Nashville’s Alex Wilhelm charged in brawl with roommate #DomesticAssault

30-year-old Alex Wilhelm reportedly shoved his roommate, Mitch Hoger, who was “screaming in his face”. He then spun him to the ground and punched him to “make the fight stop” according to court documents. Hoger suffered bruises and cuts to his face, which were documented by police. Wilhelm is free on a $1,500 bond, charged with domestic assault.

Man “wildly throws punches” at two women who rejected him outside Redneck Riveria

Police say 22-year-old Ryan Jerry Wieters was flirting with two women outside Redneck Riveria in Downtown Nashville Saturday, and when his efforts were met with rejection he became belligerent and began wildly punching the women with his fists.

Nashville Firefighter resigns amid underage sex allegations; Army is investigating

Benjamin Seth Powers has resigned from the Nashville Fire Department amid the publication of underage sex allegations from court records. He has since requested that the court suspend his child support payments since he no longer has any income. More recently, he is accused of running a vehicle off the road with a neighborhood child inside it, and now the U.S. Army Reserve has launched an investigation into his actions.

Soldier had ‘at least’ 6 drinks before starting fight, becoming aggressive with MNPD

21-year-old Ft. Campbell soldier Jamie Burton was charged with public intoxication in Nashville after he started a fight with another subject and then became aggressive with Metro Police as they interveined.

Soldier drags girlfriend across Demonbreun by hair, slashes face with knife, spits blood on MNPD Officer’s face

Ft. Campbell Soldier Ryan Turner, 25, arrested after he was observed punching his girlfriend in the face, dragging her by her hair across Demonbreun Street downtown, then spitting blood in the face of the officer that arrested him

When Gays Go Wild! Verbal spat turns into $4,000 rage over cheating: Oren Reece #Arrested

Oren Reece went into a ‘rage’ over infidelity, damaged his boyfriend’s iPhone X, and iPad Pro, 2 flatscreens, and multiple walls, & more, totaling $4,060 in damages. On Saturday morning, just before 3 AM, MNPD responded to the Gossett on Church apartments downtown, where Dylan ‘Fletch’ Brown resides. According to a police report, Brown and his boyfriend who was visiting, Oren Reece, had gotten into a verbal argument over cheating, when Reece began throwing Brown’s things about the apartment. In Oren Reece‘s rage, he damaged: 42″ Vizio TV ($700) 55″…