Tourist Thor Hameister wrestled to ground after shoving cop in face in downtown Nashville

39-year-old Thor Hameister was being escorted out of Luke 32’s bar in downtown Nashville on May 25 when he became more disruptive and caught the attention of nearby Metro Nashville Police Officers. He was obviously intoxicated and became physically aggressive with nearby patrons. Once outside the building, Lieutenant Stein took hold of Hameister’s arm to detain him, and Hameister pulled away and yelled to stop touching him. The tourist then applied both of his hands to the Lieutenant’s face and shoved him. Officers note Hameister, who is 6’1″ and 300 pounds, was then wrestled to the ground by multiple officers, including the Lieutenant, who is 5’8″ and 200 pounds.

Tyshon Bailey screams “I’m not going!” before punching and kicking officers during skirmish

19-year-old Tyshon Bailey was jailed on April 14th for trying to fight officers when they responded to a call for service on Zermatt Avenue. They witnessed Bailey being irate and aggressive in the house. He repeated to the police, “I’m not going,” and tied a purple bandana around his fist. He then approached officers aggressively and got into a fighting stance. The officer used his arms to create distance, and Bailey lunged forward. Another officer tried to grab Bailey, but he resisted, and they tussled on the couch. Bailey was swinging his arms, hitting one officer in the head and kicking the other. Finally, the officers were able to gain control of Bailey and place him in cuffs; he continued to resist while the officers put him in the patrol car.

Drunken tourist Candace Long kicks officer in face after partying in front of Kid Rock’s bar

32-year-old tourist Candace Long was jailed on April 9th after kicking a police officer in the face. Officers working the Entertainment District Unit saw Candace fall down and hit her head in front of Kid Rocks Hoky Tonk. She was heavily intoxicated, unable to stand independently, and could not form a coherent sentence. When she was in the back of the medic UTV, she became combative. Officers tried to calm her down and explain what was happening when she kicked an officer in the face. She then began swinging wildly and punched an officer in the face causing an injury. Officers were eventually able to restrain Candance and place her in custody.

Father brawls with cops over son’s arrest at Kid Rock’s Bar — John Stone

50-year-old John Stone and his son were at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville Saturday when they caused a commotion, demanding that another patron be removed from the bar. As they yelled and screamed, Metro Nashville Officers took notice of them and began to take the son into custody for his disruptive behavior. John Stone saw his son being detained. He approached the officers and placed his hands on an officer’s chest and grabbed his vest in an attempt to pull him away. Officers took John Stone to the ground, where he continued to resist, but eventually took him into custody. A search revealed a handgun in his possession, and he was extremely intoxicated.

Mitchell Phy: Drunkenly attacks police at Nashville International Airport

41-year-old Mitchell Phy was at the Nashville International Airport at noon on Saturday when he fell over. Officers arrived to assist, believing he may be diabetic or having a medical episode, but he advised his issue wasn’t medical in nature but rather a matter of intoxication. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was unable to even sit up without assistance. He was advised he was being taken into custody for public intoxication and was placed in a wheelchair to be transported to a patrol car. He was told to place his hands behind his back, and he refused and pulled away from officers, then forcefully struck an officer in the forehead. Phy was taken to the ground and cuffed and then kicked another officer in the leg.

Theresa Paul charged in assault of Mr. Dick’s shaft & jewels during drunken argument

42-year-old Theresa Paul was jailed Friday afternoon after trying to push officers out of her house who were there because of her alleged attack against her boyfriend. Officers responded to Chestnutwood Trail home in Hermitage for a domestic disturbance after Ms. Paul’s boyfriend, Charles Dick, called in about her attacking him in a drunken rage. When officers arrived, Mr. Dick shouted, “She won’t let you in,” from an upstairs window. Officers asked Mr. Dick to come downstairs and let them in. When he finally invited the officers in, Ms. Paul approached them aggressively and tried to push them back out of the house. She was immediately taken into custody.

Mr. Dick told police that he and Ms. Paul were at a concert last night, and she was extremely drunk and aggressive towards him. He slept on the couch, hoping to speak to her the next day while she was sober, but when he got home from work that day, she was already drunk. Ms. Paul immediately got upset and began to punch him when he tried speaking with her. She would stop for a moment and go back to punching him. Mr. Dick showed officers video footage of Ms. Paul punching, kicking, and slapping him. Mark Wellesley lives with Ms. Paul and Mr. Dick and witnessed part of the assault. He told officers that he saw Ms. Paul kick and grab at Mr. Dick’s shaft and family jewels during the assault.

Andrei Gavaz pulls it out and touches it at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day

Police say 24-year-old Andrei Gavaz unzipped his pants and whipped out his most prized possession at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day. He then thoroughly touched himself and then, using that same hand, smacked the face of a bouncer who had escorted him out of the venue due to his level of intoxication. He was attempting to re-enter the bar when the assault occurred. The bouncer, Shay Thomas, fell to the ground and suffered cuts to both elbows and his knuckle while attempting to detain Gavaz.

Police arrived to find Gavaz cuffed, and as they were placing him in the rear of a patrol car, he had to be hobble-restrained as he attempted to kick Officer Hill in the face, but no contact was made. He was still charged with assault of an officer, as Officer Hill stated he “felt as if he was about to be assaulted.” He then began to spit all over the rear of the patrol vehicle, resulting in an additional vandalism charge.

Tatiana Maldonado free on pre-trial release after assaulting Nashville Police Officer

22-year-old Tatiana Maldonado is free on pre-trial release after police say she punched MNPD Officer Peyton Wheatley in the back of the head multiple times in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative responded to a fight call in downtown Nashville and made contact with Tatiana and her boyfriend, who was in a fight with others. As officers attempted to break up the altercation, the parties were not complying with commands. As Officer Wheatley was attempting to detain her boyfriend, Tatiana struck the officer in the back of the head multiple times. Officer Dennis Diesel took her into custody, and she was charged with assault of an officer.

Titans Superfan Matthew Mattax headbutts cops, spits on them, after being ejected from game

26-year-old Titans Superfan Matthew Mattax was ejected from Sunday’s game due to “unruly behavior” and his level of intoxication. As he was escorted to the gates, Mattax began to yell and scream, causing MNPD officers to take notice of him. Due to his continued behavior, officers decided to take him into custody for public intoxication, but Mattax pulled away and refused to comply with the arrest. He headbutted Officer Sharpe and spit in his face before he could be fully restrained. Once at the jail, Mattax again began to spit on officers, hitting Officer Malone with his saliva multiple times and Officer Studer three times before he was “guided to a bench” in holding.

A throuple wasn’t enough for Kaylum Futrell; he cheated with another person & it got wild

21-year-old Kaylum K. Futrell has been in a throuple relationship with both Carisa Murrell and Keyonia Stewart, and on Thursday they were all three at Stewart’s apartment, along with other friends. Someone at the gathering informed the two women that Kaylum just wasn’t satisfied with dating two women at the same time and had been cheating on them with a third, which he confirmed. The two women announced they were ending their relationship with him, and the throuple erupted into an altercation. Kaylum pushed Stewart out of her own apartment; he later stated it was so he wouldn’t hurt her.

A neighbor, Crystal Evans, heard the commotion and announced she was calling police. Kaylum then reportedly opened the door and assaulted Evans and her juvenile children, who were all outside. He then grabbed the branch of a tree and attempted to damage her vehicle, and then turned the branch on Evans, assaulting her with it, striking her in the head. During his arrest, Futrell spat on an officer.