Darius Bowins charged with rioting after participating in car sideshow in Nashville

21-year-old Darius Bowins is charged with rioting after participating in a car sideshow/meetup in Nashville this weekend. Police say he attended the event with Angel Shepherd, and they traveled from out of town to attend the event, which consisted of “lawless activities,” including trespassing and fleeing from police by various attendees. Police say she participated in and observed other portions of the events of the evening, and Bowins also word a mask, which was coordinated with other attendees.  

Nashville Police charge street racers & spectators with rioting in weekend arrests

Metro Nashville Police are trying out a new tool to deter street racers in Nashville… they’re charging organizers, participants, and spectators with rioting. It’s a bold move that likely won’t withstand a long-term challenge, and many street racers say they’re not worried, as they can only stop about 1/200 participants with limited air/ground resources…