Kenier Membreno found passed out drunk in his Honda Civic after having 3 beers

23-year-old Kenier Membreno was found passed out in his vehicle at a Media Street residence around 11 p.m. on May 26th. When officers arrived, they observed him sleeping in his Honda Civic with the keys in the driver’s seat. Membreno reeked of alcohol and had an open container on the passenger floorboard. While trying to obtain his information, he appeared disoriented as he provided officers with an identification card. Membreno consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, disregarded instructions, and, after being informed of implied consent, declined to give a chemical sample. He later admitted to having three beers. Membreno was taken into custody for driving under the influence, driving without a valid driver’s license, and an implied consent violation on May 27th.

Lisa Thach prevents customer from leaving East Nail Bar; charged with assault

56-year-old Lisa Thach was involved in an altercation at her job, East Nail Bar, with customer April Taylor on October 12th. Taylor spoke with officers and advised them that she was getting her nails done, and Thach kept messing them up and restarting the process. After almost two hours, Taylor was tired of Thach’s attempts to fix her nails and decided to leave. Thach reportedly kept reaching for Taylor’s hands so she could keep working on them despite being told not to, and when Taylor left the salon, Thach followed her and “grabbed” her at Suite 1. Taylor let officers know that she wished to prosecute. Lisa Thach was taken into custody for assault on November 1st.

Ronaldo Morris charged in assault of alleged lover who says he saw him with a woman

Police arrived at the South Nashville apartment of 20-year-old Ronaldo Morris and Jason Tyrese Daley in the early hours of Sunday morning to a report of the two fighting. Daley told police the two are lovers and in a dating relationship; however, Morris denied that and said the two are simply just roommates. Daley stated they got into an argument in his bedroom after he saw Morris with a woman. The argument escalated when Morris reportedly pushed Daley in the face and scratched him on the hands and neck. A video recording captured the incident and shows the victim backing away while Morris assaults him multiple times. and officers documented a cut on the victim’s lip, hand, and neck.

Lucas Sosa, 38, charged with drag racing in his Ford F-150 truck in Antioch

Police say 38-year-old Lucas Sosa was drag racing his blue 2013 Ford F-150 against another pickup truck on Antioch Pike on June 18th, but the observing officer was too far back in traffic to conduct a traffic stop initially. Both trucks were caught by a red light traffic signal a short time later, and the officer was able to catch up and observed them drag racing a second time. The other vehicle slowed down and ceased racing; however, Sosa continued speeding through traffic and weaving around other vehicles until he was stopped.

Teens charged with joyriding & unauthorized use of vehicle —Daniel Meadows & Christian Bigsby

On Tuesday, MNPD’s Violent Crimes Task Force began tracking a vehicle that was reported stolen by Andrew Minge. It was initially located at 95 White Bridge Pike, but detectives observed it move to Kroger at 4560 Harding Pike. Officers were able to take all occupants into custody as they exited the vehicle. 18-year-old Christian Bigsby was in the vehicle and was charged with joyriding. 18-year-old Daniel Meadows was also in the vehicle and is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, contributing to the delinquency of a minor who was also in the vehicle, and illegal possession of a handgun found on him during a search.

Husband threatens to kill wife after her date with boyfriend

25-year-old Devin Mitchell was charged with multiple crimes including driving without a license and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after being pulled over for running a red light and having police discover an outstanding warrant.

Park police catch woman on cellphone at green light; tells police she drank wine at work

23-year-old Emily Swafford was charged with driving under the influence after she told police that she had two glasses of wine when she was pulled over for driving with no lights and could not answer basic questions.

Metro Police catch Harding Place drug dealer using confidential informant

Jermichael Deshawn Watson, 23, is currently in a Nashville jail after he sold heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine to a confidential informant, working for Metro Police, on two separate occasions.

Meth, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana seized from Harding Place motel

Kevin Hunt, 36, answered the knock at the door, at which time officers got an overwhelming smell of marijuana emanating from the room. That would result in finding methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, & ecstasy, in the Wallace Road motel room.