DUI Arrest: Dayne Ryan Baughman jailed after driving wrong way on Trinity Lane

28-year-old Dayne Ryan Baughman was reportedly driving on the wrong side of W Trinity Lane near I-65 in the early hours of Sunday morning when police were alerted to the scene. The car was stopped when officers arrived. It had damage to the front fender and a blown-out tire. All occupants identified Baughman as the driver of the Mini Cooper. He had trouble balancing and had slurred speech. He took 24 steps on the 9-step test and performed poorly on all other field sobriety tests. He stated he only lived a short distance away and was trying to drive home. Officers gave him a ride to booking, where he was charged with DUI, and Baughman admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving.

Gabriel Gallienm, 20, drunk and disorderly at Duke Street AirBNB in Nashville

Just before 1 a.m. Tuesday, Metro Nashville Police responded to an AirBNB on Duke Street for a reported disorderly person. Officers made contact with several others nearby the AirBNB unit along with the subject of the call, 20-year-old Gabriel Gallien, who was extremely intoxicated and belligerent. While several people in the area stated Gallien had assaulted another person, no one would speak directly with police from the AirBNB unit, and all but one left the scene. Officers were content with leaving the area after the one remaining friend had mostly calmed him down, but as officers were preparing to clear the scene, Gallien pushed his way past the remaining friend and ran into the common area between the rental units. He then continued to yell, curse, and scream while waking up people in other units and causing a scene. As officers were placing him into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Gallien refused to comply and pulled away multiple times before being restrained.