Jackson Barfield assaults woman at Play Dance Bar in Nashville

20-year-old Jackson Barfield was involved in a domestic disturbance with Eva Thompson, a friend, at Club Play in Downtown Nashville on November 11th. Thompson told officers that she invited Barfield for protection since she was going to Nashville, so she picked him up, got to the bar, and they sat in the parking lot and drank some alcohol before going inside. She said this was when Barfield told her, “You better not be talking to other guys in there.” They went inside Play, which is one of Nashville’s prominent LGBT bars, and Barfield went to the bathroom as Thompson started to dance with other guys on the stage. Barfield returned from the restroom, grabbed her by the ankle, and grabbed her by the dress as she leaned down to talk, pulled her off the stage, held her against the wall, and struck her in the face. Club Play’s Security broke up the incident, and Barfield fled and texted Thompson that he was in her car. Security went and collected Thompson’s keys and told her to leave, so she called her mom to pick her up since she had been drinking. Barfield was taken into custody for domestic assault on November 22nd.

Nick Gruel jailed after scuffle outside Play Dance Bar on Church Street

30-year-old Nick Gruel was arguing with a woman outside of Play Dance Bar on Church Street in the early hours of Saturday morning when he reportedly became overly aggressive. Security attempted to intervene, and as they pressed up against him to separate the two, he struck bouncer Charles Kirkland in the chest and began to grapple with security, injuring the knee of one of the guards. Metro Nashville Police arrived to find him visibly intoxicated and reviewed the footage from the security cameras. Gruel was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault.

Sydney Kendall jailed after tossing bottles at Play Dance Bar, kicking officer in groin at booking

27-year-old Sydney Kendall was at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in the early hours of Saturday morning when she left the club, got into her vehicle, and began to throw liquor bottles from her car toward other vehicles in the parking lot. Security altered MNPD, who approached Kendall, causing her to put the car in reverse in an attempt to flee. She eventually stopped the vehicle, exited, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Though initially agreeing to take a breathalyzer, once she was at booking she refused to comply with any testing. As she returned from the breathalyzer room, Kendall became irate and shoved officers. She dropped to the floor, kicked one officer in the groin, and pulled on their gear as she was being held against the wall.

Jennifer Powell purged from Play Dance Bar after drunken wallet theft

38-year-old Jennifer Powell had a dispute at Play Dance Bar on Church Street about a wallet, which caused security to get involved early Friday morning. Security staff stated that after a wallet went missing, Jennifer was confronted and gave the wallet back to the unknown individual, who then left. When they told Jennifer and her party to leave the venue, Jennifer began fighting security. They stated they did not wish to prosecute but wanted Jennifer off the property. Police gave her the opportunity to leave with her friends, but she refused to take it. Also, she had no phone or wallet to get a hotel or a ride. Due to her signs of visible intoxication, police placed her in custody for public intoxication and transported her to booking.

Tyler Goodrum — drunk and disorderly at Play Dance Bar in Nashville

22-year-old Tyler Goodrum became disruptive at Play Dance Bar late Sunday night, causing security to escort him from the building. He reportedly became aggressive with bouncers at the bar, and Metro Nashville Police responded to the scene. He stated he had been drinking Vodka and said he would just sleep in his car when asked if he had a safe way home. Visibly intoxicated, and unable to care for himself, Goodrum was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Angel Allphin-Rodriguez charged after leaving Play Dance Bar and crashing car

Angel Allphin Rodriguez FEAT

50-year-old Angel Allphin-Rodriguez was jailed on May 20th after causing an accident on I-40 W while drunk. Angel told police that he and his passenger were coming from Play Bar in Midtown, and he had four mixed drinks. He was unsteady on his feet, reeked of alcohol, and had glossy eyes. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

DUI: Brandin Veloz, 19, charged after drinking at Play Dance Bar & crashing car

19-year-old Brandin Veloz says he drank three shots of rum and vodka mixed at Play Dance Bar before crashing his car in West Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers say he reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He would later blow a 0.129% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI Crash: Brayden Thrasher “just trying to get home” after night at Play Dance Bar

24-year-old Jeffrey Brayden Thrasher crashed his black Jeep Cherokee into a rock retaining wall on Gallatin Pike just before 5 a.m. Saturday and drove for a short distance before his vehicle became disabled in the roadway. Officers arrived to find damage to the front end of his vehicle, as well as a destroyed front right tire, leaving only the rim. Thrasher stated he had consumed alcohol throughout the night at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville, and he was “just trying to get home.” A search incident to arrest also revealed a metal flask containing alcohol.

VIDEO: BRAY2K says a bouncer assaulted him at Play Dance Bar in Nashville — Brayden Collins

Clarksville’s most prominent problematic party boy, BRAY2K, or as the judge calls him, Brayden Collins, was at Play Dance Bar this weekend when he says he was beaten by a bouncer, some of which was captured on video. The 19-year-old was with friends at the 18+ dance club, and the club even featured him on their social media and website photos from the evening. At some point, he was escorted out of the club after someone said he intentionally bumped into them. Brayden says he asked to apologize to the person but was escorted out instead. Once he was on the sidewalk, a video shows him being beaten as a member of the security staff holds him down.

Ja’Korey Hunter charged with assault of woman at gay bar in Nashville; she punches him in face

21-year-old Ja’Korey Hunter was at Play Dance Bar at 2 a.m. Saturday when police say he sexually assaulted Brittanee Anderson. According to witnesses and video of the incident, Hunter walked up behind the victim, who was dancing with her friend, Kolton Dixon. He then reportedly put his arms around her waist and then placed his hand up her dress, touching her genital area and fondling her. She immediately confronts Hunter and punches him in the face. Kolton Dixon then threw Hunter to the ground. Security responded and detained Hunter until police arrived. Our partners at Clarksville Today previously covered Hunter’s DUI in October.