California Tourist Lee Rosas assaults multiple officers outside of Barstool Nashville

37-year-old California Tourist Lee Rosas was seen throwing his phone at a vehicle in the parking lot next to Barstool Nashville on July 4th. When officers made contact with Rosas, he hit Officer Jason Smith in the chest with a helmet. Once officers attempted to take Rosas into custody, he began to resist by ignoring orders and pulling away. Rosas scratched Officer Garcia on his hand while handcuffs were being put on him. During the officer’s interaction with Rosas, they reported that Rosas had a strong odor of alcohol and was visually impaired. Rosas was taken into custody and charged with two counts of assault on an officer and public intoxication on July 5th.

“Where are my joints?” asks Roderick Frazier to Metro Nashville Police

26-year-old Roderick Frazier reportedly assaulted a woman and stole her iPhone, according to the victim and security staff at Luke’s 32 Bridge bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night. Security flagged down nearby officers, who attempted to detain Frazier for further investigation. He initially allowed a search of his bag, which quickly yielded a knife, but then became hostile and combative. As officers attempted to place him into handcuffs, he resisted and had to be taken to the ground, where he continued to resist. It took several officers to get him into a patrol car. A search incident to arrest revealed three marijuana joints in his backpack, which he specifically asked for several times on the way to booking.

Raasheem ‘Raa Da Jeweler’ Queen jailed after selling Nitrous Balloons at Phish Show in Nashville

22-year-old Rasheem Queen (Raa Da Jeweler) was jailed early Saturday morning after officers observed him filling balloons with laughing gas in the area of the Walk of Fame Park just outside the Phish concert. Police watched as Mr. Queen filled balloons from metal containers labeled Nitrous Oxide and exchanged them for money. Once the balloons were handed over to the consumer, they immediately inhaled the contents inside. As officers attempted to place Mr. Queen into handcuffs, he began to run toward 6th Avenue. He was eventually detained and searched. Officers recovered $520 cash, a large quantity of unfilled balloons, and two metal cylinders full of Nitrous Oxide.

Austin Blake Richards threatens police, slides his butt across their patrol car

28-year-old Austin Blake Richards was stumbling, dancing in front of pedestrians, and yelling, causing an annoyance early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He motioned “come here” to an officer outside Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway, and officers obliged. When they arrived, Austin told the officers, “F*/k you,” and traveled down Broadway. He slid on his butt across a police patrol vehicle parked on 3rd and Broadway while walking away. He was arrested due to his level of intoxication. While being transported to the jail, he told the officers that he would harm the two officers and their families when he got out. Also, He said that they should watch out for him and said, “I’ll drop you,” as well as other threats along those lines. The treats continued while he was being booked.

VIDEO: Johnie Brewington tased after brawl at Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville

45-year-old Johnie Brewington fought two people in Barstool Sports Bar before MNPD officers arrived after getting a call over the radio about a fight. The officer was flagged down by security, Hannah West, and Nazreth Czeskleba, who pointed down 2nd Ave, yelling, “He went that way!” and “The guy in the yellow!” Adam Druingode, a security guard, told police that Johnie Brewington pushed Nazreth and punched Hannah in the face while inside Barstool Sports Bar. When Johnie was escorted out, Adam said he fought against the security, but they did not wish to pursue charges.

Police noted a welt over Hannah’s left eye. Police rounded the corner of the building, security and Hannah pointed out Johnie, who was in a hugging/pushing match with another man. He was instructed to put his hands behind his back while police broke the men up. Neither complied, but police were able to push the other smaller man away, who then fled. Johnie resisted arrest and fought against seven to eight officers while telling them that he was a veteran and said other derogatory remarks towards them. Police instructed him several times that if he did not comply that he would be taxed, he did not comply, so the officer tased him. This incapacitated him long enough to place handcuffs on him, but he continued resisting. When NFD arrived, they sedated and took him to the general hospital before booking. During the fight with the officer, one was kicked in the knee and sought to prosecute. Johnie smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech.

Tyler Bashaw jailed after brawling with Honky Tonk Central security

28-year-old Tyler Bashaw and others were involved in a fight with security staff at Honky Tonk Central just before last call Sunday morning and was detained by bouncers. He had reportedly assaulted one of the bouncers, and they wanted him removed from the property. Metro Nashville Police arrived to find him visibly intoxicated and reeking of alcohol. The victim stated he would prosecute for the assault at a later time.

Mason Gray Cunningham charged after rowdy behavior in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Mason Gray Cunningham was jailed on April 16th for acting aggressively despite the officer’s command to stop. Police responded to Third Avenue, where they witnessed two men yelling at each other aggressively. Bystanders broke them up, and the police told them both to leave. However, Cunningham didn’t go; he continued to yell and try to fight. He was taken into custody due to the likelihood that his violent and threatening behavior would continue in public.

Joseph Hamelin’s wild night at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Joseph Hamelin was at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville Thursday night, where he was extremely intoxicated and throwing things at other patrons. Security made contact with him and asked him to leave, a request he refused. A second bouncer soon arrived, and he was escorted to the stairwell, where he fell to dead weight and refused to move. He assumed the fetal position and told bouncers he wasn’t going anywhere, but “y’all can take me wherever.” He was handcuffed, and police were called to transport him to night court. While in the back of the patrol car, he vomited, earning him another charge. Once inside booking, Hamelin told his friend, who was also in booking, “I puked in that fucking dude’s car!”

David Ketelsen jumps on stage at the Ryman

30-year-old David Ketelsen was attending a performance at the Ryman Auditorium Thursday night when police say he jumped up on the stage mid-performance. Venue security tackled and restrained him until police arrived. He was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.