DUI: Liset Quesada Mendoza speeds down Charlotte Pike in BMW

32-year-old Liset Quesada Mendoza was speeding on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of December 2nd. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. The BMW stopped in the roadway, and passenger princess Robert Koch stepped out of the car and approached officers aggressively, so he was detained. Then, officers spoke with Mendoza, who was visibly intoxicated and admitted to speeding and consuming alcohol. Mendoza refused to do sobriety tests, sign implied consent, or provide any information regarding her identity. Officers located her passport in her purse and were able to identify her. Mendoza was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and not having a driver’s license.

DUI: Daniel Onofre has “Ten bottles of Corona” before falling asleep at the wheel

26-year-old Daniel Onofre was discovered asleep behind the wheel of a Black Nissan Altima on November 25th. When officers arrived at his door and began questioning Onofre, he was talking at a snail’s pace and seemed intoxicated. Once Onofre exited the car, there was a heavy odor of an alcoholic beverage. Officers peaked into his vehicle and observed an empty 24-pack Corona bottle in the back seat. Onofre told law enforcement that he only had “about ten.” Officers asked for Onofre’s license but provided them with a Mexican voter registration ID. Onofre was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and driving without a valid license.

DUI: Tydus Boner fights sister’s boyfriend after car accident

21-year-old Tydus Boner was involved in an altercation with his sister’s boyfriend, Serbando Galarza, on Shelby Street. On November 12. Boner was arguing with Nashville Fire Department personnel when officers arrived. Witnesses advised officers that Boner got out of a blue Mustang and began arguing with Galarza, who was in the black Mustang. They stated that Galarza was parked at the red light and tried to drive away from Boner, which caused him to run a red light, leading to a car accident with another vehicle that continued through the intersection. This caused Boner to become angry with Galarza because his sister was in the black Mustang with him during the collision, so he ran up to him and punched him several times in the face, leaving him with a black eye. Boner admitted to consuming liquor shots and a Bloody Mary at Jason Aldean’s Bar with his sister and Galarza before the incident. Police observed Boner to be visibly intoxicated as they found out that he did not have a valid Driver’s License. Boner told them that someone with a valid license was driving, but the alleged person denied being in the vehicle. Boner was Mirandized, read implied consent, and refused sobriety tests before being taken into custody for assault, driving under the influence, implied consent, and driving without a license.

DUI: Magdalena Campos drives without license, causes accident

37-year-old Magdalena Neri-Campos was involved in a car accident on I-40 W on November 3rd. Medics told officers that the driver, Campos, was intoxicated and did not speak English. Once they arrived, they were able to confirm that as they observed her to have bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol. Campos stated she had no idea what happened regarding the accident and consented to sobriety tests. Campos exhibited signs of impairment and was unable to complete the tests due to her having to use the restroom. Officers were advised that Campos also had no valid driver’s license. Campos was taken into custody for driving under the influence and not having a driver’s license.

Lazarius McGee charged after fleeing in stolen vehicle

19-year-old Lazarius McGee was taken into custody for motor vehicle theft, evading arrest, theft, and driving without a license on October 13th. Officers were in the parking lot of Fort Negley when they observed a black Volkswagen crash into a light pole. Three black males got out of the vehicle and ran away from officers, but McGee was caught on foot. McGee did not have a license.

Luis Lung jailed for attending street racer sideshow along with juvenile & girlfriend

Police say 21-year-old Luis Lung helped to organize the street racer meetup and sideshow at the Amazon property on Logistics Way in Antioch this weekend. Police observed him using his social media accounts, which were noted to be a member of the group organizing this event, which moved from Airpark Center East to Logistics Way as police followed. He also had his girlfriend and a 13-year-old juvenile in the vehicle with him.

Apple Airtag leads police to stolen vehicle driven by Corey Little

18-year-old Corey Little was jailed after police observed him driving a vehicle that was reported stolen on September 12th. Kayla Guthrie called the police, stating that her Audi was stolen, and using an AirTag, she was able to track it to Ogden Drive and Mayer Lane. An officer began heading in that direction and ended up directly behind the vehicle while en route traveling on Ogden Drive. The Audi suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, and the driver exited. The driver then walked toward the patrol vehicle and was immediately detained by police. He stated that he didn’t know the car was stolen and that he had been walking on County Hospital Road when a friend from Middle school pulled up next to him and asked him to get in. After a few minutes of driving around, the friend, Tony, offered to sell the car to Mr. Little for $500. Little had no driver’s license but still agreed to purchase the vehicle. The approximate value of the Audi is over $60,000.

Kedarius Itiat to police: “I’m high” while being arrested for DUI

20-year-old Kedarius Itiat was recklessly driving before police pulled him over and admitted to smoking three or four blunts before driving. Police noticed a Ford driving at a high rate of speed and almost collided with another vehicle. The Ford braked suddenly to keep from colliding with the vehicle, and the police officer made a U-turn to make a traffic stop. While in the middle of the road, Kedarius exited the vehicle and approached the officer. Kedarius told police he was driving so fast because someone had stolen his phone. Police described him as paranoid, with rapid speech and glossy eyes. He said that he had smoked three to four blunts in the previous hour, and police found 24.4 grams of marijuana as well as a digital scale in his center console. When police asked him to, police arrested him for DUI and felony drug charges due to the amount of marijuana found, suggesting he sells drugs. After refusing an evidentiary sample, police arrested him for a DUI, and he told police, “I’m high.”

Andre Reveles charged with DUI while driving to get his grandmother a soda

24-year-old Andre Reveles crashed his grandmother’s Silver Ford Focus on Strasser Dr late Tuesday night. Police arrived to the location where Andre had moved the vehicle across from the telephone pole he struck and spoke with him. He said he was getting his grandma a soda but admitted to drinking “2 or 3 beers” before driving. Police described him as smelling like alcohol and had him perform sobriety tests. After he showed indications of intoxication, he consented to a blood sample and was placed into custody.

Nashville street racers brutally assault woman who confronted them about blocking road —Daniel Martinez-Long arrested

19-year-old Daniel Martinez-Long was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from April 10th when he was caught doing donuts and blocking traffic on Queen Anne Drive. Karina Agner told police that as she passed by Daniel, she lightly honked her horn and asked him to stop doing donuts and blocking the street. Daniel and a group of several other individuals approached Karina in an aggressive manner. Karina was standing outside of her vehicle at this time, and Daniel walked over to her and punched her in the face. She fell to the ground, and he started kicking her while she was on the ground. Karina told police that Daniel followed her and teased her about getting her “ass beat” and telling her he was going to kill her. She advised that she didn’t know Daniel but believed he lived down the street because his car was always parked there. The precinct created a photo lineup of possible suspects, and Karina was able to identify Daniel as one of the suspects.