Luis Lung jailed for attending street racer sideshow along with juvenile & girlfriend

Police say 21-year-old Luis Lung helped to organize the street racer meetup and sideshow at the Amazon property on Logistics Way in Antioch this weekend. Police observed him using his social media accounts, which were noted to be a member of the group organizing this event, which moved from Airpark Center East to Logistics Way as police followed. He also had his girlfriend and a 13-year-old juvenile in the vehicle with him.

Spectator Lytle Allen jailed for attending car sideshow event in Antioch as a bystander

20-year-old Lytle Allen was one of several street racers jailed Saturday night after a meetup on Logistics Way. Officers stated they had been following the group all night in an attempt to break it up as they continued to change locations. A group of 50-100 people remained when officers arrived at the Amazon property in Antioch, and they were spinning in the pit, placing multiple people in danger, according to police. Metro Nashville Police admit that Allen “did not actively participate in such behavior” himself, but stood in the proximity of such actions with other people.” He was taken into custody and charged with rioting for his participation as a spectator.

Police take down Jose Sandoval of “Most Active Boyz” street takeover group

20-year-old Jose Sandoval operates a social media business account for a street racing crew called Most Active Boyz and has hosted several street takeovers with his crew. On August 12th, he planned a takeover with several other “street racing crews,” which he made a flyer for and posted on the Most Active Boyz Instagram account. The crews went to several locations and hosted two street takeovers on Bell Road and Blue Hole Road in Antioch. Police say that behavior is considered riotous due to the nature of the danger it places the operators of the vehicles as well as the bystanders during the events of a street takeover. MNPD officers arrived at Nolensville and Elysian Fields and found that a street takeover was being hosted. Jose knowingly planned the takeovers ahead of time and did so with the use of the Instagram account that he runs. He was arrested on August 28th for the charge of inciting a riot.

Night Riderz round-up continues — Kaleb Paulson jailed for rioting

20-year-old Kaleb Paulson was involved in a Night Riderz (NR) Meetup on June 3rd and 17th, 2023, according to police. Night Riderz is one of the top street racer organizations that organize street takeovers and side shows in Nashville. Kaleb Paulson, the defendant, is a reported group leader. On June 3rd, MNPD Officers noticed Kaleb in a red Ford Mustang and others in the racing crew heading toward Space Park South, a known location for sideshow events. The Mustang was registered to Kaleb and had a sticker with “NR” representative of the Night Riderz racing crew, according to detectives. Police stopped Kaleb at Airpark Center Drive near BNA Airport, where Kaleb was wearing NR gear and had evidence of street racing in his vehicle. The Night Riderz also visited known locations on June 17th throughout Space Park South and Sidco-Powell Place. The MNPD officer saw the defendant leave the scene at the meet-up. MNPD Street Racer Initiative officers knew about his red Ford Mustang and Tennessee license plate. Warrants are outstanding for a large number of the ‘Night Riderz’ crew, according to police.

Darius Bowins charged with rioting after participating in car sideshow in Nashville

21-year-old Darius Bowins is charged with rioting after participating in a car sideshow/meetup in Nashville this weekend. Police say he attended the event with Angel Shepherd, and they traveled from out of town to attend the event, which consisted of “lawless activities,” including trespassing and fleeing from police by various attendees. Police say she participated in and observed other portions of the events of the evening, and Bowins also word a mask, which was coordinated with other attendees.  

Police charge woman with rioting who attended car sideshow in Nashville — Angel Shepherd

19-year-old Angel Shepherd is charged with rioting after participating in a car sideshow/meetup in Nashville this weekend. Police say she attended the event with Darius Bowins, and they traveled from out of town to attend the event, which consisted of “lawless activities,” including trespassing and fleeing from police by various attendees. Police say she participated in and observed other portions of the events of the evening.  At the time of her arrest, Shepherd was also in possession of one marijuana joint.

DUI: Soldier Dustin Lehrke had five drinks and a muscle relaxer before driving

26-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Dustin Lehrke told police he had taken a muscle relaxer and drank five alcoholic beverages within the timespan of one hour as he traveled through a St. Patrick’s Day roadblock near Lewis County Store late Friday night. As he spoke with officer Groeneweg, he was “robotic” in his responses and showed multiple signs of intoxication. He performed poorly on two of the field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. A blood draw was completed at a nearby hospital.

Braidon Barbe — stripped naked to dance in the Symphony Fountain in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Braidon Barbe was one of several men completely naked in the fountain at 1 Symphony Place in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning. He was without pants or undwear as Officer Groeneweg observed him exit the fountain and attempt to get dressed. He told officers, “I’m drunk!” and was taken into custody for public intoxication and public indecency.

“My internal voice told me not to smoke today” says woman charged with marijuana DUI — Karina Garcia Betancourt

When stopped by police, 21-year-old Karin Garcia Betancourt told officers her internal voice told her not to smoke marijuana today, but she says she did it anyway because it helps with her anxiety and to be more outgoing in her job as a waitress at a local Mexican restaurant. She was initially pulled over Thursday afternoon for going 79 in a 55 mph zone, but officers quickly determined she was under the influence of marijuana while driving. She gave officers the remaining roaches and blunts she had in the vehicle and was charged with DUI, drug possession, and driving without a license. The MNPD Officer noted she was “cooperative and friendly during the interaction” and she thoroughly explained how she was in the “process of cutting back from daily marijuana usage to weekly usage, with the eventual goal of no marijuana usage”. She is free on pre-trial release.

Woman sits on road with her child amid traffic after rear-ending another driver, screaming she’s a racist

Metro Police say 31-year-old Brittany Trice rear-ended a car in South Nashville, exited her vehicle, screamed at the other driver calling her a racist, yelled at passing by vehicles, then retrieved her 5-year-old daughter from her car and sat in the middle of traffic on the busy road for a few minutes in some weird act of defiance before fleeing the scene.