Quantraveous Williams charged after scuffle with VIP guest at Vibes Bar & Lounge in Nashville

32-year-old Quantraveous Williams is free on a $4,000 bond after destroying a $480 bottle of liquor and two $500 hookahs at Vibes Bar & Lounge in the early morning hours of June 11th when he was in a physical altercation with a VIP guest at the Nashville venue after the Legendz of the Streetz concert ended nearby. While Jenkins declined to press charges for the assault, police charged Williams with public intoxication and felony vandalism for the liquor & hookah.

Woman charged in attack of her wife after Nelly Concert in Nashville — Melinda Collins #CountryGrammar

32-year-old Melinda Collins is charged with the aggravated assault of her wife after the couple reminisced about the glory days of Nelly as they attended his concert in Nashville Sunday night. It was not ‘Just a Dream’ when the victim, Carmenita Collins, says she returned to the car, in which her wife had already returned to take a nap, possibly because it was ‘Hot In Here’ at Bridgestone Arena and she was tired of shaking her tail feather. It is unclear if Collins was wearing her ‘Air Force Ones’ when she reportedly attacked her wife without provocation, punching her, kicking her, and leaving her on the ground with a tooth that had also been knocked loose, in addition to multiple bruises and scratches, as documented in an arrest report. Collins is free on a $10,000 bond.