Cy Griggs jailed after police track stolen vehicle with victim’s cell phone

19-year-old Cy Griggs was taken into custody for theft on May 12th. On May 11th, officers responded to a stolen vehicle in progress and tracked its location via the victim, Christian Cohen’s, cell phone before putting out a BOLO. Air One located the car parking near a Frith Drive Residence, where four occupants, including Griggs, started fleeing towards Dew Street, where officers detained them.

Katelynn Fencl pours anti-freeze on ex-boyfriend during confrontation over narcotics

21-year-old Katelynn Fencl had a domestic altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Melvin Houston, in the parking lot of Iglesia Casa Del Alfarero around 3 p.m. on May 5th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Houston, who stated that earlier today, he was driving with Fencl when an argument ensued because she had narcotics with her. Houston said he was trying to pull over to let her out when she grabbed his right arm while he drove, leaving multiple abrasions. Then, he said he pulled into the Iglesia Casa Del Alfarero parking lot and started recording the incident on his phone. Fencl then poured multiple drinks over the front of his vehicle, causing damage, before opening a bottle of orange juice and pouring it inside his car. Houston added that she then grabbed a bottle of anti-freeze, poured it on him, and threw it at him after emptying it. Houston said she then chased him around in the parking lot while swinging her hands at him, grabbed his $4,800 camera from the backseat, and fled. Officers reviewed the footage and confirmed his statement. Fencl was then taken into custody for domestic assault, theft, and vandalism on May 8th.

DUI Arrest: Dayne Ryan Baughman jailed after driving wrong way on Trinity Lane

28-year-old Dayne Ryan Baughman was reportedly driving on the wrong side of W Trinity Lane near I-65 in the early hours of Sunday morning when police were alerted to the scene. The car was stopped when officers arrived. It had damage to the front fender and a blown-out tire. All occupants identified Baughman as the driver of the Mini Cooper. He had trouble balancing and had slurred speech. He took 24 steps on the 9-step test and performed poorly on all other field sobriety tests. He stated he only lived a short distance away and was trying to drive home. Officers gave him a ride to booking, where he was charged with DUI, and Baughman admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving.

Jeromie Thomas Jr. evades police in white Mercedes-Benz

28-year-old Jeromie Thomas Jr. was one of three occupants in a white Mercedes-Benz that fled from a traffic stop on Shelby Avenue on Thursday. During the traffic stop, Air One monitored and observed them drive off, back into a parking spot on Foster Street, and run on foot. After a brief pursuit, Thomas was apprehended with his two co-defendants and refused to state who was driving. Thomas was taken into custody for two counts of evading arrest.

Mikia Flemister drinks all day, punches girlfriend multiple time in face

39-year-old Mikia Flemister was involved in a domestic disturbance with her girlfriend, Tiffany Meeks, at their shared residence on Lischey Pl. in the early hours of December 3rd. Meeks spoke with officers and advised Flemister had been drinking all day, causing problems in their residence. They started arguing when Flemister got in Meeks’ face. Meeks stated, “Don’t put your hands on me.” Then, Flemister punched her in the face, grabbed her by the hair, and continued to hit her until Meeks’ brother came to intervene. Officers spoke with Meek’s son and brother, who confirmed her statements. Flemister was detained and, while in the patrol car, began to hit her head on the glass divider between the front and back of the patrol car, causing injuries to her forehead. Flemister was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Joshua Hargrove charged in assault of boyfriend inside bathroom bar

48-year-old Joshua Hargrove was jailed Saturday after reportedly assaulting his boyfriend at a bar. Hargrove told police that he “was inside the bathroom of a gay bar and can’t control the actions of other men inside a bathroom.” He stated that when his boyfriend, Cooper Lowe, came into the bathroom, they began arguing, eventually leading to him grabbing and pushing Lowe. He explained that he can’t control his actions when confronted that way.

Mr. Lowe told police that he caught his boyfriend in the bathroom cheating on him, and when he confronted Hargrove to ask about what he just saw, he “Lost it.” He stated that Hargrove grabbed him by his shoulders, shoved him into a wall, and held him there until security broke them up and kicked them out of the bar. Based on the statements made by both parties, Hargrove was determined to be the primary aggressor and was transported to booking.

Kearea Ward breaks through front door into home, claims it was the wrong house

33-year-old Kearea Ward used her shoulder to bust through the front door of the home of Connor Haseley and Ali Hutchinson just after 5 a.m. Sunday, setting off their ring doorbell alarm and waking them up. They called down to Ward to tell her to leave their property, causing her to flee the residence. Officers issued a BOLO, and nearby officers located Ward walking away from the neighborhood. She was taken into custody and during questioning admitted she pushed into the home, claiming she believed it belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

Callie Webber beats her daughter with a wooden rolling pin

When police arrived at the shared home of 51-year-old Callie Webber and her daughter, Callie told them that she knew she was “going to jail for hitting the b*t$h with the rolling pin” — and she did. The two had been in a verbal argument after her daughter reportedly refused to go to her room. Callie then went into the kitchen and returned with a large wooden rolling pin and began swinging it at the victim. She made contact, striking her daughter multiple times on the arms and once in the head.

Christin Blankenship Austin punches boyfriend until he’s bloody in Nashville hotel room

39-year-old Christin Blankenship Austin is charged with the assault of her boyfriend, Kyle Simmons, at a downtown Nashville Hotel. The two were out exploring downtown Friday night and, as they returned to their hotel room, began to argue. During the walk to the room, Christin reportedly hit Kyle in the back of the head, and he informed her he was gathering his things and leaving. Once both were in the room, he says she punched him in the mouth and hit him in the back of the head again as he was collecting his belongings. During the struggle, his finger was also slammed in a door. Officers documented blood on his mouth and that his finger was injured. Christin was determined to be the primary aggressor and was charged with domestic assault and transported to booking.

DUI: Kathleen McMunn crashes into parked cars after driving home from a date

Metro Nashville Police say 31-year-old Kathleen McMunn was driving home from a date in East Nashville when she crashed into two parked cars on Chicamauga Ave. During the date, McMunn says she had three beers and five glasses of water. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and would later blow a 0.179% BAC on a breathalyzer.