Man charged in assault of girlfriend at their shared workplace — James Meadows

56-year-old James Meadows was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant, charging him with a domestic assault from November 30th. His lover and co-worker at Tiny Dog Pet Supply, Jamie Ellington, were arguing over cheating allegations while at the store, resulting in him Meadows shoving her. The victim says she fell and struck her head as a result of the shove, causing a laceration that required her to be transported for medical treatment. Meadows fled before officers arrived.

Girlfriend charged with domestic assault just an hour after Valentine’s day ends — Cheyenne Sosa

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Cheyenne Sosa became upset over text messages her boyfriend, Remington George Grigsby, received on his phone. Grigsby told police she shoved him as she attempted to take her phone. Cheyenne was charged with domestic assault, just one hour after Valentine’s day ended.

Man accuses bar staff of stealing his wallet; it was in his pocket — Gregory Boatright arrested

36-year-old Gregory Boatright became extremely intoxicated at Bootlegger’s Inn on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday night and began to accuse employees and patrons of the bar of stealing his wallet. He eventually became a disruption and was asked to leave – a request which he refused.

Police responded to the bar, and after more drunken behavior he was placed into custody for public intoxication. A search incident to arrest determined his wallet was in his back pocket.

California Tourist punches cop in face after being kicked out of Kid Rock’s Bar — Connor Brink-Sawyer

Metro Nashville Police officers say they repeatedly pleaded with 24-year-old Connor Lee Brink-Sawyer to go on about his night after he was kicked out of Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville for fighting inside the venue. Brink-Sawyer repeatedly tried to re-enter the bar and was extremely intoxicated. Despite attempts to let him walk away, he became aggressive toward officers, resulting in his initial arrest for public intoxication. As an officer began to take him into custody for a charge he would have walked away from after a sobering-up period, Brink-Sawyer began to swing his fists at officers, he landed a punch on the face of Officer Michael Jason Leon Hones.

Brink-Sawyer was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault of an officer. Connor Brink-Sawyer, who is from Modesto, CA, is free on pre-trial release. Today is his 24th birthday.

NFL Player’s big sister charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave Nashville motel — Terri Barnett

32-year-old Terri Barnett, who is the sister of NFL defensive ended Derek Barnett of the Philadelphia Eagles, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on Christmas Eve after Metro Nashville Police found her “in a general state of confusion” and reeking of alcohol as they were responding to a call for service at the Days Inn on Percy Priest Drive.

Police say they asked her to leave on her own, as did the motel staff, but she refused and was extremely aggressive to officers. She had no registered room and was unable to care for herself. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass. She is free on pre-trial release.

Man charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave parking lot of complex he didn’t live at — Terrance McAboy

36-year-old Terrance McAboy was found sitting in a vehicle parked at an apartment complex where he didn’t live early Sunday morning. Metro Police came in contact with him during the course of a domestic disturbance investigation at the location, and he refused to leave the property when asked to do so. Upon further observation, he was visibly intoxicated, with slurred speech and trouble balancing. He was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication.