Ja’Toni Clay strikes family member multiple times during altercation over car ride

20-year-old Ja’Toni Clay had a domestic dispute with Tony Clay at The Arbours of Hermitage Apartment complex on May 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tony, who stated he drove to Ja’Toni’s workplace to pick her up, during which a verbal altercation ensued. This caused Tony to leave and return to his apartment. Tony said when he arrived, Ja’Toni had already found transportation to where he was and started striking him multiple times, leaving visible marks on his arm. Then, officers spoke with Ja’Toni, who told them that Tony attempted to drive away with her leg still in the car, which angered her. Ja’Toni called an Uber and returned to The Arbours of Hermitage to wait for him to show up. She said when he arrived, she started hitting him until her boyfriend intervened. Ja’Toni Clay was deemed the primary aggressor and was then taken into custody for domestic assault and not having a driver’s license.

Jeante Tate smashes girlfriend’s iPhone 15 after making fun of her work on Instagram

19-year-old Jeante Lashawn Tate had an altercation with his girlfriend, Monique Austin, on February 14th. Officers were dispatched to a Whispering Oaks Place residence, where they spoke with Austin, who stated she and Tate argued over him making fun of her work on Instagram. Austin said he then started taking all her clothes out of her closet. Austin stated when she tried to stop him, Tate pushed her head, grabbed her iPhone 15, and threw it on the floor, causing the screen to shatter. Austin said the phone cost over $1,000 and that her friend tried to intervene, which sparked a scuffle between them and Tate. A warrant was issued for Tate’s arrest that day. Tate was taken into custody for vandalism, domestic assault, and not having a valid driver’s license on May 9th.

Desmond Pearson hits parked cars at East Recreation Center

19-year-old Desmond Pearson hit two parked vehicles while leaving East Recreation Center with his little brother on the afternoon of December 27th, 2023. Pearson told officers he was driving around the circle of the center, where he touched the gas pedal, and the car “took off from him.” Officers then discovered he did not have a driver’s license and cited him for the incident. Then, Pearson was booked on the citation of not having a driver’s license on May 7th, 2024.

Miguel Garcia steals Ford F-150 Raptor, tells police “his friend gave him the truck”

30-year-old Miguel Garcia was caught stealing a vehicle on May 5th near an intersection On Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers responded to a motor vehicle theft report at a Middleton Street apartment residence, speaking with Robert Burnett. Burnett stated that his white Ford F150 was parked at the residence and that it was no longer there when he returned to the residence. Officers then confirmed that the vehicle was not towed and that the victim did not owe any money on the truck before putting a complete report on the vehicle and entering it as stolen. About an hour later, officers responding to an unrelated call noticed the vehicle at the intersection of Korean Veterans Boulevard and Hermitage Avenue. Officers immediately got behind the vehicle and confirmed the license plate before calling the helicopter and initiating a traffic stop. Officers performed a felony takedown and searched the car, finding two glass pipes with residue.
Officers then spoke with Garcia, who stated he was walking around with his friend when he and his friend walked over to Middleton Street. Garcia said his friend opened the door to the truck and got in the driver’s seat. Garcia also claimed that he believed the vehicle was his friend’s and that his friend gave him the truck to use for work. Garcia could not provide a name or description of the friend, and there was no one else with Garcia at the time of the traffic stop. Robert Burnett, the owner of the vehicle, arrived on the scene to recover the vehicle and searched through it, giving all of the items not belonging to him to officers. Burnett gave officers a black backpack that Garcia confirmed was his. The backpack contained marijuana, the vehicle’s registration, and boat keys. The vehicle was valued at more than $60,000. Officers discovered that Garcia did not have a valid driver’s license. Garcia was taken into custody and charged with Property theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving without a license on May 6th.

DUI: Christopher Hawkins found sleeping in his car with gun under his seat

25-year-old Christopher Hawkins was observed sleeping in his driver’s seat while the engine was on near 3rd Avenue South and Korean Veterans Boulevard in the early hours of May 5th. When officers arrived, they approached Hawkins and had him exit his vehicle, where they noticed he reeked of alcohol before he admitted to drinking. He consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Officers discovered that Hawkins’ license had expired. During a subsequent search, officers found a loaded 9mm handgun under his seat with two additional filled magazines. Hawkins was taken into custody for driving under the influence, weapon possession while under the influence, and not having a valid driver’s license.

18-year-old Kelexus Simmons jailed after driving stolen GMC Terrain without a license

18-year-old Kelexus Simmons was driving a GMC Terrain, which Dylan Young reported stolen, near Claiborne Street on the afternoon of May 6th. Officers located the GMC Terrain on Carrol Street. Officers conducted surveillance until it became mobile, where Air One followed it throughout Nashville until it stopped behind a Claiborne Street residence. Then, Simmons and her juvenile acquaintance were seen running away from the GMC Terrain. Officers then detained them near Charles E. Davis Boulevard and Fain Street. Simmons had the key to the stolen vehicle on her during her arrest. They were interviewed at police headquarters, where Simmons stated she did not know where the car came from and was not involved in taking it. Officers later discovered that she did not have a valid driver’s license. Before officers located the GMC, there was a reported shooting in the area, and the vehicle suffered a bullet hole to the rear passenger door on the driver’s side. Officers also located a shell casing inside the car but had not yet determined if Simmons and her friend were involved. Simmons was taken into custody for theft, evading arrest, and not having a valid driver’s license.

DUI: Braulie Castillo crashes car on Murfreesboro Pike, tells police he “couldn’t see the red light”

25-year-old Braulie Castillo was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Murfreesboro Pike and Elm Hill Pike on May 3rd. Officers arrived and spoke with Castillo, who admitted that he “couldn’t see the red light” and “didn’t break in time.” Castillo also admitted to not having a driver’s license or insurance for his vehicle. According to law enforcement on the scene, Castillo smelt like alcohol and demonstrated other indicators of intoxication. This led to officers requesting Castillo to perform field sobriety tests. Castillo consented to the sobriety tests but ended up performing poorly. After being read his Miranda Rights, Castillo denied drinking. Braulie Castillo was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, and insurance compliance on May 3rd.

DUI: Rudi Guarchaj-Castillo ignores officers while driving without a license on I-24 East

25-year-old Rudi Guarchaj-Castillo was caught driving under the influence and without his license near I-24 East on April 29th. While officers were investigating a motor incident, they blocked all traffic. Despite this, Castillo failed to listen to officers while in his vehicle. Officers then approached Castillo, and he rolled his window down. Officers immediately noticed Castillo’s watery eyes and asked him to leave the car. After Castillo exited the vehicle, officers noticed the smell of alcohol. Officers asked Castillo to do Sobriety tests, which he agreed to and performed poorly on. Officers took Castillo into custody, and when they tried to verify his information, it was discovered that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Castillo was charged with DUI and driving without his license.

Jorge Cancho crashes into pickup truck on I-40 East, leaves driver with life-threatening injuries

18-year-old Jorge Cancho was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on I-40 East near Mile Marker 216 late April 29th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Cancho, who admitted to not having a valid driver’s license or insurance on his black 2013 Ford Fusion, which they later confirmed via ARMS. The other involved party was transported to Vanderbilt with life-threatening injuries. Cancho later advised that he collided with a pickup truck and then struck a pedestrian on the interstate. Cancho was taken into custody for no driver’s license and a financial responsibility violation involving injury or death.

DUI: Yenni Perez leaves accident, tells police she didn’t stay because she doesn’t have a license

41-year-old Yenni Perez was seen driving without a license after hit and run incident Near 8th Avenue S on April 29th. When officers arrived, they observed Perez’s vehicle leaving the crash scene. Witnesses immediately alerted them that the vehicle was involved in the crash, but they did not exchange information. Officers observed the vehicle continue southbound on 8th Avenue towards the intersection before officers caught up and escorted her back to the crash. Officers then spoke with Perez, who stated she did not have to stay at the location because she knew she did not have a valid Tennessee driver’s license or proof of insurance. Officers noticed the tag on the vehicle was upside down and observed that the VIN and registration did not match the vehicle she was driving. Perez then claimed she bought the vehicle at an auction, which officers confirmed. Perez had no passport or identification, so she could not be issued a state citation. Before being taken into custody, Perez had officers give her son a check to pay the rent. Officers noticed the check had the last name Ortiz, which her son confirmed as her last name. Perez refused to answer questions about why she gave a different last name. Perez was taken into custody and charged with criminal impersonation, no driver’s license, unregistered vehicle, leaving the scene of an incident, and insurance compliance.