Kristina Sandgren slices boyfriend’s hand during argument

35-year-old Kristina Sandgren had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Ryan Glass, at her Maudina Avenue Apartment on March 5th. When officers arrived, they located Glass in the hallway outside of the unit, lying in a large amount of blood. Officers discovered a trail of blood spanning nearly three units from her apartment to Glass’ current location. Glass suffered a severe laceration to his left hand and was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Glass received a blood transfusion and is scheduled for plastic surgery to repair his hand. Detectives spoke with Glass, and he advised them that Sandgren cut his left hand with a pocketknife following an argument. Officers executed a search warrant for her apartment, where they located a significant amount of blood splattered on the walls and floors. Additionally, they discovered a pocketknife near Sandgren, who admitted to causing the injury to Glass but claimed that it was an accident after being Mirandized. However, Sandgren repeatedly changed her story and even told detectives she lied to them. Sandgren was deemed as the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Johnny McGowan charged with attempted murder of his brother — shot him four times

48-year-old Johnny McGowan is charged with the attempted murder of his brother, Reginald Malone. Police say Malone called 911 to report he had been shot by his brother in February after an unspecified disagreement. Malone suffered four gunshot wounds… two on his right side, one in his gluteus maximus, and one in his right leg. McGowan was charged with 2nd-degree murder once before, however it was pleaded down to an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

West Nashville: Woman charged with stalking of ex-boyfriend, continues to appear inside his home uninvited

32-year-old Amber Dawn Dills faces charges of stalking, assault, and vandalism after she continues to show up at her ex-boyfriends home, twice in the same day, letting herself inside, making threats, assaulting him, and damaging his vehicle. She fled before police arrived the first time, and the second time she attempted to unsuccessfully hide under a truck.

Man stabs brother 3 times, tells police he ‘ran into my knife’

20-year-old Luke Bain is charged with felony aggravated assault with serious bodily injury after his brother sustained three stab wounds and a broken jaw. Luke Bain told police his brother ran into his knife when he was telling him to leave his apartment.

Vandal caught by witness breaking all the windows of his ex-roommate’s apartment

34-year-old Lashaune Cosey was charged with vandalism after he smashed all the windows and broke the door of his old roommate’s apartment, per report.