandal since August & ignored it

Both women in Devon Starling’s life have now gone to jail over him. After Monday’s revelation that Tennessee State Football’s Director of Operations, Ariel Escobar, rammed her car into the vehicle of her part-time lover, Football Player Devon Starling, multiple staff have confirmed the school’s administration knew about the relationship since August, when 22-year-old Mai Kanu, who is Starling’s full-time girlfriend and was in the car when Escobar rammed it, was herself arrested. Police say Kanu came to Starling’s apartment on August 24th, aware he had another woman inside…

Kanu stormed through the door and found the school’s Football Ops Director, Ariel Escobar, romantically entwined with Sterling. She repeatedly struck Sterling in the face, leaving him with multiple visible injuries and swelling. Kanu attacked Escobar, too, pulling her hair and punching her in the face. Escobar did not wish to prosecute to avoid being named in the police report. The following week, records show multiple staff members reported the incident to TSU’s Director of Athletics, Dr. Mikki Allen, who dismissed the reports. Staff also reported Escobar had another sexual relationship with a co-worker, a member of the Football program’s Executive Administration team.

Lauren Duke-Powers kicks an officer in his knee, and attempts to bite his thigh during struggle

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on Muphy Road and as they were investigating, one of the involved parties, 23-year-old Lauren Duke-Powers, returned to the scene. As they began to interview her near the front walkway to the home, it became apparent she was extremely intoxicated, with her being unable to stand without swaying, and slurring her speech. She continued to curse and yell at the other involved parties. Officers advised her she was being detained while the domestic call was investigated, at which time she walked away toward the home and resisted when officers attempted to grab her arms to keep her away from the other parties. She then kicked Officer Meskers in his right knee, and as they took her to the ground in the prone position, she attempted to bite Officer Meskers’ right thigh.

State Representative Torrey Harris jailed for assault of ex-boyfriend & theft of his dog

31-year-old State Representative Torrey Harris is free on a $2,000 cash bond after being jailed Sunday on charges of domestic assault and vandalism. Court records show his ex-boyfriend, Terence Nealy, reported Torrey scratched his arm during a bear hug while attempting to prevent him from leaving his own apartment while discussing their prior relationship while dropping off Terence’s dog, which he had been pet-sitting. Terrence was eventually able to leave his apartment and returned when officers were present to discover that Torrey had taken his dog, his Playstation 5, a barstool, lamps, air pods, an apple watch, a TV mount, a MacBook Air, and a pair of white AirMax shoes. Police spoke to Representative Harris via phone and notified him he was on a bodycam recording; he then admitted to taking Terence’s dog but wanted to clarify all the other items he took were “gifts” he had bought for Terence. Harris is charged with domestic assault and felony theft.

Nykeira Collier pushes into brother’s residence, demands to sell his iPad as she needs money

Torrion Collier says his 21-year-old estranged sister, Nykeira Collier, came to his residence late at night and knocked on the door. As he opened it and realized who it was, he attempted to close the door, however, she placed her foot in the doorway. She then pushed through the door while holding an umbrella, using it in a striking motion as she entered. She ran into his bedroom, stating she needed to sell his iPad because she needed money. She is charged with aggravated burglary. 

DUI: Arick Guzman drove his vehicle onto train tracks, heavily intoxicated

Just before 4 a.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to the train tracks near Vaughns Gap Road and Hwy 100, where 36-year-old Arick Guzman had driven his white Dodge Journey SUV onto the tracks. He was located outside the vehicle, barely able to stand and with slurred speech. He told officers he had just left a friend’s house and denied drinking any alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused all other testing.

Jordan Jackson charged with destroying TV panel at Nashville Underground during struggle

21-year-old Jordan Jackson was told he had to leave the Nashville Underground early Sunday morning for being aggressive and hostile due to his level of intoxication. Security Supervisor Steven Derner and Officer Charles Powell confronted Jackson when he “shoulder checked” Powell. As he attempted to restrain Jackson a scuffle ensued and Jackson Powell into a large TV panel, destroying it. The damage is estimated to be between $3-5,000.