Koby Halley charged with public intoxication and assaulting a police officer after drunken brawl

44-year-old Koby Halley was booked Friday Morning after assaulting a man on Demonbreun Street. Jay Marlar told police that Haley pushed him into a ground-level window. Marlar tried to leave, but Halley grabbed him by his chest. Marlar kicked Halley in the face to try to get away, causing a cut to his face. Video footage corroborated the victim’s account of events. While the police spoke with Halley, they noticed he was visibly drunk and unable to answer simple questions. It was clear he couldn’t care for himself and presented a danger to others. As police tried to arrest Halley he resisted and kicked an officer in the chest.

Jonathon Eade jailed after causing disruption with wife at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

42-year-old Louisville accountant Jonathon Eade was jailed Friday night in Nashville after disrupting a show at the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville. Eade and his wife, Ashley Gillenwater Eade, were reportedly yelling and cursing at each other, causing a major disruption for other patrons. Security staff directed them to a nearby stairwell and explained they must leave the venue. This elevated the argument, and Jonathon refused to leave. Eade, who is a partner at Jones, Nale & Mattingly, was then detained by Ryman security and held for Metro Nashville Police, who charged him with criminal trespassing. 

Alicia Young to police: “just take me to jail!”

26-year-old Alicia Young held out her hands and said, “Just take me to jail!” as police approached her at 5th & Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Thursday morning. Officers approached her after a man told police he was attacked and tackled by a short white female, identifying young to officers. The assault victim didn’t wish to prosecute for the assault, but police found her to be extremely intoxicated and unable to be left alone. They attempted to find out where she was staying or how to contact her friends, but she refused to provide any information. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Justin Rivers says he took “Jack and Daniels” when asked what drugs he was on

22-year-old Justin Rivers was jailed Friday morning after trying to break the glass of Ryman’s Auditorium’s guard shack on John Lewis Way. Police responded after a call from security officers at the location. When police arrived, they saw Rivers shirtless, yelling loudly and punching the glass of the guard shack. Officers immediately detained him and could smell alcohol coming from his breath. Officers asked Rivers if he had taken anything after seeing pinpoint pupils; he replied, “Jack and Daniels.” While officers were speaking to Rivers, he made remarks about bombings, shootings, and other remarks that didn’t make sense. He was taken into custody as he was a danger to himself and the offense would likely continue. While awaiting intake, he continued to make absurd remarks about traffic stops, the keys to his apartment, bombings, and drugs. He continuously went from quiet and respectful to loud and angry.

Luke Nagel (of Woven In Hiatus) charged in late-night DUI crash in downtown Nashville

Police say 27-year-old Luke Nagel, of Woven In Hiatus fame, crashed his vehicle into a utility pole on Hermitage Avenue in the early hours of Thursday morning. Responding officers noted he reeked of alcohol and had trouble standing. Nagel initially stated he had multiple alcoholic beverages while on Broadway but was not sure of an exact number. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Nagel remembered he had three mixed drinks at a downtown bar and had eaten Taco Bell shortly before drinking. Officers located five ‘airplane’ bottles of vodka in the crashed vehicle.

James Winchester assaults two women & bites a man during Titans vs. Cowboys game at Nissan Stadium

52-year-old James Winchester was jailed during Thursday night’s Tennessee Titans game at Nissan Stadium after punching multiple people in section 310 during the game. As two women attempted to stop him from fighting, he punched them both and bit a man’s arm who was also attempting to intervene. It wasn’t clear if his tears were from the final score or a result of his arrest.

British tourist Elliot Williams punches man on Broadway & his wife in hotel room

27-year-old British tourist Elliot Williams faces charges from two separate incidents this week in downtown Nashville. On Tuesday, he and a friend, Patrick Doran, were harassing multiple vendors on Broadway. Williams punched Conor Patrick Wall in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt, where the attending physician said he may have sustained a brain injury. Williams fled the scene back to his room at the DoubleTree Hotel, where police were called a short time later after he reportedly assaulted his wife, Jenny Moore. She states the two were in an argument, and when she tried to leave the hotel room, he blocked the doorway and struck her in the face. She had a busted lip and was bleeding from the assault, along with a small pool of blood on the bed. During this interaction, police recognized Williams from the earlier incident on Broadway, and he was taken into custody for both incidents.

British Tourist Patrick Doran takes bite of vendor’s hot dog & starts fight downtown

Police say 47-year-old Patrick Doran walked up to a hot dog vendor on Broadway in downtown Nashville, grabbed a hot dog without paying, took a bit of it, and put it back on the cart. The vendor began to argue with Doran, and other street vendors, who Doran and another man had also been harassing, also became involved. Jacob Phillips attempted to intervene when Doran punched him in the face. Doran and the other man involved in the fight, Elliot Williams, fled the scene. A short time later, police came across them during an unrelated incident at a nearby hotel. He was positively identified by his clothing and British accent.

Tourist Michael Hraber too intoxicated for downtown Nashville — arrested

45-year-old Michael Hraber was found in the lobby of the Hilton downtown on 4th Ave just before 3 a.m. Wednesday. He was extremely intoxicated in the lobby and causing loud disruptions to everyone in the vicinity. Hraber was, indeed, staying at a Hilton property, as evidenced by the keycard in his hand, but it wasn’t THIS Hilton. The hotel staff could not determine which property he was registered at, and he was unable to tell officers and denied their assistance in using his phone to call someone to assist him. With all other options exhausted and his intoxication still at a high level, Hraber was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Hugh Hoagland crashes into fence downtown, denies crash ever happened

Metro Nashville Police responded to an automobile crash just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning at the railroad crossing downtown at 2nd Ave near Gay St. 23-year-old Hugh Hoagland had driven his vehicle into a fence on the opposite side of the road from his lane of travel. He was found slumped over the driver’s seat and was eventually awakened by knocking on the window. He admitted he had been drinking “around here” but continued to deny he had crashed into the fence where he sat and even denied that there was ever a crash. He attempted field sobriety tests but stopped them after starting.