Celeste Barnard drunkenly refuses to leave Whiskey Row after being denied entry

27-year-old Celeste Barnard was jailed on June 8th after officers were flagged down by door security at Whiskey Row on Broadway. Security guards advised that they had denied Barnard entry to the bar, yet she continued to try to get in. Officers noted Barnard smelled strongly of alcohol and was belligerent as she refused to step away from the bar. It was determined that Barnard was becoming a disturbance and a danger to the other patrons in the vicinity, so she was placed into custody.

Substitute teacher Sullivan Baker “jacks up” student against wall in classroom

34-year-old Nashville area substitute teacher Sullivan Baker was issued a summons for an incident that occurred on October 25th, 2023, when he assaulted a 13-year-old boy at school. According to the unnamed minor victim, his substitute teacher, Mr. Baker, “jacked” him up against the classroom wall, causing his head to hit the wall because he didn’t follow Mr. Baker’s instructions. The Minor victim then began to experience symptoms of a head concussion. Student witnesses wrote statements that corroborated the victim’s story. Mr. Baker was interviewed by police and admitted that it was possible that the victim may have hit his head on the wall once he had pinned him up against it.

Angela Coldsnow discharges gun to help man who she believed was being robbed

42-year-old Angela Michelle Coldsnow fired a revolver on March 29th. The police were called to the Central Police Precinct regarding this and investigated as they arrived. Shortly after their arrival, they spotted Coldsnow, who matched the provided description, so they conducted a stop. Coldsnow told officers that she and her son rode scooters on Broadway before returning to their Airbnb. She said when they were on their way back, she noticed a black male and a white male having an altercation. Coldsnow stated that it appeared like the white male was being robbed, so she stopped to help and told them to “Cut it out.” During the altercation, Coldsnow said she and her son were afraid, so she said, “Cut it out. I Have a gun!” Then, when the men continued to scuffle, she pointed the revolver to the ground and fired a shot, causing the black male to flee. Officers detained and mirandized Coldsnow before speaking with the white male in the altercation. The white male stated Coldsnow interjected herself while they were having a heated discussion, which was when she discharged the weapon. Coldsnow was taken into custody for reckless endangerment.

Arlington Castle shoots at car, caught with 8.6 grams of cocaine

24-year-old Arlington Castle was booked on March 20th after reports from several witnesses of shots fired on Columbus Boulevard. Witnesses stated they saw a black male subject shooting toward an apartment complex and running toward the street. When police arrived, they observed Castle in the middle of the street, shooting at the windshield of a black four-door sedan. Castle then surrendered to the police and was detained. Officers located a black and silver Taurus G2c 9mm handgun. There were five bronze 9mm casings along the road where officers witnessed the shooting. The vehicle that was being shot at fled Northbound on Briley Parkway. During the search of Castle’s person, officers located three plastic bags of cocaine inside his fanny pack. The total weight of the baggies combined was 8.6 grams. There was also a digital scale, which officers noted is usually used for the distribution of controlled substances. Castle was then transported to booking.

Damian Luster strangles wife during argument about children

32-year-old Damian Luster was jailed on March 21st for assaulting his wife at their home on Murfreesboro Pike. When officers arrived, they observed Alicia Martin with scratches on her neck and body as well as petechiae in her eyes from being strangled. Martin stated that she had gotten into an argument with Luster because he was no longer helping with their child. When Martin had asked her husband to leave the apartment, he pushed her up against a kitchen counter and placed his forearm across her neck. Martin then kicked Luster in the stomach to defend herself.

Luster denied strangling his wife and advised that she had brandished a kitchen knife, so he pushed her away from him to protect himself. Luster also stated that Martin had spit on him during the argument. Based on Martin’s visible injuries along with her statement, Luster was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Michael Barton drinks fifth of tequila on Greyhound bus

30-year-old Michael Barton was jailed on March 21st for drinking on the Greyhound Bus. Police responded to the bus station on Rep John Lewis Way and found Barton already detained by security. The security guard told officers they had received a call from an inbound bus driver advising them that Barton had been drinking on the bus before arriving at the station. Security then observed Barton falling over and learned that he had drank a fifth of tequila. Barton slurred his words and struggled to speak to officers in coherent sentences. He could not stand without assistance and smelled strongly of alcohol. Officers then determined that with his level of intoxication, Barton posed a danger to himself and was taken into custody.

Antonio Rivera caught with 36.4 grams of marijuana at Greyhound Bus Station

42-year-old Antonio Rivera was jailed on March 20th after police responded to the Greyhound Bus Station on Rep John Lewis Way South for a bag containing drugs and a weapon. An employee of the Greyhound found the bag underneath the seat of a vacant Greyhound bus. A search of the bag located a loaded Iver Johnson handgun, a large bag of marijuana weighing approximately 36.4 grams, and two receipts with Rivera’s name. Officers found Rivera and asked him to step off the premises. He was immediately detained and admitted that the bag belonged to him. Rivera explained that he let a fellow passenger from Indiana smoke from his vape and was given the marijuana in exchange. As far as the gun, he stated he carries it for protection. Rivera was taken into custody and charged with having a weapon under the influence, possession with intent to sell, public intoxication, and firearm during a felony on March 20th.

Austin Clinard sends explicit photos of ex-girlfriend to friend on Snapchat

25-year-old Austin Clinard was jailed on March 21st for sending sexually explicit content of his ex-girlfriend on Snapchat. Lindsey Barnes stated that she and Clinard had recently broken up. Clinard had left one of his old phones at her house, which was still logged into Snapchat on March 16th. Lindsey went through Clinard’s Snapchat history and found that he had sent sexually explicit photos and videos of her to one of his friends without her consent. Clinard was taken into custody and charged with two counts of unlawful exposure on March 21st.

DUI: David Robles blows .127% BAC after crashing into parked car

23-year-old David Robles was booked on March 17th for causing an accident on Edmondson Pike. An off-duty officer witnessed Robles crash into a parked car that was beside him. The witness stated that he saw multiple open beer cans in Robles’ vehicle. Officials could smell alcohol coming from Robles breath as he spoke and asked him to consent to sobriety tests, which he performed poorly, and he was taken into custody. Robles later blew a .127% BAC on a breathalyzer at booking.

Master Rainer booked after failing to appear in court for speeding in Acura TLX

22-year-old Master Rainer was issued a citation after officers caught him speeding down I-40 in his 2017 Acura TLX on July 22nd, 2023. Rainer failed to appear in court for the citation, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Rainer was booked on the citation on March 17th, 2024.