Wesley Musser admits he was hungry after telling police “Just go ahead and take me to jail!”

41-year-old Wesley Leon Musser walked to police officers, placed his arms behind his back, and stated, “Just go ahead and take me to jail,” at Nashville Rescue Mission around midnight on May 28th. When officers asked him what was going on, he said he was hungry, adding that he wanted to go to the Mental Health Co-Op but could not give them a valid reason. Officers noticed Musser showed reeked of alcohol, showed signs of impairment, and was making nonsensical statements. Officers asked if he had consumed any drugs or alcohol, to which he stated he “maybe had one beer.” Then, officers informed him that the Mental Health Co-Op would not take someone who was intoxicated. Musser said he wanted to go to the hospital, so officers called medics to the scene. However, when medics arrived, Musser started cussing at them and had become disorderly. Musser was then detained for the occurrence. Musser was taken into custody for criminal trespass and public intoxication.

Miguel Garcia steals Ford F-150 Raptor, tells police “his friend gave him the truck”

30-year-old Miguel Garcia was caught stealing a vehicle on May 5th near an intersection On Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers responded to a motor vehicle theft report at a Middleton Street apartment residence, speaking with Robert Burnett. Burnett stated that his white Ford F150 was parked at the residence and that it was no longer there when he returned to the residence. Officers then confirmed that the vehicle was not towed and that the victim did not owe any money on the truck before putting a complete report on the vehicle and entering it as stolen. About an hour later, officers responding to an unrelated call noticed the vehicle at the intersection of Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers immediately got behind the vehicle and confirmed the license plate before calling the helicopter and initiating a traffic stop. Officers performed a felony takedown and searched the car, finding two glass pipes with residue.
Officers then spoke with Garcia, who stated he was walking around with his friend when he and his friend walked over to Middleton Street. Garcia said his friend opened the door to the truck and got in the driver’s seat. Garcia also claimed that he believed the vehicle was his friend’s and that his friend gave him the truck to use for work. Garcia could not provide a name or description of the friend, and there was no one else with Garcia at the time of the traffic stop. Robert Burnett, the owner of the vehicle, arrived on the scene to recover the vehicle and searched through it, giving all of the items not belonging to him to officers. Burnett gave officers a black backpack that Garcia confirmed was his. The backpack contained marijuana, the vehicle’s registration, and boat keys. The vehicle was valued at more than $60,000. Officers discovered that Garcia did not have a valid driver’s license. Garcia was taken into custody and charged with Property theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving without a license on May 6th.

Timothy Howse pulls over on interstate to assault ex-girlfriend during argument

29-year-old Timothy Howse had a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Jasmin Carter, near Exit 47A on I-24 West in the early hours of November 8th, 2023. Officers received a call advising that a male, later identified as Howse, and a female, later identified as Carter, were fighting on the side of the interstate. When officers arrived, they located Carter, and she stated she and Howse had broken up in January. Carter explained that she and Howse were traveling on I-24 West when they started arguing about her new relationship. The argument then escalated when they began hitting each other. However, Carter did not specify who hit who first. Carter said Howse pulled over at Exit 47A, exited the car, walked over to the passenger side, and dragged her out of the vehicle. They continued hitting each other, during which Carter grabbed his hair, and Howse “choked” her, adding she could not breathe but did not lose consciousness. Then, Carter stated a passerby pulled over to check on them and called the police. Seeing this, Howse returned to the car and drove off without Carter. Officers spoke with the passerby, who advised them that when he pulled over, he realized Howse was on top of her, punching her repeatedly. This prompted him to tell Howse to leave her alone and called 911. Carter did not wish to prosecute for the attack, but officers prosecuted on her behalf and obtained a warrant for his arrest. Howse was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 29th, 2024.

Christa Tull pulls knife on security at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge after refusing to pay tab

37-year-old Christa Tull tried to leave without paying her tab at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge around 2 a.m. on April 22nd. When officers arrived, they noticed Tull was detained, and they met with Brandon Schneider, a security guard for Tootsie’s, who stated that after she refused to pay, he asked her if they could keep her ID so she could come back and handle the balance when she sobered up. He said Tull took a deep breath and reached in her purse, looking back and forth at him multiple times before telling him, “I just want to go home.” Tull then pulled out a black pocket knife, so he grabbed her and took the knife away, fearing she would use it on him. After this, he handcuffed her and waited for the police. Matt Mosely, a witness, told officers that he saw the entire incident take place and corroborated Schneider’s statements. Tull admitted to pulling the knife from her purse but stated it was an accident. Tull was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Kaleb Keanaaina allegedly holds woman against her will at Rodeway Inn for a week

26-year-old Kaleb Ryan Keanaaina was taken into custody for aggravated kidnapping and fugitive from justice on April 15th. On April 14th, around 9:45 p.m., Autumn Wade went to the Central Precinct on Korean Veterans Boulevard to file a report, stating she had been held against her will by Keanaaina since April 6th. She told police that she moved from Morristown to do tattoo work with him and started living with him about a month ago. Then, Wade said on April 6th, she tried to leave, but he would not let her, and since then, he punched, strangled, and stomped her head, causing her to have multiple seizures. She said that Keanaaina knew she had a brain aneurysm and believed he was trying to rupture it. Wade added that he threatened her with a scalpel to hinder her from leaving. Due to her seizures, an ambulance was called, and she was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. She provided officers with photos from April 6th, showing her with a black eye, blood around her eye, and scratches on her neck. Officers also noticed a bruise above her right eye, took pictures, and added them to the incident report. Officers checked Wade’s history and discovered it showed a report from April 6th, which was called in by a third-party caller, later identified as Keanaaina’s ex-girlfriend, Abby Rylon, who stated Wade texted her saying she was being held hostage at the Red Roof Inn. Officers went there on that day and could not locate Wade. Then, Rylon stated she went to the Rodeway Inn around 5:00 p.m. and “broke out” Wade, adding that Keanaaina had done this with her also. Then, on April 15th, around 3:30 a.m., officers arrived at Rodeway Inn to serve Keanaaina a warrant, located him, and detained him. While doing this, officers also discovered Keanaaina had an out-of-state warrant from Wisconsin.

Christopher Nelson refuses to stop sleeping in Burnham Apartments parking garage

47-year-old Christopher Nelson was sleeping in the parking garage and refusing to leave the Burnham Apartments on Representative John Lewis Way South in the early hours of April 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke with security at the apartments and located Nelson. Officers told him to leave, which he did as they informed him he was not allowed to return. After this, Nelson sat on a bench nearby, and officers left the scene. Then, after receiving an unrelated call, about 15 to 20 minutes later, they patrolled the Burnham Apartments again and noticed Nelson was sleeping in the garage between two vehicles. Nelson was taken into custody for criminal trespass.

Jacob Garza drunkenly screams, runs into street before resisting arrest

31-year-old Jacob Garza was running and yelling in the middle of the road near President Ronald Reagan Way late on March 6th. When officers arrived, a passerby flagged them down, stating that an intoxicated male, later identified as Garza, nearly ran into his vehicle on Rutledge Street. Garza was screaming and refusing to move for traffic when officers located him. Garza showed multiple signs of impairment and was deemed a danger to himself. Officers attempted to detain Garza, during which he resisted, pulling away from them and had to be taken to the ground. After a brief struggle, Garza was taken into custody for refusing to disperse, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.  

DUI: Mercedez Jackson drags girlfriend through mulch after 2 beers at Jason Aldean’s Bar

27-year-old Mercedez Jackson had a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Haleigh Crouch, near 3rd Avenue South and Lindsley Avenue in the early hours of February 22nd. A witness alerted the authorities, advising them that they observed, from their apartment window, an African American female, later identified as Jackson, assaulted a white female, later identified as Crouch. The witness stated she saw Jackson drag Crouch through the mulch. When officers arrived, they noticed a car crashed into the concrete of the parking lot. Officers then spoke with Jackson and Crouch, who both initially stated that Jackson drove and that they did not fight. Then, after officers checked with the caller, who reiterated her statement, Crouch admitted that Jackson attacked her. Officers observed mulch all over Crouch’s clothing and swelling on her hand, which she claimed was from the car collision. Jackson was visibly intoxicated as she told officers that they had been at Jason Aldean’s, where she had two beers. Jackson consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and then, after being informed of implied consent, agreed to provide a breath sample. Jackson’s breath sample resulted in 0.108 BAC%. Jackson was taken into custody for domestic assault and driving under the influence.

Andre Satterlund brutally assaults girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, tells police they had been “Having problems”

30-year-old Andre Satterlund was jailed on February 14th after reports of him assaulting a woman on 6th Avenue and Mulberry Street. Two separate calls were placed stating that a male and female were outside of a vehicle, physically fighting under a nearby bridge. Both complainants noted that the female was bleeding from her face. The callers gave officers the license plate number of a tan Lincoln sedan. The officers didn’t find the vehicle under the bridge, but it was spotted near Carrol Street and 5th Avenue South. When the vehicle driver noticed the officers, they abruptly drove away. Officers searched the area and located the vehicle in a parking lot at 9th Avenue South and Gleaves Street. There was blood on the hood and passenger door, along with strands of the woman’s hair. Officers then identified Satterlund as the driver and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Santia Zamora was in the passenger’s seat, with extreme swelling to her jaw and eyes. Her nose was bleeding, and her arms were scraped. Officers observed blood everywhere on the passenger’s side of the vehicle and immediately called for an ambulance. Both parties stated that they were in a relationship, and Zamora had gotten into a fight with strangers at Hustler Strip Club. Satterlund initially stated that his girlfriend had gotten into a fight with another woman inside the club. Later, he changed his story to his girlfriend getting into a fight with three women outside the club. Satterlund admitted that he and Zamora had been “having problems” all day. Officers then went to Hustler Strip Club, where two witnesses stated they saw Satterlund kicking and kneeing his girlfriend in the face outside of the club. Officers located an area where there were several items thrown from inside Satterlund’s vehicle and blood on the ground. Officers noticed Satterlund had blood on his pants, and his knuckles were swollen. Zamora was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital for her injuries. While in the ambulance, Zamora admitted that Satterlund punched her, kicked her, and threw her into the side of the car. The severity of Zamora’s injuries is unknown, pending a CT scan. During the search of the vehicle, officers located an open alcoholic beverage within reach of the driver’s side. Officers also learned that Satterlund did not have a valid driver’s license. Zamora did not wish to prosecute. Satterlund was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, open container violation, and driving without a license on February 14th.

DUI: Anastasia De La Fuente found passed out in vehicle after having 2 cocktails at Tin Roof Bar

28-year-old Anastasia De La Fuente passed out in her vehicle at the 2nd Avenue South and Broadway intersection in the early hours of December 18th. First responders had De La Fuente in the ambulance when officers arrived and advised them that they initially observed her in the vehicle facing the wrong way, unconscious in the driver’s seat and that it took some time to wake her up. Officers spoke with De La Fuente, who was unsure if she wanted to go to the hospital. She was visibly intoxicated, consented to a sobriety test, performed poorly, and refused to provide a breath sample. They Mirandized her, and then she admitted to having two cocktails at Tin Roof Bar. She also admitted to regularly taking sleep medication and Adderall. De La Fuente was taken into custody for implied consent and driving under the influence.