Man found unresponsive with 4 kids in car, facing wrong direction in middle of traffic

Metro police found 28-year-old Justin Tosh unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle Friday afternoon. He was facing the wrong direction in the middle of traffic with 4 children in the vehicle, all under the age of 10. The front seat passenger of the vehicle told officers the two had been smoking “synthetic marijuana” before the incident.

Woman Arrested for leaving child in car “wasn’t aware child couldn’t be left in car with no air”

Amira Thabet Rezk, 32, told officers that she “wasn’t aware that a child could not be left alone in a car” with the motor off, as she was being arrested in front Burlington at 100 Oaks Mall, where she returned back to her vehicle after being gone around 20 minutes. On Wednesday at 4:30 PM, VUPD (100 Oaks Mall is part of the Vanderbilt Campus Properties) received a call that a 3 year-old child was inside of a parked and locked vehicle that was not running, in front of the…