Devion Sanford caught parking stolen Range Rover behind abandoned property

20-year-old Devion Wendell Devonte Sanford had possession of Burton Verner’s black Range Rover on Welworth Street in the early hours of February 8th. Officers were dispatched regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the backyard of an abandoned property. The front door had no trespassing signs from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Sanford exited the Range Rover and walked away when the officers arrived. The tag showed that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Brentwood. Sanford was detained, and the keys to the car were found on his person. He admitted to knowing it was stolen but insisted that he did not steal it. Sanford was taken into custody for theft of property.

DUI: 18-year-old Jameson Hayes drinks “two bottles of fireball” before crashing into several vehicles

18-year-old Jameson Decker Hayes crashed into several parked vehicles on 16th Avenue South in the early hours of December 7th. Hayes was in the back of the ambulance, refusing medical treatment, when the officers arrived. Officers asked him what had happened, and he told them he had fallen asleep while driving. Hayes was visibly intoxicated but denied drinking any alcohol, stating the two empty fireball containers inside his truck were old. Hayes consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Devin Cannon charged in assault of girlfriend after going through her phone; child calls 911

Police say 26-year-old Devin Cannon searched the phone of his girlfriend, Ronielle Robins, on June 21 and discovered she was cheating. In the resulting fight, he reportedly attacked her and punched her in the face, and bit her. He then grabbed her and strangled her, according to the victim. Her child overheard the attack and called 911. Responding officers documented a bite mark on her shoulder, bruising to her left eye, and scratches all over her body. When interviewed by police, Cannon stated he was asleep and had no idea how she became injured. The child stated he overheard Cannon threaten to kill his mother.

Woo Girl Gone Wild — Natalie Uzzell arrested in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Natalie Uzzell was fighting with her mother, Angela Uzzell, in a downtown Nashville short-term rental property Tuesday night. The argument reportedly started over losing the keys to a rental vehicle. Her mother told police that Natalie was highly intoxicated and swung at her, hitting her in the face, and then grabbed her arm and bit it. First responders documented both injuries, and the bite mark was actively bleeding. Natalie’s sister, Lauren, also witnessed the assault.

DUI: Chelsea Chamberlain crashed into Belmont Blvd home after drinking at nearby bar

Police say 28-year-old Chelsea Chamberlain crashed her vehicle into the front of a multi-million dollar home on Belmont Blvd, owned by Attorney Robert Eric Thornton, causing significant structural damage. The homeowner says she and a passenger fled the scene after the crash but caught up with them about 100 feet away, which is where officers located everyone involved. Chelsea says she was attempting to take her friend home at the time of the accident and admitted she had been drinking at a bar down the street. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.179% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Michael Hodges charged after assaulting woman’s buttocks with a dog leash in madison hotel

Jessica Reeves says she was at the WoodSpring Suites near Rivergate hotel with 31-year-old Michael L Hodges Wednesday morning when he used a dog leash to whip her several times on her left buttock and slapped her in the face during an argument. Throughout the day and evening, she states he had been drinking alcohol and became more aggressive with her, and eventually pushed her onto the bed and attempted to strangle her. She attempted to flee, and he pushed her as she made her way to the lobby. The hotel room was tossed with furniture flipped over.

Hodges then reportedly went to Hendersonville, where he made threats to shoot people, and then found his way back down Gallatin Pike to the Walmart parking lot in Madison where police found him wearing all black clothing in a black pickup truck. He admitted he was in an argument with his girlfriend, Jessica, and was taken into custody.

Zain Sheikh charged in strangulation of cocaine case co-defendant, Kally Dobak

31-year-old Zein Sheikh was out on a $75,000 bond for cocaine charges when he was arrested again this week, now additionally charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation of his co-defendant in the cocaine case, Kally Dobak. He also had Kally arrested for assault the week prior to them both being indicted on the cocaine charges. In the new case against Sheikh, which was captured on building security cameras, he comes into the hallway in his underwear and pulls Dobak into their apartment, placing her into a choke-hold during an argument.

Intoxicated woman charged after spitting on police — Rebecca Wetherbee arrested

Police say 29-year-old Rebecca Wetherbee was being discharged from St. Thomas Midtown early Saturday after a brief visit and was causing a disturbance, refusing to leave. Officer offered to assist in getting her home, but she refused to tell them where she lived, and told them to”go f–k yourself”. Police determined she was still extremely intoxicated and since she refused to leave the property, she was taken into custody for criminal trespass. Wetherbee, however, wasn’t done. Once in the patrol car she began kicking the rear window, and spit on an officer who attempted to put her in hobble restraints.

Man asks wife to “eat the bullet” so he doesn’t have to “scatter her brains” — Wes Migletz arrested

50-year-old Wesley Migletz is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury after police responded to his wife, Winny, who was hiding in a nearby parking garage. She explained her husband was threatening to carry out a murder/suicide. The wife played a recording on which Wes can be heard saying “you are a parasite, if you had any decency you would eat the bullet and not make me scatter your brains” before punching her, and her crying out in pain.

Officers documented the victim’s injuries and located Wes Migletz walking his dog nearby, and took him into custody. He is free on a $2,500 cash bond.

Nashville’s Alex Wilhelm charged in brawl with roommate #DomesticAssault

30-year-old Alex Wilhelm reportedly shoved his roommate, Mitch Hoger, who was “screaming in his face”. He then spun him to the ground and punched him to “make the fight stop” according to court documents. Hoger suffered bruises and cuts to his face, which were documented by police. Wilhelm is free on a $1,500 bond, charged with domestic assault.