Samantha Chase assaults paramedic & threatens nurse after mixing meds & alcohol

Samantha Chase FEAT

32-year-old Samantha Chase was jailed this week after being combative with EMS and hospital staff after they responded to help her during a seizure. Evan Cox is a paramedic; he told police that his department responded to a female having a seizure, but they were having an issue with her trying to fight them. They put Chase on a gurney and placed her into the ambulance. She was uncooperative and yelled at the EMTs to let her out. She stood up and out of the gurney and pushed Mr. Cox against the ambulance seat, then punched him on the right side of his face. Police tried to get her out of the ambulance while she was still yelling at EMS. Then she freed her right hand and tried to punch Mr. Cox again. Ms. Chase was extremely intoxicated and told police she had a lot, “probably too much to drink.” She also stated that she takes seven medications and shouldn’t have mixed them with alcohol. Ms. Chase was transported to the hospital and was uncooperative once she arrived. She yelled at staff and told a nurse she was going to punch her. Ms. Chase was taken into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Vitalina Holder white girl wasted on White Claws

Officers were on Percy Drive on another unrelated call when they came in contact with 36-year-old Vitalina Yegorov Holder, who was standing beside her Silver Mercedes, which was parked with the engine running. Officers immediately noticed her slurred speech and the smell of alcohol. She admitted to drinking “two White Claws” prior to driving. She was reportedly so intoxicated that field sobriety tests had to be stopped for her own safety. Inside her car was an opened case of White Claw seltzer drinks with two open cans nearby. She would later blow a 0.147% BAC on a breathalyzer, as she found out there are, in fact, still laws when drinking Claws — something she should have known, as she’s married to local attorney Chris Holder.

Brittany Cline charged with DUI in Belle Meade — White Claws & Modello Tallboy open in vehicle

30-year-old Brittany Nicole Cline was stopped by Belle Meade Police just after 1 a.m. Friday due to an expired tag on her vehicle. As Officer Haley Doty spoke with Cline during the traffic stop, she could smell alcohol coming from Cline’s breath and noticed a Modelo tallboy in the center cup holder and 4 empty White Claw cans along with a variety pack of unopened cans. Cline performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was unable to provide a proper sample for a breathalyzer, despite three attempts. She was charged with DUI and transported to booking.

ARREST: Tourist gets ‘White Girl Wasted’ at Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville

Where were Becky’s friends? Jada Alexis Head came from Owensboro, KY, for Tuesday night’s Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville, but mostly all she saw was the inside of the bathroom she locked herself to avoid police, and the back of a patrol car after she was eventually hobbled.