Street Racer Adriel Lopez jailed after fleeing from police at sideshow

The Traffic Division was conducting the Street Racer Initiative on August 12th, and around 8pm at Corporate Place, 150 vehicles and at least 400 individuals were observed conducting illegal activities that occasionally resulted in a pedestrian being struck or damage to the parking lot. Vehicles began to flee before the 19-year-old Adriel Lopez was flagged down and commanded to shut his 2012 white Infiniti G37 off. Officers observed the license plate of the vehicle before Lopez fled. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

Lorenzo Reyes jailed for ‘rioting’ while filming a Nashville street racer event

20-year-old Lorenzo Reyes filmed an illegal street racing event on August 5th at Airpark Center East with a drone when police spoke to him. Police noted that Lorenzo was operating the drone in a closed air space due to its proximity to BNA Nashville Airport. The BNA tower said this was dangerous and said they did not pick up the drone on any of their radars. The officer also stated that he attempted to stop several vehicles, but they left at high rates of speed. Many of those said vehicles had no tags displayed or any other identifiable marks. The officer determined that the illegal street racing would continue due to seeing social media posts displaying vehicles engaging in reckless street racing at another location in Davidson County. Inside Lorenzo’s car, police found his drone, which he said was just a hobby, and two containers of marijuana.

Destiny Hollis-Cobb jailed for being a passenger during May NightRiderz street racer gathering

20-year-old Destiny Hollis-Cobb, the wife of Tyler Cobb, was seen at the “Night Riderz” event on May 20th close to the BNA Airport. She was a passenger while her husband spun around in the ‘pit’ at the event. Police said her husband is a “slider” and is known as a street racer and member of the street racing crew “Street Kings 615.” Tyler is also known to be an event organizer and was seen participating in the event with Destiny Hollis-Cobb. The event was at Airpark Center Drive East, where a large group of individuals stood close to the drivers that “slide” for the event. The officer reported that the culture of these events is the bystanders are to “get back or get smacked,” placing them in immediate danger. Also, if the vehicles lost control of the vehicles at their high rates of speed in the crowd’s proximity, it could cause serious bodily injury or death. Due to the large gathering of people all participating in criminal offenses, the actions are constituted as “riots.” A multitude of warrants for those participating in the May meetup were issued on August 3, and Cobb was booked on his outstanding warrant on August 10.

Daniel Martinez-Long flees from drag racing traffic stop, chased by police helicopter

19-year-old Daniel Martinez-Long was jailed this week, charged with drag racing, drug possession, evading arrest, no driver’s license, aggravated reckless driving, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and more after attempting to flee from officers and a police helicopter on a high-speed chase. Police say Martinez-Long fled at speeds in excess of 100 mph on I-24 W while in close proximity to other vehicles. He fled after police attempted to apprehend him. He attempted to strike a police cruiser with his vehicle during the pursuit. He reportedly pretended to comply with a traffic stop at Great Circle Road, but he quickly placed his vehicle in reverse and attempted to strike the cruiser, swerving at the last minute and then placing his car in drive and speeding away. Once he was eventually tracked and stopped, officers located marijuana inside the vehicle and placed him into custody on a multitude of charges.

Police charge woman with rioting who attended car sideshow in Nashville — Angel Shepherd

19-year-old Angel Shepherd is charged with rioting after participating in a car sideshow/meetup in Nashville this weekend. Police say she attended the event with Darius Bowins, and they traveled from out of town to attend the event, which consisted of “lawless activities,” including trespassing and fleeing from police by various attendees. Police say she participated in and observed other portions of the events of the evening.  At the time of her arrest, Shepherd was also in possession of one marijuana joint.

Street Racer Jose Sandoval stopped to steal some cars on the way to his car meet in Nashville

After substantial police activity over the past couple of weeks, the two primary car groups currently holding meets and takeovers decided to lay low Friday night and not host any meets. Both Night Riders & Valhalla clubs were adamant in the group chats used by racers and spectators that ‘Jose’ was the only person hosting a meet Friday night, and he was doing that independently. But before he came to the meet that night, 20-year-old Jose Sandoval had an important stop to make, and some members of the telegram chat already knew about the stolen cars and how they were taken.

Police say they responded to a burglary-in-progress call on Charlotte Pike and, upon arrival, heard someone attempting to break into the business. One of the suspects became aware of the presence of police and fled out the back fence and into a black Dodge Challenger. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and successfully evaded officers. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the area, and police successfully deployed spike strips. Sandoval turned down a dead-end street and then swerved toward police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He eventually stopped the vehicle, which was stolen, on Briley Parkway and gave himself up.

During an extensive interview, Sandoval admitted to “being a lookout” for another suspect who he says was breaking into the business. A search of Sandoval’s vehicle, which was also stolen, yielded several high-end car keys/fobs, a programmer for car key fobs (used for stealing them), and a located pistol. [images in full story]

Street Car enthusiast Ilir Krasniqi charged with reckless driving on Murfreesboro Pike

While working the Street Racing Initiative on April 1, Metro Nashville Police observed 19-year-old Ilir Krasniqi on Murfreesboro Pike traveling at 83 mph in a 45 mph zone — still a long way from the car’s top speed of 143 mph. There was late rush-hour traffic, and Krasniqi was driving his 2017 Lexus IS 300 recklessly and without regard for other motorists. He was booked this week on a citation charging him with reckless driving.

Street racer Matthew Sledge caused a five-car accident on Interstate, per police

27-year-old Matthew Sledge was jailed on April 14th after causing a 5-vehicle accident leading to two people being injured on I440. Witnesses told police that a black Audi was drag racing another Audi, which led to 5 vehicles being involved and two injured. One of the vehicles involved was flipped over on the road. The witnesses told police a male exited the Audi and ran across I440 down the exit ramp. The male’s description matched an ID left in the vehicle. The car was registered to the individual matching the ID. Sledge also left his phone behind, which had directions leading to 5010 Old Hickory Boulevard.

While police were searching the vehicle, it had an overbearing odor of alcohol, and they found an unopened container of alcohol on the passenger side floorboard. Sledge has two prior DUI convictions and an extensive driving history, including a personal injury accident with points against his record, careless driving from Kentucky, and speeding as high as 32 mph over the speed limit, the latest being 102 in a 70mph zone. Sledge has also had his license suspended and revoked prior.

Car enthusiast Jasper Hatcher charged with reckless driving on Metroplex Drive in Antioch

Police say 20-year-old car enthusiast Jasper Hatcher was speeding in his blue 2009 BMW 335i as he gapped another car in a no-passing zone on Metroplex Drive on March 4. Officers initiated a traffic stop and issued him a citation for reckless driving.

Carlos Romano Mejia charged with drag racing in Antioch

24-year-old Carlos Romano Mejia pulled up alongside another vehicle near Bell Road and Harris Lane on March 13 as they both stopped at a red light. As the light turned green, a Metro Nashville Police officer observed the two cars accelerate at high rates of speed in neighboring lanes as they raced along the roadway. An officer caught up to the 2015 Infiniti G37 driven by Romano Mejia and during the traffic stop he admitted to racing “a little.” He was issued a citation for drag racing and was booked on that citation this week.