DUI: Jorge Melgar found stumbling around vehicle

24-year-old Jorge Melgar was jailed on November 19th after police observed a truck parked on an embankment in the area of Clarksville Pike and Buena Vista. Melgar was in the parking lot, swaying and stumbling around behind the vehicle. Officers could smell alcohol on Melgar’s breath as he admitted that he had been drinking that night and stated that he was on his way home. When officers asked him where his home was, he gave an address that was approximately 20 minutes away but kept telling officers that it was right down the road. Melgar refused to do sobriety tests and was placed into custody. During a pat down, officers discovered a Glock 43 in his front pocket. The gun wasn’t loaded, but there were three rounds in the magazine.

Cameron Riley jailed for trespassing at Harlowe Apartments

20-year-old Cameron Riley was jailed on November 18th after police responded to Harlowe Apartments for a call about a suspicious individual roaming the parking garage. Property management advised officers that Riley was observed on the property multiple times within the past couple of weeks wearing a mask, hoodie, and a backpack. The property also had several vehicle break-ins within those weeks. Police observed Riley in the parking garage, matching the description, and placed him into custody. Riley does not live at the complex or know anyone who does.

Elvis Melgar drunkenly assaults family members

27-year-old Elvis Melgar was jailed on November 23rd after assaulting his sister on Valley Drive. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Linda Melgar, who stated that her brother came home drunk and aggressive after a fight with his friend and started to destroy things once inside their house. He punched a hole in the wall and threw items around the room, breaking them. Elvis’ friend attempted to calm him down, but once they left, he got aggressive again. This was when he pushed his sister and their mother to the ground. Linda stated that she was not injured but was fearful for her safety after this situation and wished to prosecute. Elvis was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Davis Deloach assaults brother, gives him concussion during argument over Tupperware

23-year-old Davis Deloach was jailed on November 27th after assaulting his brother on 47th Avenue. Officers met with Edith Deloach, who stated that her daughter called her, stating that she received a phone call from her brother, Taylor Deloach, while he and Davis were fighting. Police went inside the home to speak with Taylor, who was lying in his bed because he felt dizzy and believed he had a concussion. He explained that the argument began over Tupperware containers that had ground beef stored in them. According to Taylor, Davis shoved him in the kitchen, and they began to tussle. He said the fight lasted about 20 minutes, finishing in his bedroom. After the fight, Davis cooked and returned to Taylor’s bedroom, where Davis stood outside his room, instigating until he took Taylor’s charger, and they began fighting again. Davis told officers that they both had been drinking. Officers observed injuries to both parties, but Taylor’s injuries were more severe, with bite marks all over his body. Medics did confirm that Taylor did have a concussion as he was shaking and vomiting from the assault. Davis was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Gerber Rosales assaults ex-girlfriend after being told to “sleep in the living room”

20-year-old Gerber Waldemar Rosales was jailed Tuesday morning after assaulting his ex-girlfriend after an argument on Mountain High Drive. Bianni Lucio stated that when Rosales came home drunk, they began to argue, and she told him to “sleep in the living room.” That upset Mr. Rosales, so he pulled Bianni from the bed and told her she would be the one sleeping in the living room. He then grabbed her and began to push her around. She tried to kick him off her but accidentally kicked the wall, causing damage. Mr. Rosales finally gave up and walked away from her. Officers observed scratches to Bianni’s right leg and a swollen and bruised left leg. Mr. Rosales told officers that there was only an argument and nothing physical occurred. Police observed his shirt was turned from the scuffle and determined he was the primary aggressor.

Brian Edwin Rawlings slaps baby-mama during child exchange

31-year-old Brian Rawlings was jailed on November 19th for assaulting the mother of his child after they did a custody exchange on Lebanon Pike. Mina Hosseini told police that the two had scheduled a time to drop off their children over text when Rawlings said that he was going to slap her. When she arrived at the exchange location and put their children in the back of Rawlings’s vehicle, he slapped her twice across her face. According to Mina, he then grabbed her arm and began dragging her around the car. He fled the scene once she stated that she was going to call the police.

DUI: Kaitlynne Hope speeds down Harding Pike, tells officers “Can I Help You?”

29-year-old Kaitlynne Hope was booked Monday morning after police observed her speeding down Harding Pike. The radar clocked Ms. Hope driving 58 mph in a 40mph zone. Officers pulled her over in the Walgreens parking lot and requested her ID, to which she replied, “Can I help you?” She spoke very slowly and appeared lethargic as she explained that she had just come from a restaurant but couldn’t remember the name of it. Ms. Hope agreed to sobriety tests but performed poorly and was taken into custody. This is her 2nd DUI; her first conviction was in 2016.

18-year-old Kavel Pigrum breaks into home, punches police officer

18-year-old Kavel S. Pigrum was jailed on November 19th after officers were dispatched for a burglary in progress. When officers arrived, they observed the glass patio door had been shattered. They entered the apartment to ensure no one was inside. While clearing the apartment, they observed items thrown all around in disarray. The home belonged to Malachi Blackmith; his mother arrived while police were on the scene because she was notified that the alarm was going off. She also provided a location where Malachi’s phone was pinging. Officers put in a welfare check to that location and discovered North officers were already with Malachi and Pigrum. Before Malachi was arrested for unrelated charges, he showed police video footage of Pigrum throwing a rock at the patio door, shattering it. After the glass was shattered, Pigrum, along with two juveniles, went inside the apartment and began smashing items that were worth up to two thousand dollars. Malachi told police he believed Pigrum was looking for him due to a domestic incident involving him and Pigrum’s sister.

It was also reported that while North officers were taking Malachi into custody, Pigrum pulled up with multiple individuals, got out of the car, and ran towards officers. The officers commanded him to get back, but he refused and began throwing punches toward Malachi. During the “flurry” of punches, Pigrum hit an officer in the face, leaving a mark and causing swelling to his left eye. After the officer was hit, the fight was broken up, and Pigrum was placed in cuffs.

Malachi Blacksmith assaults juvenile girlfriend, presses her face into tire

20-year-old Malachi Blacksmith was jailed early Sunday morning after assaulting his Juvenile girlfriend on Vista Lane. Blacksmith was very vague and wouldn’t answer many questions about the incident. While police were conducting interviews, a vehicle pulled up to the house, and several people got out and began trying to fight Mr. Blacksmith. Officers separated everyone and spoke with the unnamed juvenile victim. She stated that she and Blacksmith were at a birthday party at the Hampton Inn on Dickerson Pike when they got into an argument because he didn’t want her to get into the pool. The two left the hotel and began arguing in the car, where she backhanded Mr. Blacksmith in the mouth. According to the victim, Mr. Blacksmith grabbed her head and snatched her wig off. The victim said she got out of the car and sat on the ground crying. She stated that her boyfriend then picked her up and put her in the backseat of the car, where he pressed her face into a spare tire. The juvenile victim had a red mark on her neck, a mark under her eye, and a dark black spot on her cheek from the tire. Officers observed redness to Malachi’s lip. There were no witnesses to the incident, but based on the severity of the injuries, Blacksmith was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Elijah Trent assaults grandmother during argument

26-year-old Elijah Trent was jailed Saturday afternoon for assaulting his grandmother on Big Oak Drive. He told officers that he and his grandmother, Rosalyn Sampson, had been arguing when he got upset and threw a water bottle at her. Officers observed water in the home. They spoke with Ms. Rosalyn, who corroborated the story and added that, based on what had happened, she was afraid her grandson would try to hurt her.