Ashley Watson threatens 7-Eleven employee with torch lighter

32-year-old Ashley Watson was taken into custody for assault and criminal trespassing on March 31st. On March 30th, a 7-Eleven employee, Laquita Harris, alerted authorities by pressing the panic button after Watson ran into the establishment. Watson was holding what Harris believed to be a gun and told Harris to call the police. Harris stated she was on FaceTime with her mother for the entirety of the incident. Officers discovered it was not a gun but a torch lighter when they arrived. Officers were advised that Watson had been at the location with a hatchet and a whip on two separate occasions. One of these occurred the night before, during which 7-Eleven staff informed Watson that she was banned from the premises. When officers located Watson, she was detained for the incident.

Andreas Tsinakis booked after stealing $155.36 worth of groceries from Target

44-year-old Andreas Tsinakis tried to steal merchandise from the Target on White Bridge Pike late March 2nd. Larry Seiber, an employee at Target, spoke with officers when they arrived, advising Tsinakis had been caught concealing $155.36 worth of groceries and outdoor items into a bag. Seiber added that this was his second time shoplifting at the location and that the business would be prosecuting. When officers detained Tsinakis, Seiber told him he was trespassed from all Target Locations. Tsinakis was cited for the incident that day. Tsinakis was booked on the citation of theft on March 19th.

Kristina Sandgren slices boyfriend’s hand during argument

35-year-old Kristina Sandgren had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Ryan Glass, at her Maudina Avenue Apartment on March 5th. When officers arrived, they located Glass in the hallway outside of the unit, lying in a large amount of blood. Officers discovered a trail of blood spanning nearly three units from her apartment to Glass’ current location. Glass suffered a severe laceration to his left hand and was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Glass received a blood transfusion and is scheduled for plastic surgery to repair his hand. Detectives spoke with Glass, and he advised them that Sandgren cut his left hand with a pocketknife following an argument. Officers executed a search warrant for her apartment, where they located a significant amount of blood splattered on the walls and floors. Additionally, they discovered a pocketknife near Sandgren, who admitted to causing the injury to Glass but claimed that it was an accident after being Mirandized. However, Sandgren repeatedly changed her story and even told detectives she lied to them. Sandgren was deemed as the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Elizabeth Billingsley charged with DUI after interstate crash

22-year-old Elizabeth Billingsley told police she had “two vodka drinks” after her shift at Harper’s restaurant late Friday night. Though she could not remember what happened next, she was found wrecked on I-40 W in the early hours of Saturday morning. Witnesses report she hit a concrete barrier, spinning her vehicle across traffic, and then hit the barrier on the opposite side. She impacted other vehicles during the crash. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.182% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Anthony Branch throws girlfriend on ground multiple times during altercation

20-year-old Anthony Branch was involved in a domestic altercation at Central Pike with his girlfriend, Queenie Phan, in the early hours of Thursday afternoon. Phan called a friend and told them to call 911 when she and Branch began arguing. Branch proceeded to take her phone and money and tried to call 911, saying “someone was in route to assault him.” Phan attempted to get her phone back from him, but he grabbed her by the arms and “threw her” to the ground multiple times, causing bruising to her arms. He then took the cash, Phan’s car keys, and two large knives and left the apartment. When the police arrived, Branch returned with the bag of money, car keys, and knives. Branch was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.