4 charged in 1st degree murder of Miles Hunter; GJ says he was killed while being robbed

#JusticeForMiles: 4 men are now charged with the 1st degree murder of 17-year-old Miles Hunter, pushing him from a vehicle while robbing him of marijuana, in September of 2018. Nicholas Parker & William Hemphill have been booked, Gunnar Scragg & Ethan Oakley are not in custody.

Nashville inmate threw urine into correctional officer’s face

Inmate Chad Edwards, 24, who is serving his first year, of a six-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, now faces an additional charge of assault of an officer after he tossed urine on her face, also resulting in another inmate doing the same.

Zyqiius Barnes to sister: “Look what you made me do”, after killing her boyfriend & shooting sister in buttock

In a just obtained affidavit, police state that after Zyqiius Barnes shot his sister in her buttock and fired two shots into her boyfriend, killing him, he turned to his injured sister and said: “Look what you made me do”.