Police arrest man on drug charges, find ledger naming all his customers

Police arrested Jamie White Monday: in the trailer was a drug ledger with ‘Jamie White’ written at the top and a list of people who he has sold drugs to, in addition to loaded 20 gauge shotgun with the barrel sawed off shorter than 18 inches, a loaded 9 mm pistol, digital scales with residue, a spoon with white residue, and a baggie of pill capsules. 

Double-Murder Suicide in Senior Living Neighborhood on Cana Circle near Belle Meade.

Gail Andrews-Miller, 65, had driven to Cana Circle near Belle Meade, a senior-only residence, shared by her sister and mother, Rachel Andrews, 97, & Barbara Andrews, 69. She brought a 5-shot revolver with her, leaving her holster at her home on Sneed Rd. She walked to the rear of the home, to the TV room, and opened fire on her mother and sister, shooting them both in the chest. She then turned the gun on herself.

11 Arrested at Iroquois Steeplechase on Saturday in Nashville

There were 11 arrests at Steeplechase on Saturday in Nashville, and well, we’ll just leave the photos of those arrested below. Let’s just say that most charges were dismissed, and the DUI charge was ROR’d (released on her own recognizance), not even given a bond or pre-trial diversion. She is, of course, the daughter of two well-known Nashville socialites. Here are some of those arrested on Saturday at the Iroquois Steeplechase: (Mary) Emme Simpkins CHARGE: DUI / ROR’D (NO BOND OR PRE-TRIAL), BLEW A .115 BAC OFFICER WAS DISPATCHED TO…

Kroger’s Star Employee Robs Them Blind | Antoinette Bradley Arrested.

Antoinette Bradley was recently selected by Style Blueprint magazine as one of four ‘Faces of Kroger’ in a piece highlighting great Kroger employees that you instantly recognize and their personal profiles. What no one would realize until now, is that in the past five months, she cancelled 585 cash transactions on the register, and pocketed the $8,632.76 for herself. It’s unclear why Kroger’s internal systems did not catch such a large amount of cancelled cash transactions, but she played the system since 08/20/17 with this scam of her employer. According…