Owner of Walter Colson Paint and Body Shop indicted for death of kayaker on Percy Priest Lake

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 61-year-old Walter William Colson for vehicular homicide, aggravated assault leading to death, reckless endangerment, and reckless boating on April 24th, 2024. The indictment alleges that Colson, on the 29th day of April 2023 in Davidson County, Tennessee, recklessly killed Jaida Lindsay by the operation of a motorboat or vessel, the killing of Jaida Lindsay being the proximate result of Colson’s conduct.

On May 9th, detectives were conducting a warrant service on Colson, where they explained the situation to him, to which he replied, “I am not going with you today,” and started walking away. When detectives told him to stop and tried grabbing his arm, he pulled away, “puffed out” his chest, and began to move as if he was going to hit them with the tools in his hands. He was detained for the occurrence and was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

Stephen Burns riots in the form of street racing in Davidson County

25-year-old Stephen Burns III was taken into custody for evading arrest, riot, and two counts of reckless endangerment on April 26th. On April 20th, officers conducted a Street Racing Initiative. Burns was observed as one of 3-5 vehicles that took over intersections and drifted around while street racers stood by and filmed. He participated as an active slider in “takeovers” and attended prior gatherings, where he contributed to the lawlessness and risked injury, death, or property damage via driving stunts. After investigating, warrants were issued for his arrest.

#FreakNik: Abanoub Awed fishtails in Dodge Charger, stolen Glock 45 found in car

20-year-old Abanoub Awed fishtailed his Dodge Charger around several pedestrians near Hadley Park on April 13th. Officers observed him screeching his tires and losing control of his car, so they conducted a traffic stop, where they located a black Glock 45 9mm under the front passenger seat. Officers ran the serial number of the firearm and it returned as reported stolen by Leonel Perez. Awed was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and theft of a firearm on April 14th.

John Wilcox throws beer from rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar

26-year-old John Wilcox threw a full beer can off the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar late April 4th. Officers were walking through the parking lot between Jason Aldean’s and Broadway Brewhouse when they observed the can being thrown across the lot, smashing nearby, causing beer to splatter on them. Officers said a significant amount of alcohol came out of it while it traveled through the air. After this, they saw Wilcox duck down and move away on the rooftop.

Security for the establishment signaled to officers by flashing their flashlights at them and pointing at Wilcox. Security escorted him outside, where officers were waiting to detain him. He made random comments and admitted to throwing the beer. Additionally, officers reviewed surveillance, which showed the entirety of the incident. Wilcox was taken into custody for the assault of an officer and reckless endangerment.

Angela Coldsnow discharges gun to help man who she believed was being robbed

42-year-old Angela Michelle Coldsnow fired a revolver on March 29th. The police were called to the Central Police Precinct regarding this and investigated as they arrived. Shortly after their arrival, they spotted Coldsnow, who matched the provided description, so they conducted a stop. Coldsnow told officers that she and her son rode scooters on Broadway before returning to their Airbnb. She said when they were on their way back, she noticed a black male and a white male having an altercation. Coldsnow stated that it appeared like the white male was being robbed, so she stopped to help and told them to “Cut it out.” During the altercation, Coldsnow said she and her son were afraid, so she said, “Cut it out. I Have a gun!” Then, when the men continued to scuffle, she pointed the revolver to the ground and fired a shot, causing the black male to flee. Officers detained and mirandized Coldsnow before speaking with the white male in the altercation. The white male stated Coldsnow interjected herself while they were having a heated discussion, which was when she discharged the weapon. Coldsnow was taken into custody for reckless endangerment.

Glen Nolan pushes wife out of moving car

37-year-old Glen Louis Nolan had a domestic incident with his wife, Jessica Nolan while returning home to their Dry Creek Road residence on March 31st. Mrs. Nolan spoke to the police when they arrived, advising them that her husband had punched her multiple times in the face and pushed her out of his vehicle while it was going about five mph. Mrs. Nolan did not wish to prosecute him for the incident, but officers did so on her behalf due to her statement and visible injuries. Nolan was then taken into custody for reckless endangerment and domestic assault.

Shawn Murray jailed after sliding, fleeing police at Night Riderz street takeover

24-year-old Shawn Maurice Murray was taken into custody for evading arrest with a motor vehicle and reckless endangerment on March 21st. The Street Racer Investigation identified Murray as a prolific slider and a member of the takeover groups throughout Davidson County. Murray attended a Night Riderz street takeover event and conducted reckless driving behaviors at the intersection of Bell Road and Murfreesboro Pike on August 6th, 2023, observed by an MNPD aviation unit. Officers responded and tried to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. Still, he fled and was followed by an aviation unit, during which he drove in a dangerous, reckless manner, creating the risk of death or severe injury. He eventually ditched his vehicle in front of his Walton Lane residence and ran into his house to hide from law enforcement. They collected his vehicle after he abandoned it, and a warrant was issued for his arrest on November 20th, 2023. An investigation revealed that Murray admitted to fleeing from MNPD and attempted to cover up his Evading Arrest by Motor Vehicle offense with Marcus Magee. Murray was booked on the outstanding warrant on March 21st.

Christen Singleton shoots gun at man walking his dog

23-year-old Christen Singleton fired a shot at Rodney Wiggins near the Mountain View apartments on Mountain Springs Road in the early hours of March 21st. Officers received three calls regarding gunfire at the complex, with a vehicle speeding off immediately after. When officers arrived, they spoke with Wiggins. Wiggins advised that he was walking his dog when a black Cadillac pulled up next to him, and the passenger, a black male in a pink hoodie, later identified as Singleton, started yelling at him. Singleton then pulled out a handgun, shot a round in Wiggins’ general direction, and sped off. Wiggins added that the shot placed him in fear for his life. Detectives investigated, located Singleton in the Cadillac, and detained him. When officers patted Singleton down, they found a Glock 22 handgun in his sweater pocket. Officers then performed a “show-up,” during which Wiggins confirmed Singleton being the shooter. After this, Singleton advised them that he had a small plastic bag of Percocet that he did not have a prescription for. Singleton was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and simple possession.

Alexis Rodriguez-Guzman slides into jail after shooting fireworks at MNPD Helicopter during Nightriderz Takeover

22-year-old Alexis Rodriguez-Guzman was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and rioting on March 6th. On May 27th, 2023, Rodriguez-Guzman was identified as a street racer who had been heavily involved in the Nightriderz Hosted Memorial Day takeover event. Rodriguez-Guzman actively participated in riotous activities, including sliding, drifting, and whipping his motor vehicle through the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Elysian Fields Road, where pedestrians were present. Detectives discovered that Rodriguez-Guzman was a minor host and a well-known “slider” within the takeover community. Officers deemed his conduct to contribute to the overall chaos of the events from that night, which resulted in the lasering of an MNPD Helicopter and fireworks being fired off at it. Rodriguez-Guzman was taken into custody on March 6th.

DUI: Jarred Ferrell caught driving on revoked license with 2 children in car

27-year-old Jarred Ferrell was jailed on March 3rd after a state trooper pulled him over on Donaldson Pike for driving without wearing a seatbelt. The trooper approached the black SUV and advised that in addition to not wearing a seatbelt, Ferrell also had two children strapped improperly in car seats in the vehicle’s back seat. Ferrell advised the trooper that he didn’t have a valid driver’s license and handed over his Tennessee state ID, which revealed his license was revoked for a DUI out of Murray County on February 7th, 2016. As the trooper placed Ferrell under arrest, they could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and asked if he had been drinking. Ferrell admitted to drinking earlier in the morning and consented to a blood sample. A criminal report showed that Ferrell was previously arrested for driving with a revoked license on February 7th, 2019, in Giles County. Ferrell was then transported to the hospital for a blood draw before booking.