Shardae Bell rips hair from baby daddy’s scalp during child custody exchange

Police responded to the O’Charley’s on Rivergate Parkway and met with 27-year-old Shardae Bell, who advised she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend during a child-custody exchange at the location. She says Terrance Jones was removing the child’s shoes and new clothing and dressing her in another set of clothing, as Shardae reportedly didn’t return the new clothes with the child on a prior exchange. She claimed she reached in to grab the child, and Terrance hit her in the face and pulled a gun on her before fleeing the scene.

Terrance returned to the location to also speak with officers, and they immediately noticed he was holding a large piece of his hair that appeared to have been ripped from the scalp, with a visible injury. He explained that as he was changing the child’s clothing, she attacked him and ripped out his hair. Witnesses confirmed that Shardae was the primary aggressor, and her version of events was untrue. After she was in custody, her child randomly spoke and said that her dad was hurt and her mother ripped his hair, without any prompting.

Meskin Beshili assaults wife after she buys new vehicle without his knowledge

57-year-old Meskin Beshili says his wife, Suad Mustafa, bought a new vehicle without his knowledge. The couple had a verbal argument about the purchase, which escalated when his wife allegedly made a degrading statement about his mother. He says her words upset him, and he “pushed” his wife. During an interview, the victim states Meskin grabbed her by the arms and, pushed her to the couch, then slapped her in the face. Officers documented two injuries on her arm from the assault.

Marcel Labib strangles husband who wouldn’t help her change a flat tire

31-year-old Marcel Labib is accused of putting her husband, Youssef Shawk, in a rear choke hold until he was unable to breathe and scratching at his face when he refused to come to her aid with a flat tire. When she called him to help her, as she was stranded, he reminded her of his “hand injury” and advised her to call a tow truck instead. After the tire was fixed and she returned home, Marcel reminded Youssef that she cooks, cleans, and takes care of the home and that he could at least attempt to help her. He says she was irate and came at him, scratching at his face. As he attempted to shield his face, he says she put him in a rear choke hold, preventing him from breathing. The assault occurred in front of their two minor children, who attempted to separate their parents. Marcel is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Kelexis Batson charged after jumping her cousin at Nashville gas station

Metro Nashville Police say 19-year-old Kelexis Batson, along with several other women, showed up at a North Nashville gas station where her cousin, Taylor Conyers, was pumping gas. As the women exited their vehicle, Conyers was fearful and locked herself inside her vehicle. Batson and Conyers had an ongoing dispute about “some words said about Batson’s daughter,” according to police. Video from the store shows Batson then jumped on the hood of the victim’s vehicle while yelling and screaming while the other women surrounded it. Conyers eventually exited the vehicle, and the two fought. Officers arrived and took Batson into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

John Ballard jailed on outstanding warrant, charged with assault of his wife

36-year-old John Ballard was jailed Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging him with an earlier domestic assault of his wife. The victim, Lindsay-Rae Millard, says she was currently living at a different residence when John arrived unexpectedly. When she responded to the knocking on the door, she says he barged through and entered the home uninvited. He reportedly grabbed her and slammed her head into a wall, injuring her. A warrant was issued for his arrest. After he was booked Tuesday, he was released on his own recognizance.

Chazz Brown holds girlfriend in a bearhug so she can’t leave

Jonasia Mitchell says she was trying to leave the apartment she shares with 26-year-old Chazz Brown on November 19th after an argument when Brown “grabbed her in a bear hug” to prevent her from leaving. She says that wild maintaining that hold, he tossed her around the house and then took possession of her phone. During an interview, Brown told police he did restrain her, as he didn’t want her to leave, but denied throwing her around, punching, or kicking her. He also admitted to taking her phone. Officers documented a small cut on the victim and a video of a scuffle.

Ronnie Gipson slaps girlfriend in face after she catches him cheating

Brittany Marcus told police she caught her 34-year-old boyfriend, Ronnie Gipson, cheating on her and became frustrated. She says she knocked over a lamp and broke it in her anger. In response, she says Ronnie rushed her and hit her in the face. He admitted to slapping her in the face during an interview.

Jaime Lyons charged in brutal assault of girlfriend

Metro Nashville Police met with Rose Suttle, who presented with multiple bruises on her face and arms and stated she was beaten by her now ex-boyfriend, 47-year-old Jaime Lyons. She states she went into her living room, and the next thing she remembers, she was waking up and being dragged down her hallway by Lyons. She says she made multiple attempts to escape, and all were met with her being slammed into walls throughout the home. Lyons was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and is free on a $10,000 bond.

Ronald Higgins assaults wife twice, upset over the music at church

65-year-old Ronald David Higgins is accused of throwing a phone which struck his wife in the face as they were “discussing the music at church,” according to the victim, Patricia Higgins. She says he remained agitated and picked up the phone from the floor and again struck her in the face, leaving bruising that was documented by responding officers.

Jeffrey Gingrich charged in assault of ex-boyfriend as he gets on top and punches him

54-year-old Jeffrey Gingrich is charged with punching his former lover, Charlton Hollars, in the face and their shared residence Wednesday evening. Mr. Hollars says he was sitting on the couch when Gingrich approached him aggressively with his chest puffed out and punched him out, causing him to fall to the ground. He says Gingrich then got on top of him and continued to face-punch him multiple times. Officers observed multiple bruises and marks on the victim consistent with the assault.