Maurilio Teletor Jimenez charged with DUI from passenger seat in stranger’s driveway

25-year-old Maurilio Teletor Jimenez was found asleep in the passenger seat of a vehicle in a stranger’s West Nashville driveway on February 4. Officers responded and found the vehicle running and at least a dozen empty beer cans scattered in both floorboards. It took a sternum rub to wake the driver. As he woke up, he attempted to grab the steering wheel and also searched for an unopened can of beer.

Priest Covington jailed after threatening to kill his mother and her new boyfriend

22-year-old Priest Covington reportedly became upset when he disapproved of his mother, Lanika Jernigan’s, new boyfriend. He made threats to murder the new boyfriend if she introduced him to his little brother and further made threats to kill his mother, placing her in fear for her life. As officers took Covington into custody, he stated he “should have hit that b***h,” referring to his mother, and ranted about more assaults when he gets out of jail. Once at booking, deputies say he attempted to bring an oxycodone pill into the jail.

Tommy Houser called MNPD Officer racial slur during public intoxication arrest

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville on Broadway Friday encountered 52-year-old Tommy Houser, who was having trouble standing on his own. As they approached Houser to check on his well-being, they observed he reeked of alcohol and was having trouble caring for himself, and had great difficulty in keeping his pants pulled up. As he was being taken into custody for public intoxication, Houser made racial comments to the arresting officer and referred to an officer as a ‘ni****’ while being arrested. 

Whites Creek food fight lands girlfriend in jail without dinner — Heather Berry

Police say 47-year-old Heather Berry ashed her boyfriend, Jeremiah Steimle, to set up the grill for burgers on Monday night, and when she was “unhappy with his response time,” she began to do it herself. As she began grilling, an argument ensued, and she took all of the food and tossed it off their rear balcony. The argument continued, and she punched him with her fists, as witnessed by his father, who owns the home. Not quite finished, she took a plastic container filled with a beverage and smashed it over his head. Before fleeing the scene, she went through the home and kicked various items, including the TV and soundbar. 

Woman charged in attack of her wife after Nelly Concert in Nashville — Melinda Collins #CountryGrammar

32-year-old Melinda Collins is charged with the aggravated assault of her wife after the couple reminisced about the glory days of Nelly as they attended his concert in Nashville Sunday night. It was not ‘Just a Dream’ when the victim, Carmenita Collins, says she returned to the car, in which her wife had already returned to take a nap, possibly because it was ‘Hot In Here’ at Bridgestone Arena and she was tired of shaking her tail feather. It is unclear if Collins was wearing her ‘Air Force Ones’ when she reportedly attacked her wife without provocation, punching her, kicking her, and leaving her on the ground with a tooth that had also been knocked loose, in addition to multiple bruises and scratches, as documented in an arrest report. Collins is free on a $10,000 bond.

Man transports friend who shot himself in downtown Nashville on bird scooter to hotel, hides gun — Corey Oakes arrested

25-year-old tourist Corey Oakes, from Kentucky, is charged with tampering with evidence and public intoxication after he carried his friend, who shot himself in the leg in downtown Nashville while drinking, on a bird scooter back to the Cambria hotel and parked him at the entrance while he returned to their room upstairs to hide the gun. When police responded to the shooting call at the hotel they located the victim and Oakes, who was extremely intoxicated, and admitted his friend “may have possibly shot himself” and admitted to returning the gun to their room. Oakes is free on pre-trial release.

Tourist charged with punching boyfriend in face after night of Broadway binging — Sarisa Orphal

27-year-old Sarisa Orphal, a tourist from Fort Wayne, Indiana, is charged with domestic assault in Nashville after her boyfriend told police the couple had been out drinking on Broadway late Saturday night and returned to their room at the Cambria Hotel and began to argue. When Daniel Goff attempted to leave the hotel room she reportedly snatched the hat off his head and punched him in the face three times, leaving two bloody cuts on his face, according to Metro Nashville Police who documented the injuries. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and is now free on a $1,000 cash bond.

Man found exposing himself & urinating on building door in downtown Nashville — Thomas Jager

Metro Nashville Police received a call that 31-year-old Thomas Jager was exposing himself and urinating on the front door of One Nashville Place on 4th Ave N in downtown Nashville. By the time police arrived, he was found sleeping next to a puddle of his own urine next to the building’s entrance, in his own urine-soaked clothes. He reeked of alcohol and was determined to be too intoxicated to be able to care for himself. Jager was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Broadway bars claim another tourist in the big city — Amanda Girard charged with public intoxication

Metro Nasvhille Police found 37-year-old tourist Amanda Girard sitting on a downtown sidewalk crying for an unknown reason. She stated she had been out drinking while celebrating a friend’s birthday. Observing that she was entirely too intoxicated to care for herself, police offered her a medical ride to the hospital, transport to her hotel, or to assist her in finding her friends – all of which she explicitly refused. Officers noted she was belligerent with them during the entire interaction, making threats to them and other citizens downtown. After all other options were exhausted, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist ‘covered in soot’ goes on rampage in Printers Alley, rips off bumper, headlights — Zachary Allor arrested #VisitMusicCity

22-year-old Zachary John Allor, of Michigan, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail just before 1 a.m. Friday after police say he was under the influence of an unknown intoxicant in Printers Alley. They found him rolling around on the ground, covered in soot, and eventually went on a rampage, ripping an entire bumper and headlights from a nearby vehicle. #VisitMusicCity