VIDEO: BRAY2K says a bouncer assaulted him at Play Dance Bar in Nashville — Brayden Collins

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Clarksville’s most prominent problematic party boy, BRAY2K, or as the judge calls him, Brayden Collins, was at Play Dance Bar this weekend when he says he was beaten by a bouncer, some of which was captured on video. The 19-year-old was with friends at the 18+ dance club, and the club even featured him on their social media and website photos from the evening. At some point, he was escorted out of the club after someone said he intentionally bumped into them. Brayden says he asked to apologize to the person but was escorted out instead. Once Collins was on the sidewalk, a video shows him being beaten as a member of the security staff holds him down.

Facebook: @playdancebar

Below are the injuries received from the assault:

Scoop: Nashville reached out to Play Dance Bar for comment but have not received a response prior to publication.

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2 Thoughts to “VIDEO: BRAY2K says a bouncer assaulted him at Play Dance Bar in Nashville — Brayden Collins”

  1. This is absolutely insane and unacceptable. The Facebook post is riddled with misinformed, immature and idiotic responses. We have a legal system, we have laws, we have due process. Regardless of this man’s alleged past, no one deserves to be beat in the face. These are security guards in a f****** gay nightclub. wtf

    1. Pluribus Unim

      The new Tennessee law says something about self defense claims are subject but not limited to actions, being verbal or physical, that make another person feel they are at risk of bodily harm or fear for their life can and will justify deadly force against said aggressor.
      it could have went much worse sir.

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