Kelci Jenkins attacks ex-boyfriend after breaking into his TSU campus apartment

21-year-old TSU student Kelci Jenkins was jailed on March 18th for attacking her ex-boyfriend at his campus apartment. Jalen McClendon told police that his ex-girlfriend, Jenkins, whom he hasn’t spoken to for two months, entered his unlocked apartment without permission and knocked on his locked bedroom door. When he woke up and opened the door, Jenkins immediately started scratching him on the left side of his neck, leaving blood and scratch marks. She ripped off his gold chain, breaking it in the process. McClendon said Jenkins would not calm down or leave, and he had to pick her up and carry her out of the apartment.

Rohan Richards tries to cut off wife’s ear when he’s accused of cheating

37-year-old Rohan Richards was jailed on Mar 19th after allegedly attempting to cut his wife’s ear off. Faith Lavender told police that an argument had started because she believed her husband was cheating on her. The argument escalated, and Ms. Lavender asked Mr. Richards to leave several times. Instead of leaving, Mr. Richards picked up a knife and attempted to cut off his wife’s ear. He then hit her head on a wall and strangled her. The only visible injuries were scratch marks on her forearm. Mr. Richards was asked what happened and initially refused to provide a statement. After being told the consequences, he admitted an argument occurred, but nothing physical took place. He stated, “whatever she said I did, I did.” He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Roy Webb dislocates sister’s jaw during assault

27-year-old Roy Webb was jailed on Mar 19th for beating up his own sister after she called on him for help while she was in an argument with her boyfriend. Nichole web told police that she was in an argument with her boyfriend when she called her brother’s name from another room to help her. When Roy came into the room, he pulled Nicole by her hair and pulled her to the ground. He then punched her in the face and dragged her down a flight of stairs. When police questioned Roy, he told them that when he entered the room, he saw his sister assaulting her boyfriend and that he grabbed her and pulled her off of him. Roy first admitted to dragging Nicole out of the house and later changed his story, saying that she “kind of left on her own” He had a scratch on his shin that he said came from Nicole. Nicole had a dislocated Jaw and marks on her face. Due to the severity of the injuries, Roy was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Austin Collier booked on outstanding citation for marijuana possession

35-year-old Austin Collier was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from 2018, charging him with simple drug possession. The citation, for which he never appeared in court, states detectives observed him pass a bag of marijuana to a passenger in a parked vehicle. Collier was removed from his car for a search; they found marijuana dabs and a blunt on the driver’s side. Collier admitted the narcotics were his, and he was issued a state citation.

Scott Wood charged with distributing child pornography in Nashville

36-year-old Scott Wood Daniels, who commonly uses the name Scott William Wood, was jailed on March 10th for knowingly distributing material involving minors engaged in sexual activity in May 2021. A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him on the charge, which specified there were between 1 and 25 items.

Dmytro Butenko jailed after driving a commercial truck with no CDL or required logging device

28-year-old Dmytro Butenko was charged on Mar 14th after being pulled over for no registration on the trailer of his semi. When the officer spoke with him, he showed her that he had just had a failed inspection a few hours ago. At the time of that inspection, Butenko’s vehicle was put out of service due to having no EDL (electronic logging device) or CDL license. The vehicle was also put out of service for no brake/turn signal. Due to his continuing to drive on an out-of-service violation, he was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Koree Brooks charged in assault of her boyfriend after leaving a scratch on his cheek

32-year-old Koree Brooks was jailed on Friday afternoon after trying to fight her boyfriend when he wouldn’t talk to her. Police responded to Heiman Street, where Marcus Mcclam and Brooks were in an argument. They have dated on and off for several months. Koree was reportedly upset that Marcus didn’t want to talk to her. Marcus claims that during the argument, Brooks tried to fight him. Police observed a scratch mark on Marcus’s left cheek. Marcus also said his shirt and hoodie were also torn during the fight. Brooks said she was injured while she was trying to get Marcus off of her. Brooks had a scratch mark on her knuckles on her left hand. Based on the details of the incident from both parties, Brooks was determined as the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

DUI: Chris Snan admits to drinking and smoking prior to crash on I-40

27-year-old Christopher Snan was jailed on March 12th after losing control of his 2019 Dodge Challenger on I-40 and striking a retaining wall just after 11 p.m. while allegedly being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When officers arrived on the scene, they smelled alcohol coming from Snan. He told police he drank 3-4 hours before driving. Snan was detained and relocated to a shell gas station and spoke with a different officer who could also smell alcohol on his breath. He told this officer that he drank 5 hours before driving and smoked marijuana around 8 am. He consented to Sobriety tests and performed poorly with multiple indicators of impairment. He told police that his shoulder hurt from the crash, and he had bad knees from previous injuries, which could impact his field sobriety tests.

DUI: Tourists Salvador Gonzalez & Julissa Carrillo drive on closed Broadway downtown

33-year-old Salvador Gonzalez & 38-year-old Julissa Carrillo were jailed Saturday evening after driving onto a closed road on Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenue. The road was closed and marked with traffic cones, police in travel lanes, and barriers at intersections. Gonzalez, the driver, was flagged down and informed the road was closed. He stopped for a short period of time and then quickly sped off, causing his tires to screech, stopping again a short distance later. When police spoke with Gonzalez, they immediately noticed red, watery eyes and smelled alcohol coming from him. When the vehicle was searched, a small baggie and a small jar of marijuana were found weighing 3.6 grams. Carrillo was the passenger; once she got out of the vehicle, she was very disruptive while police tried to interview Gonalez. Carrillo was shouting and trying to walk toward him. She was given multiple warnings to stop and stay back but continued shouting and trying to disrupt the interview. She was booked for disorderly conduct.

Victoria Huicochea says she smoked marijuana before crashing into three garages

19-year-old Victoria Huicochea was jailed Friday night after crashing her vehicle into three garages. Police responded to the accident and witnessed Huicochea wobbling from the EMS vehicle to her car. Police could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her person and her vehicle. She admitted to smoking marijuana the day before. She consented to do sobriety testing for impairment but refused to provide a blood sample. Once Huicochea was at mobile booking, she pulled a small amount of marijuana from her bra.