Middle-aged man throws high heel and coffee mug during break-up tantrum

40-year-old Dracus Graham is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he took a coffee mug and shoe out of his ex-girlfriend’s car and threw the mug at her windshield and the shoe at her body when she broke up with him.

Bail Bond company owner indicted for hiring felon as bounty hunter

Allan Debowsky, of Debo’s Bail Bond Company, found himself in an odd situation Wednesday, as he became a wanted man, with Metro Nashville looking to place cuffs on him, instead of his usual placing cuffs on people he’s surrendering. He is charged with hiring a felon to work as a bounty hunter.

From Tinder to Terror: Dacota Echols Arrested

Dacota Colby Echols, 30, was arrested Saturday night after he met a female on Tinder less than a month ago, went on 2 dates, and refused to take no for an answer. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, he thought she “owed him time” and threatened to assault her and her friends, if she wouldn’t meet up to see him. She went to the police instead, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The victim met Dacota Echols on Tinder the weekend of March 17th, and they went on…

Nashville Lyft Driver Kicks ‘Poor’ Passengers Out of BMW, says “How in the heck could they afford a premium ride” – on Thanksgiving Day

Angie Higgins is a Lyft Driver and first female Commander of VFW Post 5064, and on Thanksgiving evening around 4PM she got a request for a Lyft Premier ride, and she traveled to the passenger’s pick up location, which was a hotel in Murfreesboro, no different than a hundred other similar rides every day in the nashville Lyft market. The ride was estimated to be about 45 minutes. Except she ended the ride and dumped her passengers at a gas station shortly after picking them up. What did she have…

Uber/Lyft Driver Kathy Haggstrom Tidwell – Takes CASH for rides, Bypassing Uber/Lyft App, Putting Passengers @ Risk

We’ve frequently covered Nashville Uber & Lyft Drivers that accept cash money for rides, bypassing the Uber (or Lyft) app, and putting their riders in danger, as they are no longer covered by any agreement, or insurance coverage. It’s becoming a major problem, and is illegal in Tennessee – this is why the TLC exists – you can’t just take cash for rides without going through the proper licensing, background checks, insurance coverage, etc. However, drivers still believe this is perfectly acceptable behavior, and continue to choose greed over safety.…