Patton Guest, son of U.S. Congressman Michael Guest, jailed in Nashville after assaulting cop

20-year-old Michael ‘Patton’ Guest, son of U.S. Congressman Michael Guest, was jailed in Nashville Friday night, accused of assaulting a police officer and underage drinking. Metro Nashville Police Officer Cody Bergquist was standing on Broadway in downtown Nashville when a clear plastic cup fell from the rooftop bar above, striking him in his left foot. Officers reviewed security footage which clearly showed Patton Guest intentionally throwing the glass from the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar. When officers located Guest and confronted him, he had an alcoholic drink in each hand, despite only being 20 years old. Guest initially denied throwing any items from the rooftop, but during the interview, he admitted, unprompted, that he threw the drink from the roof and had been drinking alcohol from the bar. Multiple witnesses identified Guest as the person who threw the glass.

Illinois tourist Ryan Villanueva assaults police & bouncers at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville

26-year-old Illinois Tourist Ryan Villanueva began to knock things from the bar and stage at Kid Rock’s bar late Friday evening. Security told him to stop, which only caused Villanueva to get aggressive with them. He grabbed the arm of one of the security staff, William Tomlinson, and ripped open the top of his shirt. Tomlinson then escorted him to the ground, at which time Villanueva kneed him in the side of the head. He was detained for Metro Nashville Police, and when they attempted to take him into their custody were also met with resistance. While being searched, he kicked backward and hit Officer Chetan Babbar’s knee.

Chastity Robinson pickpockets man she met on Broadway, assaults police officer

43-year-old Chastity Robinson pickpocketed a man she met at a bar on Broadway in the early hours of February 12th. Officers located Robinson and the man, and he advised them that he believed Robinson had taken his wallet. Robinson denied stealing his wallet multiple times before a passerby told officers that he and five other witnesses saw Robinson drop his wallet while entering a cab to flee the scene. The wallet owner told officers that his debit card, credit card, and $160 were missing. Officers searched Robinson’s purse to locate any cards with his name. Officers then asked Robinson why she had many unopened but scratched-off gift cards. In response, Robinson screamed, “Stop lying,” with profanities, and said, “That is an Uber card,” before striking the searching officer with her right hand. When officers asked if they would see her holding the wallet via camera footage, Robinson admitted to stealing the wallet. Officers observed her to be visibly intoxicated, so Robinson was taken into custody for public intoxication and the assault of an officer.  

Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper berates cops with derogatory slurs during drunken arrest

23-year-old Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper refused to leave Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Security initially located her on the steps leading to the rooftop, where she was overly intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Officers had arrived to assist security, and she informed them she was not leaving the bar and attempted to return to enjoying her evening. Officers attempted to guide her outside, but she refused to cooperate and pushed officers. She was taken down and into custody. She became combative and kicked officers, eventually having to be placed into a wheelchair to be transported outside safely. Police say that during transport to booking, Hannah Hooper berated officers by calling them derogatory slurs. Her friends informed officers that she was a nurse at Vanderbilt during the arrest. She is charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing.

Deutsche Bank Broker Crosby Kisler attempts to bite officer in booking, says he is “an assassin trying to kill him”

35-year-old Crosby Kisler, broker at Deutsche Bank, had an incident at Whiskey Row in the early hours of January 29th. Whiskey Row security flagged officers down regarding a male, later identified as Kisler, who had fallen on the ground. When officers arrived, they noticed Kisler had visible injuries to his forehead and nose, using the building to balance himself. Kisler showed signs of intoxication as he told officers that the Whiskey Row security personnel “ganged up on him” and assaulted him as he tried to walk away. Security spoke with officers and informed them that they turned around and saw Kisler fall over. They attempted to help him up but had no other interaction with him. Officers tried to ask Kisler where he was staying. Kisler stated he was staying at a place that was paid for with his own money and refused to give them an address. Then, officers explained to him how they would need an address due to his level of impairment, but Kisler tried to leave, stating he was going to walk home. He was deemed a danger to himself and others, so they detained him. On the way to booking, Kisler gained an Irish accent, calling officers “c*nts” and “f*ggots,” saying they do nothing to better this country. Then, once at booking, Kisler said that Officer Sprouse was an assassin who was trying to kill him. Kisler stood up repeatedly, so Sprouse had to assist him back to the bench. Kisler then kicked Sprouse in the leg twice and tried to bite him. Kisler was taken into custody for two counts of assault on an officer and public intoxication.

Nashville Police arrest woman seeking help for panic attack — Heidi Sutton jailed

39-year-old Heidi Sutton was jailed late Saturday night after Metro Nashville Police responded to a medical call on 12th Ave South. Sutton told responding officers she was experiencing a panic attack, and they informed her that an ambulance was on the way to assist her. Officers then directed her inside in order to stay warm, at which point she reportedly threw a cell phone at one of the officers, aiming at his head. Multiple officers then took Sutton to the ground, where she resisted arrest until she was eventually subdued and handcuffed. She was then transported to booking, where she was charged with assault of an officer and resisting arrest.

Popeye’s Manager Myeisha Hart assaults employee; bites Officer Dick’s hand

19-year-old Myeisha Hart, a manager at Popeye’s, had an altercation with her co-worker, Danquron Begley, at the Charlotte Pike location, late on January 5th. Officers spoke with Begley, who advised that Hart threw items at him while he was working, and this had been an ongoing situation, and he was over it. Hart admitted to officers that she had thrown items at him, so they informed her that they were going to cite her for the incident. Then, Hart walked away from them, ignoring their instructions, and when Officer Jared Dick tried to detain her, she pulled away and bit his hand. Officers had to force her into handcuffs, where she bit him again. Hart was taken into custody for resisting arrest, assault, and assault of an officer.

Jaime Lopez Ramirez assaults wife after learning she cheated on him with his brother

31-year-old Jaime Lopez Ramirez was jailed on January 9th at his residence on Winthorne Drive after an argument with his wife became physical. Lopez Ramirez’s wife, Sandra Lopez Mazariegos, advised that she had gotten into an argument with her husband before police arrival. Sandra advised that Jaime got aggressive with her during the argument and began throwing items at her. She advised that Jaime then smacked her in the face. Sandra was crying and had redness on her face when speaking with officers. Officers noted she had no visible injuries. Sandra did not want to prosecute Jaime for the assault.

Officers then spoke with Jaime about the altercation. Jaime advised that he and Sandra had been arguing because he found out that she cheated on him with his brother. Jaime stated that he started throwing things at her because he was mad. He stated the items hit her but that he never slapped her in the face. There were other people in the apartment, but none knew what happened due to being in their rooms at the time. Officers determined Jaime to be the primary aggressor and are prosecuting on the victim’s behalf. Jaime Lopez Ramirez was taken into custody and charged with assault.

Mason Green trips police officer chasing his friend

23-year-old Mason Cole Green was interfering with an investigation on Broadway in the early hours of December 11th. Jared Lamb, Green’s co-defendant, was observed by officers assaulting Leslie Paul Todd, and when they attempted to separate the parties, he fled. Then, Green intentionally tripped Officer Steiner while he was in pursuit of Lamb, causing bodily injury and damage to his pants. When Steiner got back up, Green tried to flee, but he grabbed and pushed him against the wall, attempting to put him in custody, but he actively resisted. Steiner told him numerous times to comply or he would get tased. Green was placed into custody for assaulting an officer, vandalism, two counts of resisting, evading arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Robert Koch, passenger princess, drunkenly assaults officer after wife’s BMW is pulled over

43-year-old Robert Barry Koch was riding as a passenger of a BMW speeding on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of December 2nd. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. The BMW stopped in the middle of the road, and Koch, the passenger, exited the vehicle after being told to remain in the car and began to rapidly advance toward Officer Mercado, causing him to draw and aim his taser at him. He was detained by another officer who arrived for assistance. They noticed Koch and the driver, Liset Quesada Mendoza, were visibly intoxicated as Koch began to curse and yell at them. Officers searched the BMW and located a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 handgun in the back seat with seven rounds in the magazine, which Koch claimed. Koch was taken into custody for possession of a firearm while under the influence, public intoxication, and assault on an officer.