DUI: Matthew Keaffaber pours beer in center console to hide it from police

36-year-old Matthew Keaffaber was driving on Gallatin Pike with his headlights turned off on November 8th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Officers noticed Keaffaber moving around and getting out of his seat while approaching his vehicle. Keaffaber was visibly intoxicated when officers spoke with him, and he consented to sobriety tests, on which he performed poorly. Officers had probable cause to search Keaffaber’s vehicle, which led to them locating an open beer container in the backseat and beer poured into the center console. Keaffaber was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Lisa Thach prevents customer from leaving East Nail Bar; charged with assault

56-year-old Lisa Thach was involved in an altercation at her job, East Nail Bar, with customer April Taylor on October 12th. Taylor spoke with officers and advised them that she was getting her nails done, and Thach kept messing them up and restarting the process. After almost two hours, Taylor was tired of Thach’s attempts to fix her nails and decided to leave. Thach reportedly kept reaching for Taylor’s hands so she could keep working on them despite being told not to, and when Taylor left the salon, Thach followed her and “grabbed” her at Suite 1. Taylor let officers know that she wished to prosecute. Lisa Thach was taken into custody for assault on November 1st.

Dustin Clark charged in theft of baby momma’s vehicle

21-year-old Dustin Clark was booked early Monday morning after stealing his baby momma’s 2013 Kia Forte on October 11th. According to Laura Hemphill, Clark said he would return her vehicle that night or early on the 12th. Laura tried to contact Mr. Clark for three days and look for her car but had not been able to find it or reach him. She stated that Mr. Clark blocked her phone number and all social media platforms, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Astry Garcia attacks boyfriend with a radio when he confronts her about using his car while at work

20-year-old Astry Garcia reportedly attacked her boyfriend, Carlos Bertran, after he came home and confronted her about using his car, as he noticed he had been moved. Carlos says the question upset his girlfriend, and she pushed him and then struck him in the face with a radio, and she would not let him out of the room, some of which was recorded on video. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s hand, and Garcia was taken into custody.

Andee Cannon tackled by security while attempting to cross street in downtown Nashville

Police say 33-year-old Andee Cannon was attempting to cross a street in downtown Nashville when a MNPD contracted APS Security Officer attempted to stop him from crossing into traffic. Cannon reportedly punched the security officer and was then tackled to the ground, and the security officer was on top of him when police arrived to assist. Cannon stated he “wasn’t trying to get tied up in all this” and was “just trying to go home.” Due to his level of intoxication and disorderly conduct, he was taken into custody.

DUI: Kathleen McMunn crashes into parked cars after driving home from a date

Metro Nashville Police say 31-year-old Kathleen McMunn was driving home from a date in East Nashville when she crashed into two parked cars on Chicamauga Ave. During the date, McMunn says she had three beers and five glasses of water. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and would later blow a 0.179% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Liam Chatham charged in assault of Whiskey Row Bouncer in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Liam Chatham and his girlfriend attempted to enter whiskey Row while refusing to go through security early Tuesday morning. Chatham then got into a physical altercation with bouncers, including Justin Bourk, which resulted in an injury to Bourk’s wrist and his iPhone being broken, and his Apple watch completely destroyed.

Son tells parents he was molested as a kid, breaks table in anger, they have him arrested — Asher Wilkins

On December 22nd, 24-year-old Asher Wilkins disclosed to his parents, Jefferson & Cathy Green Wilkins, that he was molested as a child, and became upset when he says they didn’t do anything about it. His father claims that Asher never told them about it before. Asher became so angry during the conversation that he punched a hole in the wall and broke a leg off the dining room table. His parents pressed charges for vandalism, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, as he had already left the location in anger.

Asher Wilkins was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on the outstanding warrant on December 28th, and is free on a $1,000 cash bond.