Danielle Yelloweyes: “I might as well beat her ass for lying” …and she did

26-year-old Danielle Yelloweyes was jailed for assaulting her roommate after police informed her that her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, would be going to jail for a domestic incident that happened moments before. Police had responded to a domestic disturbance between Yelloweyes and her girlfriend, Janasia Williams, initially, but when police advised Yelloweyes that her girlfriend would be going to jail, she became irate and punched her roommate, Niya Frierson. She believed that her girlfriend was going to jail because Niya told officers about the initial domestic disturbance call. As a result, she attacked her in Infront of officers and said, “If I’m going to jail, I’m going for a reason. I might as well beat her ass for lying.”

Roderick Carter charged after punching boyfriend in face during argument

42-year-old Roderick Carter was jailed early Sunday morning for allegedly punching his boyfriend in the face at their home on Rosedale. When police approached the house, they were met by both parties at the door. Police separated them and gathered their stories. Thomas Oswald told police that Carter punched him in the face and scratched him in the arm. Both of these injuries were obvious to the police. Carter admitted to his assault on Oswald and was taken to booking.

Amanda Loyd charged after biting man in chest, assaulting him

39-year-old Amanda Loyd was jailed after attacking a man in a parking lot on N 7th Street after an argument. Jovante Robinson was very upset when talking to the police; he stated that Loyd was damaging his vehicle and assaulting him. He said they got into an argument about him taking Loyd home. During the argument, Loyd slapped a bottle from his hand, hit him multiple times, and bit him in the chest. A passerby showed video footage of Loyd knocking the bottle from his face and pushing him several times. Police observed Robinson’s ripped shirt and bite marks.

Teenage Roomate Rumble: Kyle Kitchen, Julianna Hobbs, & Eric Hutchenson Jr

19-year-old Kyle Kitchen, 18-year-old Julianna Hobbs, & 18-year-old Eric Hutchenson Jr were jailed early Saturday morning after multiple violent incidents occurred between the trio. Jason told police he was home hanging with friends when he and his ex-girlfriend Julianna got into an argument, and she struck him. Police asked him where she hit him at, but he couldn’t remember. According to Jason, after the incident with Juliana, Eric told him not to talk to Juliana like that and tried to punch him, but he ducked and dodged the hit and fell to the ground. Jason went to get back up, and Kyle entered the apartment, put Jason in a headlock for a short time, and then let go. Officers observed injuries to Jason’s cheek and neck consistent with the story. Eric returned to the scene to speak with the police and told them that Jason told him he was going to kill everyone, which allegedly led to the fight.

Jade Schuler assaults brother during a drunken brawl

34-year-old Jade Schuler was jailed on Saturday Morning after fighting with his brother, Jordan Schuler, on Rose Park Drive. Jordan told police that he and Jade got into an argument, and Jade shoved him several times and locked him out of the house. Officers observed bruises on Jordan’s arms, and his shirt was torn. Jordan said he and his brother had been drinking, and he didn’t know why they got into an argument. The brothers have a history of domestic violence incidents between them.

Darwin Alvarado punches woman in a dispute over cleaning the house — Antioch Behavior

28-year-old Darwin Alvarado was jailed Saturday morning after punching a woman in the face on Baby Ruth Lane. Yandery Lindinger told police that Alvarado arrived at the apartment, and they got into an argument about the apartment about the cleanliness of the apartment. The argument escalated when Alvarado punched Lindinger in the chest and the face. Police observed a red and swollen lip. Erlinda Lindinger was a witness to the incident.

Chad Banks says girlfriend must have “tripped over his boot” — says he didn’t assault her

37-year-old tourist Chad Banks was jailed after beating up his girlfriend on Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express. Haley Anderson tells police that she and Banks got into an argument when she wanted to leave the bar and return to their hotel room. Banks pushed her to the ground outside the bar, and she busted her lip when she fell. She stated that when she was pushed outside the bar, she returned to the hotel room, and Chad followed her. Anderson told police, “It got physical.” but wouldn’t go further into detail because she did not want him to get in trouble. Officers observed Anderson’s busted lip as well as blood on the floor and on a towel in the bathroom. Chad was outside hiding behind his black diesel ford truck. when police approached him. During the investigation, Chad was extremely intoxicated, slurring his speech, ad unsteady on his feet. Chad told police that he did not touch Haley and that she tripped over his boot and fell onto the table.

Emily Hamilton attacks boyfriend when he refuses to take her to strip club

24-year-old Emily Hamilton was jailed after attacking her boyfriend during the ride home on March 24. On I-24, police responded to a possible car accident, but when they arrived, her boyfriend, David Slater, advised that she was just changing a flat tire. Emily was banging on the window from inside the car and was put in the ambulance to be medically examined and to check on her welfare. Slater told police that he and Hamilton were driving back from a karaoke bar downtown. She became very drunk at the bar and then wanted to go to a strip club, but Slater told her he wasn’t going to take her, so they got into an argument, and Hamilton became aggressive and started attacking him. There were visible scratch marks on his neck. When officers questioned Hamilton, she was so drunk all she could remember was being at the bar, crashing, and then being in the ambulance.

Jane Edwards assaults her boyfriend after finding him on a gay dating app

50-year-old Jane Edwards was jailed on Wednesday night after hitting her boyfriend because she found him on a male dating website. William Ralph showed the police video footage of Jane slamming the door on him, hitting him, and throwing several items at him. The video shows Ralph yelling, “you’re hurting me!” Jane denied any physical altercation. She says they only argued because she caught him on a male dating site.

Marissa King punches boyfriend in face, pulls dreadlock from his head — at his workplace

25-year-old Marissa King was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from February 28th after she punched her ex-boyfriend in the face and pulled out a dreadlock while he was at work. Ralkeem Baxter and King live together but are no longer in a relationship. Baxter was working at Food Lion when Marissa walked down the aisle, punched him in the face, and pulled out a deadlock from his head. There were visible scratches on Baxter’s right cheek, and officers issued a warrant for her arrest.