Cassandra Ladd jailed after Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning

40-year-old Cassandra Ladd was amid a large group of people fighting on the street in Sunday morning’s Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville near Nudie’s Honky tonk. Ladd was detained by police and still would not comply with demands to cease fighting, so she was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Noel Saad says man told her to “go lay in the road” while drunk in downtown Nashville; she obliged

27-year-old Noel Saad, who was recently arrested in Clarksville after being found so drunk outside of a bar that she couldn’t properly walk was arrested again this weekend, in Nashville. Just before 11 p.m. Saturday, officers working the Entertainment District Initiative noticed her in an extreme state of intoxication and laying in the middle of the intersection at 5th & Broadway. She refused to move, stating that an unknown male told her to “go lay in the road”.

VIDEO: Nashville teen subdued by Clarksville resident after suspected murder plot fails when gun jams — Trejon Montgomery

18-year-old Trejon Montgomery, of Nashville, is jailed on a $25,00 bond in Clarksville after a resident found him coming through his bathroom window, wearing all black, a ski mask, and armed with a handgun just before 10 p.m. Sunday. The residents were able to subdue the man until police arrived, leaving a bathtub full of blood from the battle. It is believed that Jordan Marsh, who is a former paramour of the resident, sent Montgomery to kill the resident. Montgomery admits Marsh sent him there, and that an unknown person was his driver.

DUI: Malika Baker crashes in downtown Nashville after “three shots of tequila”

30-year-old Malika Baker crashed her vehicle at 2nd & James Robertson Parkway in downtown Nashville. When police arrived the vehicle was still running and in reverse. Baker eventually admitted to drinking three shots of tequila prior to driving. She is charged with DUI.

Orbeez/Splat Gun Tiktok Challenge reaches Broadway in downtown Nashville: Four teens arrested

Four teens were arrested Saturday night after participating in the dangerous trending Nationwide TikTok Orbeez/Splat Gun Challenge. In the challenge, participants shoot unsuspecting people with gel-type pellets from Orbeez guns, some of which look like handguns and even rifles. They then post the videos on TikTok to share for engagement. Saturday night, four teens, including Ian Brown and Nashaud White, and two 17-year-old juveniles, shot the gel pellets from a moving Kia sedan on Broadway at unsuspecting people walking on Broadway. Once police stopped the vehicle, they also found an actual loaded (and stolen) handgun.

Tyler Flanagan “Anime Car Guy” indicted in 2020 Nashville rape

21-year-old Tyler Flanagan was jailed Sunday, charged with a November 2020 rape. The Davidson County Grand Jury returned the charge in March. Flanagan is a prominent member of the Nashville and Clarksville car club scenes, locally known for his “anime” car, and a member of “931 Shitboxes”. He is free on a $10,000 bond.

Clarksville Financial Advisor Robert Kennedy charged in $10,000 cash theft from his lover

52-year-old Clarksville Financial Advisor Robert Kennedy was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail just before daylight Tuesday, charged with felony theft. Court records allege he stole $10,000 in cash from his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Blessing, which she had recently withdrawn from the bank for an upcoming surgery. The lovers had been celebrating Robert’s birthday at her apartment and were reportedly intoxicated when they got into an argument. She placed the cash inside a gold makeup bag that night and says he absconded with the cash the next morning. Police say security cameras show no one else entering or exiting the residence during the time the cash disappeared. Robert Kennedy is the son of Reber and Opal Kennedy, of Clarksville.

APSU: Woman kicks campus police in testicles, screams “I’m high as hell!” after 400mg edible — Aila Thomas

20-year-old Aila Michel Thomas says she ate a 400mg marijuana brownie bar shortly before she kicked APSU Campus Police Officer Levi Grubb in his groin and assaulted Officer Gabby Linn. The two had responded to a 911 hangup call from Eriksson Hall to find Thomas running around the common area of the dorm screaming “I’m high as hell!” and stating she was about to pass out.

Man says DUI crash was “a series of unfortunate circumstances” — Austin Clark arrested

Metro Nashville Police responded to a traffic crash in the early hours of Sunday morning on I-24 and found 26-year-old Austin Clark, who was driving the vehicle, to be very confused and slow to respond, stating he “had a little to drink”. When asked how the accident happened, Clark stated “it was a series of unfortunate circumstances” without further explanation. Clark blew a 0.191% BAC and was taken into custody.

Nurse charged with 3rd DUI since 2021 after watching Titans game — Christopher Blake Burch arrested

Metro Police say 25-year-old Registered Nurse Christopher Blake Burch is now facing his 3rd DUI charge since 2021. Court records show he had left a Nashville bar after watching the Titans game Saturday, and just after 5:30 p.m. he reportedly nearly ran into another vehicle that was flagging down an officer who was passing by and pointing frantically at Burch’s vehicle, which was also speeding.

He would eventually blow a 0.177% BAC. Burch is free on a $3,000 bond.