Corey Atkinson charged in assault of fiancèe while drunk with a handgun

24-year-old Corey Atkinson reportedly punched his fiancè in the face multiple times in the basement garage of 501 Commerce building Saturday morning, three witnesses told security. Security for the building told police that his fiancèe, Haylee Hall, said that Corey placed a handgun into her vehicle. The three witnesses attested to seeing Corey hit Haylee. Corey told police that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening and denied engaging in physical altercations with her, nor did he know of any weapon. Police observed a large amount of marijuana in Haylee’s vehicle and conducted a search. Inside the vehicle, they found a weapon under the driver’s seat. Corey and Haylee had dried blood on their lips. Corey said that their injuries happened after they drunkenly fell on the ground. He reportedly had visible signs of intoxication and struggled to answer simple questions. His speech patterns were erratic, police stated, and they arrested him for public intoxication.

Louis Evans: “If I get locked up, I’m sending my sister to whoop your ass.”

27-year-old Louis Evans reportedly argued and fought with a victim, pushing her into the wall and breaking her hand-painted pictures at Whetstone Flats on Brittany Park Dr. on June 18th. The victim, Tayiah Guinn, told police that he got on top of her while she was on the ground, and she fought back. Police observed her back and forearm, which had injuries consistent with her own, and a witness account of the incident. The witness said that she heard fighting and opened Tayiah’s door to see Louis on top of her. Tayiah was offered help to obtain a protection order and showed police that Louis was excessively texting and calling her. One of the messages Tayiah showed police a text from Louis that said, “If I get locked up, I’m sending my sister to whoop your ass.” She told police that she did not want to prosecute or receive treatment.

Taven Romesser slaps his girlfriend after she throws his phone

24-year-old Taven Romesser told police that he and his girlfriend got into an argument downtown when they showed up at his residence on Lebanon Pike early Monday morning. He said that while downtown, he gave his girlfriend, Margret Gates, his phone by accident, and she attempted to throw his phone. He said in response, he slapped her in the face, and police noticed a bruise on her cheek. Margret told police that she never hit him and did not wish for him to be arrested. Taven said that when they got home, they argued more, and he left the apartment to sleep in his car. Margret followed him outside, he said, putting her hand on the car door so he could not close it. At this time, he closed the door on her fingers. They said there were no ill intentions between them, and Taven said he knew the neighbors called the police due to their arguing.

David Reeves calls 14-year-old son ‘soft’ and slaps him across the face

43-year-old David Reeves’ sons told police, who showed up to the Grandstaff Apartments in response to a domestic assault call, that he picked them up from school, and they believed that he was intoxicated on September 18th. The boys said they argued with David about learning to drive until they arrived at the apartment. Once there, they said David “squared up” with the older brother, who did not wish to fight his father. He said that he sat down on the couch and ignored him. The younger son, 14 years old, told police that David called him “soft” and slapped him across the face. Police spoke to the boys’ mother, who corroborated their story. She said that she saw the slap and stepped between them to mitigate the issue, which placed them in fear of David. Police reported no physical sign of the slap, but they said it was hours before they responded to the call due to the volume of calls of service. David was not present when the police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Nicholas Newman charged in assault of father who was attempting to help him

18-year-old Nicholas Newman ran out of gas on I65 and called his father for help when an argument ensued Wednesday. The father, Burton Newman, reported the incident at a local hospital Wednesday night, and police spoke with him about the incident. He said after he arrived, and they argued, Nicholas punched him in the leg and hit his car with a gas can. Police noted a bruise on Burton’s calve, a crack in his windshield, and minor dents in his car. Police went to I65 to find Nicholas but could not locate him. No one witnessed the vandalism; they both refused services, and Burton said he was unsure if he wanted to prosecute. Police prosecuted on Burton’s behalf due to the bruise on his leg.

David Miller charged in assault of wife, knocking her to the ground; tossing her phone

43-year-old David Miller’s wife spoke to police when they arrived at her and David’s home regarding a domestic disturbance on September 16th. His wife, Krista Segars, said David came home intoxicated and verbally aggressive towards her. She said that she felt unsafe, so she told David that she would call 911. At this time, David ran towards her, pushed her to the ground, kept her down by keeping a hand on her chest, grabbed her phone out of her hand, and threw it into the yard. Once David got off Krista, she said she went outside, located her phone, and called the police. David was driving around the neighborhood, looking for Krista while she was calling.

Brigitte Burks Tobola whips husband with CAT5 cable after he disconnects the internet

63-year-old Brigitte Burks Tobola admitted to the police that she whipped her husband across the back with a network cable after he unplugged the modem from the wall. Her husband, Paul Charles Tobola, said that he was in his bedroom when she entered unannounced and began whipping him with the cable, upset the internet wasn’t working. Police observed multiple cuts and bruises on Paul’s back. Brigitte was deemed the primary aggressor and was arrested for domestic assault.

Sara Lackova charged in assault of ex-boyfriend at Nashville AirBNB

23-year-old Sara Lackova spoke to police regarding an incident between her and her ex-boyfriend at an Airbnb At Burnham Apartments on Tuesday. She admitted to pushing her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas French, after he yelled at her during an argument and followed her back to the Airbnb. She pushed him because she did not want him inside the Airbnb. Nicholas told police that she refused to let him inside to grab his belongings and slapped him in the face. Video footage shows the two of them at the entrance, and Nicholas puts his arms up before Sara pushes him to keep him from entering. A witness across the street said they saw Nicholas with his arms up and Sara pushing him. Police noted scratch marks on Nicholas’ arm and believed it was from Sara.

Didem Toker charged in domestic assault of her husband

35-year-old Didem Toker was jailed early Sunday morning when her husband reported that she assaulted him on Charlotte Pike. Liam Rooney Shane told police that he and his wife got into an argument over a comment that was made during a phone call with family members. Both parties stated that Toker slapped him for the comment that was made. Police observed scratches on the inside of his bottom lip that he claimed were from the assault.

Deana Wikowski jailed after slapping husband in downtown Nashville hotel

44-year-old Deana Wikowski was jailed early Sunday morning after police responded to the Moxy Hotel on Third Ave, where she reportedly assaulted her husband. When police arrived, Joseph Medlar Jr. was sitting at the bar located inside the hotel. He told police that his wife was initially with him at the bar until they had gotten into an argument about how much he had been drinking. She then went upstairs to their hotel room on the second floor. Medlar went upstairs to speak with her, but they only continued to argue. According to Medlar, this is when his wife slapped him on the left side of his face. She tried to slap him once again, but he was able to block any further attacks. Wikowski then jumped on him, began kicking him, and slapped him again, but this time on the right side of the face. Police observed scratch marks as well as swelling on and around his neck and the back of his head.