Johnny Lawrence caught with stolen gun after lying to police about being a felon

67-year-old Johnny Lawrence believed a group of men were trying to break into his Tanglewood Drive residence late July 9th. Then, he alerted the authorities, telling them he might have to shoot the alleged intruders. Officers arrived, cleared his home, and observed that Lawrence had several handguns on his bed and dresser. Lawrence then told police that he was a felon. After officers checked this, they discovered that one of the handguns had been stolen. Officers also learned that Lawrence was not a felon before he then claimed to own the firearms. Lawrence was then taken into custody for theft of a firearm.

Jonathan Shafer assaults a police officer on Interstate Drive

50-year-old Jonathan Shafer had an altercation with Officer Blaze Williams near Woodland Street and Interstate Drive around 6 p.m. on May 2nd. Williams was directing traffic when he encountered Shafer, who was swearing at him because he guided him the wrong way. Wiliams attempted to de-escalate the situation and told him to have a nice evening, which was when Shafer turned around and threw a lighter at him. Officer Williams said it flew right next to his face, prompting him to follow Shafer, who ran toward 1St Street. Williams requested backup, caught up to Shafer, and said, “Stop! Police,” which Shafer ignored while attempting to juke him, prompting them to perform a “takedown,” where he continued to resist until additional officers arrived to detain him. Shafer was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

Travis Chambers, 19, bites teacher who won’t let him “talk to his people” on phone

19-year-old Travis Chambers was booked this week after assaulting his teachers when they wouldn’t let him “talk to his people” on the phone while at Cora Howe High School. Mr. Seth Jason Powell explained that Chambers was using his phone without permission, and when he tried to take it away, he was punched in the face. According to Mr. Powell, Chambers lost control, and multiple teachers tried to restrain him, but not before he bit Mr. Powell in the left hand near his thumb, breaking the skin and scratching him on the arm. Police observed the injuries, and Chambers was placed into custody for assault.

Florida man Adam Kien charged in brutal assault of woman in Nashville AirBNB

26-year-old Florida man Adam Kien was jailed on May 27th after brutally assaulting a woman he was with at an Airbnb on McFerrin Avenue in Nashville. Police spoke with Diana Becerril outside of the Airbnb, who said she and Kien were visiting Nashville. They had been out drinking and got into an argument that continued when they returned to the Airbnb. The argument turned violent when Kien pushed Diana onto the bedroom floor beside the bed and started kicking her in her side. He then pulled her to the bed and suffocated her with a pillow. Diana struggled to breathe but was able to get up at some point and run into the bathroom closet. Kien followed her into the closet and grabbed wooden hangers, hitting her repeatedly. When the hangers broke from the impact of hitting her body, he used the pieces to try and stab her. After Kien was finished assaulting Diana, he left, and she was able to get to a phone and call the police. When Kien realized Diana was on the phone with the police, he forced his way back inside, took the phone, and ran. Police were on the line when the phone was taken and were able to corroborate Diana’s statement.