Destiny Hollis-Cobb jailed for being a passenger during May NightRiderz street racer gathering

20-year-old Destiny Hollis-Cobb, the wife of Tyler Cobb, was seen at the “Night Riderz” event on May 20th close to the BNA Airport. She was a passenger while her husband spun around in the ‘pit’ at the event. Police said her husband is a “slider” and is known as a street racer and member of the street racing crew “Street Kings 615.” Tyler is also known to be an event organizer and was seen participating in the event with Destiny Hollis-Cobb. The event was at Airpark Center Drive East, where a large group of individuals stood close to the drivers that “slide” for the event. The officer reported that the culture of these events is the bystanders are to “get back or get smacked,” placing them in immediate danger. Also, if the vehicles lost control of the vehicles at their high rates of speed in the crowd’s proximity, it could cause serious bodily injury or death. Due to the large gathering of people all participating in criminal offenses, the actions are constituted as “riots.” A multitude of warrants for those participating in the May meetup were issued on August 3, and Cobb was booked on his outstanding warrant on August 10.

Nashville Police charge street racers & spectators with rioting in weekend arrests

Metro Nashville Police are trying out a new tool to deter street racers in Nashville… they’re charging organizers, participants, and spectators with rioting. It’s a bold move that likely won’t withstand a long-term challenge, and many street racers say they’re not worried, as they can only stop about 1/200 participants with limited air/ground resources…