Police take down leadership of Night Riderz car group — Austin “Freshz” Scott arrested

Police say the 25-year-old leader of the “Night Riderz,” Austin Scott (known in the scene as “Freshz”, will not slide his own street car; however, he will get into the passenger seat and hold a Night Riderz Flag while fellow NR members spin in parking lots and intersections across the city. The locally infamous leader was arrested Tuesday on fifteen outstanding warrants related to rioting and inciting riots, which is how police are now classifying the car side shows and meet-ups in Nashville, filing charges against hosts, planners, drivers, and even spectators. Police say Scott actively participated in the events, including dropping new locations. Warrants detail every meetup and planned event, such as gatherings to celebrate the birthday of the leaders of other groups and “non-chill” spin-offs of Moore’s Meets large gatherings.

One of the many arrest warrants details a June 3 incident when police “observed Scott at a Night Riderz leadership gathering that occurred at Waffle House near Antioch and Harding Place. Throughout the Night, Freshz was coordinating the night’s riotous activities. He is the one who “drops addy,” new locations, times, dates, and where the events are going to be taking place via social media.”

Nashville Police charge street racers & spectators with rioting in weekend arrests

Metro Nashville Police are trying out a new tool to deter street racers in Nashville… they’re charging organizers, participants, and spectators with rioting. It’s a bold move that likely won’t withstand a long-term challenge, and many street racers say they’re not worried, as they can only stop about 1/200 participants with limited air/ground resources…