Christopher Grace drunkenly strangles, spits on intimate partner during argument about Airbnb

46-year-old Christopher Grace was involved in a domestic altercation with his intimate partner, Christal McDowell, at their Village 21 Airbnb on March 31st. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they contacted McDowell, who stated that she and Grace had argued about their bedroom in the Airbnb. At some point during the argument, Grace pushed McDowell onto the bed and proceeded to mount and strangle her. While strangling McDowell, Grace got close to her face and spat on her. McDowell bit Grace’s lip to protect herself, causing him to disengage.

While speaking to McDowell, officers observed visible bruises on her legs, redness on her chest, and blood on her lip. The officers then spoke with McDowell’s 18-year-old son, who witnessed the incident. He stated that he heard loud arguing, causing him to enter their bedroom. When he entered, he observed Grace strangling his mother and said that he could hear a gurgling sound coming from her. During the investigation, officers found blood on the bed pillow as well as the sheets. When officers questioned Grace, he said that he and McDowell got into an argument that resulted in him being on top of her. Grace stated that he never assaulted or strangled McDowell. Grace, while speaking to officers, appeared to be intoxicated. Christopher Grace was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

18-year-old Jarvis Burthlong jailed for multiple Airbnb burglaries

18-year-old Jarvis Burthlong was jailed on Saturday for being involved in a string of Airbnb burglaries. The first reported burglary involved four men wearing black hoodies that broke into a white Ford Fusion with Georgia tags. Officers reviewed Ring camera footage showing the suspects leaving in the vehicle. Later, that same Ford Fusion with the same suspects was seen breaking into a home on Martin Street. They stole two purses from that location. Officers later discovered the vehicle with the same suspects driving near Wedgewood and 12th Avenue and attempted to pull them over. The driver refused to stop, and officers began chasing the car. The officers decided to terminate the pursuit due to the speed being a safety concern near the River Gate area. Officers located the stolen Ford Fusion that was abandoned near Gallatin Pike. As officers were waiting to process the vehicle, they were flagged down by security, who notified them that there were multiple juveniles wearing dark hoodies who were running. Officers chased the juveniles on foot. When officers caught up with them, they were identified as the four outstanding males linked to the stolen vehicle. They were all taken into custody for interviews and then to the detention center.

Florida man Adam Kien charged in brutal assault of woman in Nashville AirBNB

26-year-old Florida man Adam Kien was jailed on May 27th after brutally assaulting a woman he was with at an Airbnb on McFerrin Avenue in Nashville. Police spoke with Diana Becerril outside of the Airbnb, who said she and Kien were visiting Nashville. They had been out drinking and got into an argument that continued when they returned to the Airbnb. The argument turned violent when Kien pushed Diana onto the bedroom floor beside the bed and started kicking her in her side. He then pulled her to the bed and suffocated her with a pillow. Diana struggled to breathe but was able to get up at some point and run into the bathroom closet. Kien followed her into the closet and grabbed wooden hangers, hitting her repeatedly. When the hangers broke from the impact of hitting her body, he used the pieces to try and stab her. After Kien was finished assaulting Diana, he left, and she was able to get to a phone and call the police. When Kien realized Diana was on the phone with the police, he forced his way back inside, took the phone, and ran. Police were on the line when the phone was taken and were able to corroborate Diana’s statement.

Tourist Alex Holbeck drunkenly knocks on doors in search of his AirBNB

23-year-old Alexander Holbeck was found extremely intoxicated and knocking on random doors on Litton Ave at 1 a.m. Saturday. Metro Nashville Police arrived, and Holbeck told them he was from Minnesota and was staying at an AirBNB with friends but was unable to locate it. He attempted to call his friends, but no one answered his calls. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Jamie Brinkman assaults husband at Nashville AirBNB after a night on Broadway

25-year-old Nebraska tourist Jamie Marie Brinkman slapped her husband, Jorge Hernandez, in the face and about his body, leaving him with a cut on his arm and a red, swollen face from the assault. The victim’s shirt was also torn around the collar. The argument happened at their AirBNB on Monroe Street after they returned from Broadway early Friday morning. The argument started when her husband reportedly threatened to take their child away from her. Brinkman was charged with domestic assault.

AirBNB guest Wesley Thompson screams “n-word” and other racial slurs at Nashville police & citizens

28-year-old Wesley Thompson was staying at a Nashville AirBNB Thursday night when an automobile accident occurred outside as a car crashed into a utility pole. The debris from the utility pole’s destruction landed on several nearby vehicles in a parking lot where Thompson was parked. Officers were at the scene when Thompson emerged from the house, irate that his truck was struck by the debris. He was heavily intoxicated, staggering when he walked, and yelling and screaming racial slurs, including the “n-word,” as loud as he could, according to responding officers. He was advised to go back inside as there was a live power line nearby. He continued to yell and scream the “n-word” and came outside while intoxicated and caused quite a disturbance. He was placed into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Drunken Finland Tourist Janne Kiema attempts to enter home that isn’t his AirBNB

51-year-old Janne Petteri Kiema, a tourist from Finland, was found attempting to get into a home on Woodvale Drive that he believed to be his AirBNB. Officers arrived at the location and again explained this was not his AirBNB. Officers noted his extreme level of intoxication, and when asked the address of his AirBNB, he continued to give an address in Finland. He was unable to contact anyone for assistance and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Gabriel Gallienm, 20, drunk and disorderly at Duke Street AirBNB in Nashville

Just before 1 a.m. Tuesday, Metro Nashville Police responded to an AirBNB on Duke Street for a reported disorderly person. Officers made contact with several others nearby the AirBNB unit along with the subject of the call, 20-year-old Gabriel Gallien, who was extremely intoxicated and belligerent. While several people in the area stated Gallien had assaulted another person, no one would speak directly with police from the AirBNB unit, and all but one left the scene. Officers were content with leaving the area after the one remaining friend had mostly calmed him down, but as officers were preparing to clear the scene, Gallien pushed his way past the remaining friend and ran into the common area between the rental units. He then continued to yell, curse, and scream while waking up people in other units and causing a scene. As officers were placing him into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Gallien refused to comply and pulled away multiple times before being restrained.

Dude, where’s my AirBNB? — Conner Brown deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

Police responded to Tennessee Ave after neighbors reported what appeared to be a man breaking into vehicles. What they found was 26-year-old Conner Brown on a front porch, heavily intoxicated, and lost. Brown relayed he had been out drinking on Broadway in downtown Nashville and was attempting to locate his AirBNB. He didn’t know anyone’s phone number to call assist him and had lost his phone. Multiple neighbors had called to report he was yelling and screaming and cursing in the yards of the neighborhood. He had knocked so loudly on the front door of the porch he ended up on that the reside hid in the closet from fear.

A Family visited a Nashville AirBNB and packed their racism and domestic violence for the trip

53-year-old Willard Norton, and his 49-year-old girlfriend, Kentucky Marie Slack, are in Nashville this week, along with her daughter, and they certainly didn’t ready the hospitality handbook before their arrival. By 1 a.m. Thursday. Williard ended up in custody after he danced around Metro Nashville Police Officers screaming yelling “Su-Weeeee”, calling them “pigs”, and asking them to “beat me like a N—-r”.

The entire reason police were even called to the Airbnb was to arrest his girlfriend after she came back from a downtown bar drunk and admittedly punched her daughter in the face.