Tommy Craddock free on $10 bond after altercation with his girlfriend

54-year-old Tommy Craddock had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend and roommate, Dawn White, at their Blanton Avenue trailer late May 21st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Craddock, who advised them that he and White argued about her son, which resulted in him removing the memory foam mattress from their bed and placing it in the kitchen. Craddock told officers that White saw the mattress, she told him she would “fight him all night.” Then, White spoke with the police and stated Craddock had become upset because she did not give him money for pills. White added that Craddock pushed her out of the way when she tried to get her purse, making her believe he was attempting to harm her. Craddock was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 22nd.

Philip Bennett rips wife’s purse away during argument

41-year-old Philip Edward Bennett was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 19th. On April 22nd, Amanda Farr, Bennett’s wife, called the police to the Southern Hills Hospital, where she told them she and Bennett argued at their Buffalo Road residence. Amanda stated that the argument escalated after she tried to leave the residence, during which Bennett grabbed her and her purse, ripping it off her. Officers noticed visible bruising on her forearm, and she advised them that she wanted to press charges for the incident. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Bennett was later detained.  

Shamon Tyler steals two iPhones from employee at Soho Bar

22-year-old Shamon Tyler was taken into custody for theft on May 6th. Officers arrived at Soho Bar and spoke with an employee, who stated he attempted to kick a group of individuals off the property, but they refused. Then, a physical altercation occurred, during which his two iPhones fell out of his pocket. After taking both iPhones, Tyler and her unidentified female associate drove off in a white Dodge SUV. While officers were at the establishment, they noticed the SUV returned and parked nearby. Tyler then started walking toward the bar. Officers tried to speak with the other individuals in the SUV while their blue lights were activated, but they fled. Then, officers attempted to contact Tyler, but she walked away before telling them she had called to return the phone. Then, Tyler called her friend, who was involved and told her to return the other iPhone, which she initially refused. They returned the employee’s iPhones and detained Tyler for the incident.

Nicole Rowland charged with harassment after banging on ex-boyfriend’s door for several hours

45-year-old Nicole Rowland was taken into custody for harassment on April 23rd. Officers were called to Trevecca Towers I on Lester Avenue regarding a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, they observed Rowland leaning and banging on the door. She told officers she was banging on her ex-boyfriend, Mahdi Abbas’s, door because he did it to her. Then, officers spoke with Abbas, who provided footage showing her banging on his door several times over a couple of hours, during which she called his phone repeatedly, even after he blocked her. He stated he felt he was fearful of her actions and wished to prosecute for the incident. Rowland was then detained for the incident.

Scott Newbold destroys girlfriend’s tv with box cutter

29-year-old Scott Newbold was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Jasmine Shelton, at their Newport apartment on April 8th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Newbold, who stated that he and his girlfriend were in an argument. The argument started over Shelton yelling at Newbold for sitting on a table. Newbold, however, did not get up, so Shelton lunged at him and grabbed his pants. Newbold told officers that when Shelton grabbed on his pants, she pulled so hard that she ripped them. The rip caused Shelton to stumble backward and land on one of Newbold’s TVs. Newbold stated that since she broke one of his TVs, he got up, grabbed a box cutter, went inside the bedroom, and damaged the TV. Scott Newbold was then taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Patty Shrum assaults boyfriend during scuffle over beer

46-year-old Patty Shrum had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, James McChesney, at their Thuss Avenue residence in the early hours of March 5th. McChesney advised the responding officers that Shrum had attacked him approximately four days ago. McChesney then lifted his shirt, showing officers the deep scratch marks and bruises on his shoulder. When officers tried to take a photo for evidence, McChesney pulled his shirt down, stating he did not want Shrum to get in trouble. McChesney then refused to provide any additional information regarding the altercation. Shrum told detectives that she and McChesney had a scuffle because she did not want to give him a can of beer. Then, Shrum said they wrestled while she tried to keep the beer away from McChesney, resulting in him getting scratched. Shrum was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Mackenzie Clay breaks into neighbor’s house to give them mail

27-year-old Mackenzie Clay was jailed on February 26th after a home invasion on Mimosa Drive the night prior. Raquel Flores-Guillen stated that she heard someone enter her home from the basement door while she was upstairs. She then called out to them and grabbed a gun to defend herself. Her husband, Mr. Villalobos, quickly jumped out of the shower, took possession of the gun, and asked the intruder why he was inside their home. The intruder stated that he wanted to give them mail and proceeded to come up the basement steps. Mr. Villalobos fired a warning shot down the stairs. The intruder began to run away, and that’s when Mr. Villalobos noticed it was their next-door neighbor who had broken in. Mr. Villalobos told officers that two children were in the house when the incident occurred. Officers found the spare key and footprints leading up the steps of the basement and went next door to speak with Clay. He stated that he heard a beep from next door and entered the home to see what was going on. When officers advised Clay that he was under arrest, he tensed up his body and began to resist. Officers had to carry Clay to the patrol vehicle due to him refusing to walk. While Clay was in the backseat, he spat several times. When the patrol vehicle arrived at booking, Clay refused to exit the vehicle and stated that he would have to be dragged out because he was too tired. Officers then pulled him out of the vehicle and carried him into booking.

Nashville Realtor Paul Sequeira booked after hitting mailbox and fleeing the scene

57-year-old Nashville Realtor Paul Sequeira had a single-car accident where he collided with a mailbox on McGavock Pike on January 4th. Sequeira fled afterward, leaving the vehicle behind. When officers arrived, his roommates were at the location looking for the vehicle on his behalf. They provided Sequeira’s address, and when the authorities got there, he advised that he had been in a physical altercation, causing him to be disoriented and drive into the mailbox. He explained that he had left his car there because he locked his keys in it and could not get back into it. Sequeira was issued a citation and was booked on the charge this week.

Harvie Alay-Muralles drunkenly flees car accident

22-year-old Harvie Joel Alay-Muralles was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Bell Road and Blue Hole Road on December 9th. Officers arrived and spoke with the involved parties when Alay-Muralles returned to the scene. Witnesses at the scene identified him as one of the individuals in the at-fault vehicle. Alay-Muralles was observed to be visibly intoxicated as they Mirandized and placed him into custody for leaving the scene of an accident and public intoxication.

Timothy Davis charged in assault of woman who was attempting to “get information from him”

56-year-old Timothy Davis was cited for reportedly assaulting a woman on Thompson Lane on August 16th. She told the police that she was trying to get information from Timothy. Timothy then, she continued, decided to hit her in the head several times. Police observed no injuries to the woman, but she said she wished to prosecute. Timothy was booked on the assault citation on September 5th.