Gena Cardoza destroys patrol car, pinches officers to get away

23-year-old Gena Consuelo Cardoza was taken into custody for two counts of assault on an officer, domestic assault, vandalizing government property, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and public intoxication on June 9th. Late June 8th, the owner of Skull’s Rainbow Room called 911, advising them that Cardoza was highly intoxicated and fought with her boyfriend, Evan Sebastian Aleo. When security attempted to kick her out of the bar, she became aggressive and started hitting them. Security stated they witnessed her hitting Aleo and rolling around in the roadway, hindering traffic.

While officers spoke with security, they observed Cardoza being restrained by Aleo, who was trying to calm her down, while she was hitting him and pulling his hair, so they approached and detained her. Cardoza was lying on the ground, resisting, when officers tried arresting her. While being escorted to the patrol car, she attempted to trip the officers before kicking one in the leg. Cardoza pushed her feet against the patrol car as they placed her in the back, causing her to fall to the ground. After she was in the patrol car, she kicked the door and the window repeatedly, resulting in damage to the rear side panel door interior, and the wiring connecting the car was completely ripped out. As they waited for another officer to bring a hobble restraint, an officer opened the door to prevent Cardoza from kicking it, during which she managed to leave and bypass them. While trying to restrain her, she kicked and pinched another officer in the inner thigh until they were finally able to restrain her.

Natasshia Gaddes throws her phone at officer, tells police she had been “partying all night”

28-year-old Natasshia Gaddes was seen assaulting officers and resisting arrest at a Dew Street apartment residence on June 9th. When backup officers arrived on the scene, they found another officer with a heavily intoxicated Gaddes in custody. Officers also found Gaddes’ boyfriend with multiple injuries and blood on his face. They spoke with the officer, who stated that while he tried to separate Gaddes and her boyfriend, she became irritated and started yelling at him. The officer then attempted to de-escalate the situation, but Gaddes threw her cell phone at him, hitting his foot. The officer then attempted to detain Gaddes, but she began to push and shove him. Gaddes then pulled away from the officer before throwing herself to the ground. Gaddes also kicked and attempted to headbutt the officer when they fell to the ground. Gaddes noted that she had been “partying all night.” Gaddes was taken into custody for assault on a first responder, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Randall Morgan assaults, threatens to shoot officer “there would be one less black person on the street”

37-year-old Randall Morgan was causing a disturbance at Rivergate Parkway in the early hours of Saturday Morning when he became highly aggressive and agitated. Employees attempted to get Morgan out of the building, and as they did, he grabbed the security officer by the throat until officers arrived on the scene. While in custody and transport, Morgan told officers that he was a Federal Marshall and said to the arresting officer that he would “shoot him when he got out of jail and that there would be one less black person on the street.” When arriving at the intake room, Morgan turned around and kicked the officer in the chest before being taken down. Morgan was taken into custody and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Michelle Hall assaults nurse at Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at BNA

52-year-old Michelle Hall was transported to Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at the Nashville International Airport during an arrest for public intoxication on Sunday. She was handcuffed to the stretcher inside an NFD ambulance that transported her after she requested medical attention. Officer Pallan was at the hospital with Michelle while Nurse Jamie Fisher took Michelle’s vitals and started an IV. While performing those tasks, Michelle, handcuffed to either side of a table, kicked at Jamie and struck her arm while being combative as the nurse was doing her job.

Cayley Phillips bites an officer who arrested her for DUI; after her parents turned her in to police

24-year-old Cayley Phillips was driving on Briley Parkway early Friday morning when her parents called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check on her, as they believed she may be intoxicated. Officers located Phillips, who was visibly intoxicated. She initially stated she was “just emotional” but later admitted to consuming “three shots” earlier in the evening. She consented to a breathalyzer but became physically aggressive and verbally abusive when she was woken up to provide the sample. During booking, she began to fight officers and bit one on the arm during the struggle. She then broke some of his equipment. 

VIDEO: Johnie Brewington tased after brawl at Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville

45-year-old Johnie Brewington fought two people in Barstool Sports Bar before MNPD officers arrived after getting a call over the radio about a fight. The officer was flagged down by security, Hannah West, and Nazreth Czeskleba, who pointed down 2nd Ave, yelling, “He went that way!” and “The guy in the yellow!” Adam Druingode, a security guard, told police that Johnie Brewington pushed Nazreth and punched Hannah in the face while inside Barstool Sports Bar. When Johnie was escorted out, Adam said he fought against the security, but they did not wish to pursue charges.

Police noted a welt over Hannah’s left eye. Police rounded the corner of the building, security and Hannah pointed out Johnie, who was in a hugging/pushing match with another man. He was instructed to put his hands behind his back while police broke the men up. Neither complied, but police were able to push the other smaller man away, who then fled. Johnie resisted arrest and fought against seven to eight officers while telling them that he was a veteran and said other derogatory remarks towards them. Police instructed him several times that if he did not comply that he would be taxed, he did not comply, so the officer tased him. This incapacitated him long enough to place handcuffs on him, but he continued resisting. When NFD arrived, they sedated and took him to the general hospital before booking. During the fight with the officer, one was kicked in the knee and sought to prosecute. Johnie smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech.

Street Racer Jose Sandoval stopped to steal some cars on the way to his car meet in Nashville

After substantial police activity over the past couple of weeks, the two primary car groups currently holding meets and takeovers decided to lay low Friday night and not host any meets. Both Night Riders & Valhalla clubs were adamant in the group chats used by racers and spectators that ‘Jose’ was the only person hosting a meet Friday night, and he was doing that independently. But before he came to the meet that night, 20-year-old Jose Sandoval had an important stop to make, and some members of the telegram chat already knew about the stolen cars and how they were taken.

Police say they responded to a burglary-in-progress call on Charlotte Pike and, upon arrival, heard someone attempting to break into the business. One of the suspects became aware of the presence of police and fled out the back fence and into a black Dodge Challenger. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and successfully evaded officers. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the area, and police successfully deployed spike strips. Sandoval turned down a dead-end street and then swerved toward police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He eventually stopped the vehicle, which was stolen, on Briley Parkway and gave himself up.

During an extensive interview, Sandoval admitted to “being a lookout” for another suspect who he says was breaking into the business. A search of Sandoval’s vehicle, which was also stolen, yielded several high-end car keys/fobs, a programmer for car key fobs (used for stealing them), and a located pistol. [images in full story]

Thomas Dwyer punches cop in face multiple times in downtown Nashville during struggle

At 2 a.m. Friday, Metro Nashville Police responded to an officer needing assistance call on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officer Brenton Adcox says he came upon 38-year-old Thomas Dwyer, who was assaulting another man. As he commanded Dwyer to stop, Dwyer turned on the officer and began to punch him in the face and head multiple times before Officer Adcox could get him restrained. Dwyer stated he had “a few drinks” but felt he wasn’t drunk, and he claimed the man he was fighting had stolen his hat.