David Porter & friends fire guns into East Nashville neighborhood from minivan

19-year-old David Porter rode as a passenger in a blue Dodge Caravan suspected of having individuals shoot their firearms into the air near Joy Circle on December 28th. Officers located the blue Caravan and conducted a traffic stop on Edwin Street. Porter and the other occupants, Isaiah Foster, and Joshua Smith, were asked to exit the vehicle. Under Miranda, Porter claimed the silver Smith and Wesson pistol under his seat belonged to him and admitted to shooting it in the air. He was booked on the citations of disorderly conduct and weapon possession on January 24th.

Steffie Misner Wampler charged in road rage incident after attacking a car with her fists

Police say 38-year-old Steffie Misner Wampler was in a road rage incident with another motorist on June 14th on Centennial Blvd. She pulled alongside another vehicle that was now parked in the parking lot of a Dollar General. She began screaming and yelling at the other driver, claiming the victim cut her off in traffic. She then exited her 2013 Toyota Prius and began to bang on his vehicle with her fists, causing significant damage to his rear quarter panel. The victim recorded the incident, which was viewed by police. She was issued a citation for vandalism, which she was booked on this week.

Street Racer Jose Sandoval stopped to steal some cars on the way to his car meet in Nashville

After substantial police activity over the past couple of weeks, the two primary car groups currently holding meets and takeovers decided to lay low Friday night and not host any meets. Both Night Riders & Valhalla clubs were adamant in the group chats used by racers and spectators that ‘Jose’ was the only person hosting a meet Friday night, and he was doing that independently. But before he came to the meet that night, 20-year-old Jose Sandoval had an important stop to make, and some members of the telegram chat already knew about the stolen cars and how they were taken.

Police say they responded to a burglary-in-progress call on Charlotte Pike and, upon arrival, heard someone attempting to break into the business. One of the suspects became aware of the presence of police and fled out the back fence and into a black Dodge Challenger. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and successfully evaded officers. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the area, and police successfully deployed spike strips. Sandoval turned down a dead-end street and then swerved toward police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He eventually stopped the vehicle, which was stolen, on Briley Parkway and gave himself up.

During an extensive interview, Sandoval admitted to “being a lookout” for another suspect who he says was breaking into the business. A search of Sandoval’s vehicle, which was also stolen, yielded several high-end car keys/fobs, a programmer for car key fobs (used for stealing them), and a located pistol. [images in full story]

Scott Valentine bounced from Whiskey Row, lands in jail after fighting to get back in

Just before 3 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville responded to Whiskey Row on Broadway to find 22-year-old Scott Valentine being disorderly. Management of the bar reported they had asked him to leave the business, and he refused, then security physically removed him after the began to fight with them, and he continued to attempt to re-enter the bar. Officer took him into custody and transported him to booking.